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  1. Hiruty

    Medieval Textures

    Yes, go ahead! These textures are here for the public for others to use in their maps, just remember to give credit where due.
  2. Hiruty

    Medieval Textures

    Speculars are inbuilt to the alpha 1 layer of the DDS, it serves as both global illumination and specular in terrain.
  3. H (Starcraft 2 Texture)

  4. H (Starcraft 2 Texture)

  5. H (Starcraft 2 Texture)

  6. H (Starcraft 2 Texture)

  7. H (Starcraft 2 Texture)

  8. H (Starcraft 2 Texture)

  9. H (Starcraft 2 Texture)

  10. H (Starcraft 2 Texture)

  11. H (Starcraft 2 Texture)

  12. H (Starcraft 2 Texture)

  13. Hiruty

    Medieval Textures (Texture)

    Yeah, something i put together for a custom mod for sc2 I'm making. Thought i would release it as i haven't contributed to The Hive Workshop in a while. Keywords: medieval, starcraft 2, bump map, proof of concept
  14. H (Starcraft 2 Texture)

  15. H (Starcraft 2 Texture)

  16. H (Starcraft 2 Texture)

  17. H (Starcraft 2 Texture)

  18. Hiruty

    Building PC $1500 - $1700/2000

    i might not get a cooler not overclocking
  19. Hiruty

    Building PC $1500 - $1700/2000

    so either get 8gb of ram or get 4x3gb ram sticks?
  20. Hiruty

    Building PC $1500 - $1700/2000

    good parts list?
  21. Hiruty

    Building PC $1500 - $1700/2000

    oh, k can you reccomend a parts list. Note it is subject to change due to its not being bought for 1 -2 months :P *depends how fast i get the money might as well start planning early
  22. Hiruty

    Building PC $1500 - $1700/2000

    Thanks that helped alot, i might look at the gtx 580 then * Battlefield 3 *, i didn't know that about ram either and by channels do you mean DDR# or in MHZ clock speed ect. I was going to get a 80gb ssd from intel *310 for the p67 simulated solidstate drive by turning it into a giant cache...
  23. Hiruty

    Building PC $1500 - $1700/2000

    at the price, it don't think it should have a i5, i'd prefer the 2600k/2600 just for the asthetics.
  24. Hiruty

    Building PC $1500 - $1700/2000

    common knowlege... i need suggestions.. I'm looking at Core i5/i7 Sandybridge p67 motherboard 600w/750w PSU SSD boot drive 1tb storage 8gb ram Windows Ultimate 64bit Nvidia GTX 570 / GTX 570 SLI ( x2 )
  25. Hiruty

    Building PC $1500 - $1700/2000

    Hey guys i've been looking into getting a good computer after all my other ones have either broken, become redundent and old or are just medioca. So i ask you if i can have some advice on this. I also need a Moniter, keboard and Mouse * no gaming branded ones they are usualy overpriced with...
  26. Hiruty


    Titania, i made this spell a year ago when i was still a noob. I like my noob heritage and i thought i would just make the spell easier to read, smaller and better looking. I know the spell is nothing special i don't even know if it will get approved ( most likely not :P ). So yah in conclusion...
  27. Hiruty

    [JASS] Need help localising two variables

    i'm actualy going to make this solved as i worked out Hashtables and no longer need the help of Jass
  28. Hiruty

    [JASS] Need help localising two variables

    i looked at you're trigger but I still have the problem of trying to get when the unit has the buff ( thus the wait for condition trigger )
  29. Hiruty

    [JASS] Need help localising two variables

    The overall goal of this tigger is to deal damage to a unit when a spell is casted , that gives a buff , but damage isnt dealt until the unit recevies the buff. This spell will have more then one spell activating the trigger by different heroes with different stats , which could be casting at...
  30. Hiruty

    Hk 416 cqb

    i see a combat arms player :O
  31. Hiruty

    Terrainer Required for RolePlay Map.

    Sry mate this isn't posted in the correct area. Please ask this in the Sub-Forum of Map Devolpment, Project Recruitment. ( Linky :D )
  32. Hiruty

    What do you wish on christmas =)

  33. Hiruty

    Space Engineers

    make some Asteroid Belts for sc2 :P Very good looking map looking forward to a great map ;)
  34. Hiruty

    What do you wish on christmas =)

    All i whish for is impossible, World Peace and my farther to stop being a douche :P
  35. Hiruty

    Can your computer stand Sc2?

    i can play meduim to ultra, it realy depends on what i'm playing. IE 1 million zealots i can play on meduim till they get OP and then i still get 25 - 30 fps. On melee games i can play on high most of the time, getting 40 - 50 fps, until theres a massive fight that drops to 25 - 30 fps. Edit: i...


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  39. The World Is Flat

    The World Is Flat

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  43. mr crab

    mr crab

  44. Tiger Happy

    Tiger Happy

  45. Kirby Partah

    Kirby Partah

  46. Joe Black 5

    Joe Black 5

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  49. Mah Dog Tara

    Mah Dog Tara

  50. An Apple Named Bob

    An Apple Named Bob