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  1. Mark Mocher

    Darechom survival game

  2. Mark Mocher

    [Discussion] Starcraft 2 High Quality Maps

    Wasteland Screenshots:
  3. Mark Mocher

    Darechom survival game

  4. Mark Mocher

    Darechom survival game

    I want to report that in this video you can see my progress in 30 days of development. Also, I shoot everything as it really is, I do not hide anything and do not show only the best moments.
  5. Mark Mocher

    Darechom survival game

    Right now it is
  6. Mark Mocher

    yes :D

    yes :D
  7. Mark Mocher

    Darechom survival game

    Darechom «Movement system + night» 005: - new movement system - added new animations (Thanks to Evil) - added energy system - added breathing effect - added footstep and breathing sound effects
  8. Mark Mocher

    Darechom survival game

  9. Mark Mocher

    Darechom survival game

    Darechom on Source 2 (2020 - Present) Darechom is an upcoming survival simulator re-make of my old mod Darechom (Warcraft 3 [Defense / Survival] - Darechom 2012-2013 y.) on Source 2, that combines best of survival, rpg elements, character customization, crafting, events and realistic world...
  10. Mark Mocher

    [Campaign] Old school map Venice

    A comparative overview of my simple level - Venice in Warfracft 3 and Warcraft 3 Reforged, that was created in 2017.
  11. Mark Mocher

    Dota 2 low poly level

    Hi let me show you my low poly level created in the Source 2 for Dota 2
  12. Mark Mocher

    lol, no

    lol, no
  13. Mark Mocher

    Simple War 3 Map - Venice free for download

    Hi, guys let me present you simple custom map, you can check how i created it and download if you want. - no import in map.
  14. Mark Mocher

    New custom game Duel

    Playable map for my custom game Duel with custom 3D models and textures.
  15. Mark Mocher

    nice :P

    nice :P
  16. Mark Mocher

    Galaxy Terraining Contest #1 - Results

    thanks for the Congratulation, it was cool
  17. Mark Mocher

    [Defense / Survival] Darechom

    Im working on remake, will be available in 2017 on Source 2\Dota 2
  18. Mark Mocher

    Yeap )

    Yeap )
  19. Mark Mocher

    Comment by 'Mark Mocher' in media 'Screen'

    kryto krasavec
  20. Mark Mocher

    Galaxy Terraining Contest #1 - Poll

    I gived my vote for Tleno, it's remind me hl2\fallout i like how it's looks ) Thanks for the vote, now im understand, we can't see World Wonder becouse my Wonder too big for scnreenshots by game camera. But if we create custom screenshot we will see that location have on the middle own Wonder...
  21. Mark Mocher

    Galaxy Terraining Contest #1 - World Wonders

    Finaly my slow pc finished render of 39gb video As proof that level is my you can see me previous post of start work and full size map at 2 october post. Also in video you can see that level was created 2 october. All map is playable, no spammed doodads, minimum objects. Creative placement...
  22. Mark Mocher

    Galaxy Terraining Contest #1 - World Wonders

    Ok tomorrow i will upload full my map becouse im not at home ) Snaggy - easy screenshots
  23. Mark Mocher

    Galaxy Terraining Contest #1 - World Wonders

    I really appreciate the opportunity to participate in the sc2 contest, last year on (biggest mod community on RU area) where only 3 participants..So at all it's not so bad!
  24. TJZ_ijNomhE


  25. Mark Mocher

    Galaxy Terraining Contest #1 - World Wonders

    TJZ_ijNomhE by Mark Mocher posted Oct 1, 2016 at 7:47 PM Just wait for my showcase work) tomorrow i will upload video how i developed my map Bad screenshot butm level at most will be not so bad )
  26. Mark Mocher

    Galaxy Terraining Contest #1 - World Wonders

    Hi, how to apply, i've readed rules but just one quaestion - can i use this style of the terrain ?
  27. Mark Mocher

    New terrain «Wasteland»

    HI, it's me Mocherad and im glad to show you a realy easy to create level with my new fresh ideas. This is my longest level - 4h to create this one post-apocalyptyc world! Warning - it's not classic map, just custom for Arcade. Here you can saw how you can combine the props for creating one...
  28. Mark Mocher

    [Defense / Survival] Darechom

    Thank you :thumbs_up:
  29. Mark Mocher

    [Defense / Survival] Darechom

    Hi, i dunno where i can post this. My old tread is closed so..) This is my old global mod Darechom which i created few years ago in 2013 on Warcraft 3. Now im going to create remake of this on Source 2 engine. The...
  30. Mark Mocher

    Pure Reflex

    Pure reflex - skillshot battle arena. Idea comes from Hardcore Ninja. Now it's a unique mode, all skills and new systems reworked. Each skill has different possibilities, as example refraction can block all damage and return dagger. You can combine the skills, as example combo of skills "blink"...
  31. Mark Mocher

    Hi there)

    Hi there)
  32. Mark Mocher

    [Defense / Survival] Darechom

    I update all information, enjoy :) sorry for waiting.
  33. Mark Mocher

    [Role Playing Game] Memento Mori

    Fantastic map, i wait for map aboute year, realy cool.
  34. Mark Mocher

    Hi, from ukranian to hws community

  35. Mark Mocher

    [Defense / Survival] Darechom

    Already deleted, my system include 3 other systems - include 15 slots - 6 standart slots, 6 standart slots (bag easy system), 3 slots for clothes and one for weapon.12 standart slots items they are on hero, 6 active on hero, 6 other in bag, active items u can saw on hero like...
  36. Mark Mocher

    [Defense / Survival] Darechom

    All thank you for your interest in the project,about photoshop - I did not change something with objects or else,Talavaj was right, all what i do im making dark image with 2 dark colors its all, i think its better for Location screenshots, u can feal atmosphere better, other gameplay screenshots...
  37. Mark Mocher

    [Defense / Survival] Darechom

    Original Only survival, full information aboute mode i will write soon. Now i can said that i was creating this map as pvp map vs 12 players. But now its only for 1 player, i havnt time now to create multiplayer, this map i was creating for test map for my...
  38. Mark Mocher

    [Defense / Survival] Darechom

    Hello everyone, I hope warcraft fans will engoy its, i was working on the project since last summer and now has approached to the end. Darechom - you have one life to survive,you will not get another chance. Once when you lost everything, you will get free, all that was valuable to you, those...