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    no its a Wendigo with a troll head on it... smart one
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    can u say tauren cheiftan... looks like u might have changed a few things on him and changed the skin..
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    i might reskin it when i have some free time this weekend or so.. Rated 4/5 just cuz the helm is a lil off, but its still nice, i'll edit when i add the skin Edit: to make the helmet black i must make the helmet on the model he took it from black.
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    2 much empty space in the icon, i suggest adding his arm to it, or at least put more blade/aura in it.
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    Very nice, will come in handy 5/5
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    another nice model 5/5
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    Were u trying to put Grom to shame O.o :shock: looks more like a gorilla
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    didn't know horses had horns O.o
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    Pandaren Nurse by Norinrad

    funky eyes, but overall nice 5/5
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    I really could not see where this model would be used. and y would a space orc use a tree trunk\totem when he could have his flamethrower or any other type of gun.
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    I can't find the correct path!

    it will show it in the previewer if u restart the map
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    Skin has holes...

    no i checked it and redid it about 5 times, there was no line down the middle. i even increased it nce and it still was fudged up...
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    Skin has holes...

    Ya.. i made this skin off of a Rifleman. changed some colors n such, uploaded it correctly, used Warcraft Extractor 2 to make from Blp->TGA use Adobe photoshop to change it up than Exractor to go TGA->BLP. i uplaoded it and it has a line going down the middle of him. Could it be the color...
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    Icon Color Resolution

    Make it 32 bit and you should be fine, u should get an option b4 saving or it is located somewhere located on ur toolbars that will let u set it as so.
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    How do you path icon

    i find it ez'er just to look at the icon section, 1 of my recent icons has paths for the 4 types of icons, so u an check that out if they confused you. buttons name is BTNDisguise it has all the paths for the icons
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    Requested by an anonimous user, here u go. Hope its what u wanted
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    BTNDisguise (Icon)

    Iconpack downloaded from
  18. B

    BTNDisguise (Warcraft 3 Icon)

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    nice and the axe looks perfect 5/5 reducing the poly's would help too
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    nice, looks the same as Mangeto's helm in the comic/cartoon :D GJ 5/5
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    lol what do u think most warcraft icons r there smart 1? nice job on the icon it might help if ur doin a christmas map with reindeer O.o just a thought and try not to double post, its just not cool i don't see StormRider contributing to icons, models, map, skins, well anything really...
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    if your going to make icons be sure not to make them from the SKIN of a model.. at least take a picture of the model on wc3 then CnP
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    I figured no one else had this and since there is an elite model i would make an icon to go with it
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    BTNElite (Icon)

    Iconpack downloaded from
  25. B

    BTNElite (Warcraft 3 Icon)

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    don't mind him it looks fine 8)
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    how to make a unit teleport attack and tele back

    ok this is my trigger can u tell me the problem.. he does everything except kills the unit.. ----------------------------------------------- Event - A Unit Begins Casting An Ability Condition - (ability Being Cast) Equal To Quick Burst<spell name> Actions - Unit - Creat 1 "Elite" for...
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    how to make a unit teleport attack and tele back

    Ya.. i need some help with this spell. I am making a hero that has a skill where he teleports (like blink) behind a unit and attacks it, then teleports back to his original spot. I was thinking of using a dummy Hero and making the hero invisible, but when i did it it didn't...
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    Sky ???

    Event - Map Initializtion Condition - None Action - Set Sky - Set Sky To (Your Chosen Sky)
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    what is the Game Play constants menu????????

    its found under Advanced > Gameplay Constants. Theres a lot of stuff there so make sure u pick the right thing to change. and it did that too one of my heroes too but all i had to do was edit his spells/abilities and he worked again. So try both and find out.
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    Dialog Box...newb question but oh well

    I'm making a map where u start out with a dialog box to choose ur hero. But, when i click on the box nothing seems to happen. Plz give me the trigger for making a "working" dialog box. I have searched most of the map forums and can't find it. -=Beat-Down=-
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    1. u have to have frozen throne 2. y don't u try looking at the ability editor b4 saking stupid questions about it 3. if u still didn't find out post a reply to this message.
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    size of icon for spell

    i've checked this forum and can't find the size the icon has to be. I want to make fs have different icon but i can't figure out the size to make it.
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    AHHH I beg someone to help me with music formats for war3

    you can download converters jsut about anywhere nowadays.
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    Need help on spells at roc

    well 1st of all "someone" he was using that as an example... you should know that already if u worked in the map editor for over 30 minutes. But now to answer the question. All you have to do is DL the WinMPQ from this site(I think its on this 1 or one other 1's I can't remember). Then...
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    map help PLEASE

    you can't undo it unless u can find the problem in winmpq, but thats still near damn hard if u don't know what it is u did wrong
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    a little help pls

    do u want the unit to enter a region then it changes or how do u want it?
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    how to make signature..

    ...look in profile there bud
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    Weather effects

    -Event : Map Initialization -Condition : None -Action : Environment - Create Weather Effect
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    Abilitys with gold costs

    The only way u could make it look decent and still make it subtract gold is if u did it in a trigger. Its not hard to figure out the trigger but if ur new it will take u about 2-4 minz to do it.
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    Empath ability (random item spell)

    ty ur a great help
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    Need the publics opinion...

    Personally i like enfos and dota
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    How do i get hero to go above level 10

    np glad to be of service
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    Empath ability (random item spell)

    I'm making a map and i want to have the hero have the same level 10 skills as the empath from enfos. ( If u don't know what skill that is it makes random items appear when u do the spell). I am pretty sure its a spell enhanced by a trigger but im not sure. Thx Alot, - = B e a t - D o w n = -
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    How do i get hero to go above level 10

    Advanced>Gameplay Constants>Hero Maximum Level
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    How do i get hero to go above level 10

    nvm i got it
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    How do i get hero to go above level 10

    Im trying to make a map with custom skills that go into high levels but my hero either gets stuck at level 5 or gets held up at level 10 and the game says its his max. I'd appreciate some help on this minor topic but i can't seem to figure it out. I've even looked at triggers to see if those...