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  1. Meetius

    Trigger Problem: Spell does not work.

    Hi guys, i have a problem with this two triggers but i dont know what the problem actually is since i think they are well done (other trigger that i have done with the same approach works fine) but, clearly it's not. Can someone help me find what's wrong? : D P.S. The first ability (Divine...
  2. Meetius

    Ability damage equal to number of units

    Hi all, i was wondering if there is any way to set the damage done by an ability to be based on the number of units controlled (for example: 10 x number of unit). i've been trying since two days but i still cant find a solution (if any)
  3. Meetius

    Problem with the "Hide Spell" trigger

    Hi all i am new on this forum and i am looking for help. Im trying to create some kind of bard hero that have differtent activable auras. I have created all the buttons that you can use to activate the aura you want and the triggers that makes you switch between them (it makes the pressed...