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    [BK's] Gem TD v3.5

    this is just 3.1 with CHEATS added in by some creep. now will somebody please delete this map?
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    [Trigger] Event Problems

    that was just an example...
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    How to alter rain of chaos spell

    that spell calls another spell (inferno). to edit it, make a copy of inferno (if you need the original), edit it and make rain of chaos use a new inferno spell. it is unknown to me whether it is possible to cast any other spell from rain of chaos. i haven't tried but bunch of guys have reported...
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    [Trigger] Event Problems

    of course, that is done after a unit is inside a variable so map initialization is not the time (except in rare cases)... usual order is something like this: event: selector-unit enters a circle of power (region) actions: unit - create 1 paladin for owner of triggering unit... set U = last...
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    [Trigger] Event Problems

    #1: there is a trigger event called "unit within range" #2: make a copy of endurance aura (neutral hostile version); edit its data so that it slows units; reduce range; change targets so that it affects enemies; change art-target model to frost armor; change buff to "slowed"; when hero casts a...
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    [Trigger] Define a terraintile-type as unwalkable

    option 1 do you use water in your map? if you don't, you can make that terrain into water and reskin water to look like live sand... ---------- option 2 (trigger) every 0.5 seconds (periodic) check every unit on the map. if terrain type under the picked unit == sharp rocks (terrain...
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    How to tell wc3 to take another mpq ?

    so that leaves you with two solutions: 1) (good) keep everything inside your map 2) (bad) distribute a modified mpq file (war3xlocal.mpq for example) and a loader which will rename mpq files, run the game and then revert mpq files when the game closes. that would mean that you shouldn't play...
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    [Trigger] Triggering questions

    2) you compare your facing angle with an angle between our locations. if you're facing 45 deg (top right) and angle of line going from me towards you is 35-55 degrees, then i'm behind you. all the functions are there in trigger editor (they return real numbers) 4) no triggering needed. make...
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    [Trigger] RPG Triggers

    4. find an item called scroll of healing. read the name of ability it casts. find the ability, make a copy and work on it. 2. do you mean attacks to one specific unit, attacks from one specific unit, or everyone to everyone? 3. is it possible for player1 to attack boss1 while player2 attacks...
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    Spell making problem

    or you can make it have less than five negative effects on target unit? once we get a hang of making spells, we tend to forget what kind of spells blizzard made for their heroes and units - nice and simple, two effects maximum...
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    [FINISHED] Spells and Systems Mini Contest #8

    that's why i'm asking. in my opinion, if there is a bolt of lightning or homing fireball coming your way and you make it miss you, that's manipulation. either way, i can make the hero deflect the spell (idea reserved, boys; don't touch) but i really wanted to go with nice and simple spell -...
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    Need help with spell

    well you are the only one who knows the mechanism of your map... if you have waves of units, turn off wave-triggers during the spell effect. if you have timers, pause them.... dots?
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    [FINISHED] Spells and Systems Mini Contest #8

    i am considering entering but in the light of unclear theme, i must check about my idea first: can i make a passive spell? i was thinking something in lines of evasion (for spells)...
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    [Trigger] Very Complex in my eyes HELP PLEASE

    as for actions, that is easy - there is an action called Unit-Replace. it can replace any hero with a hero-type you chose. you work out events and conditions.
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    [Trigger] Is there a GUI Host Check?

    gui offers no such things. but you can find out who the game host is (see here) and put that into a gui variable HostPlayer (which you created) with this custom script line set udg_HostPlayer = GetHost(). then you can use that variable to ask the host about game options... on a side note, the...
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    Wc3 Editor skill help

    Q1: difficult but possible triggered spell. Q2: you will not mess up old ones. however, new ones may need to be adjusted to work. for example, a you have a demo map with one custom spell. its rawcode will be A000. but in your map there are already 8 custom spells (A000-A007) so when you paste...
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    I need something

    i truly hope that answers to your question won't shake your marvelous optimism. look around this subforum and read threads. creating/editing wc3 models is far from an easy job with a perfect standalone tool. and still, people keep making great models. just don't give up right away...
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    yobguls file converter is getting annoying

    if you haven't fixed the error yet, list lines 777-787 of the mdl file here and (hopefully) someone will tell you how to fix it.
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    Bizarre error + tips needed

    i hope your other triggers aren't like this one. (dying unit) and most other functions can not be used after a wait as they will most likely lose their value (in your case some other unit may die during those 20s). generally, you have two options: use (triggering unit) - that functions is one...
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    Still three spells

    luckily, we can tmporarily change animation speed. stand anim with 10% speed might work there... yeah, this has gone theoretical. although it could be usefull to someone, it's more likely for nothing. we should limit posts to discussing already posted ideas.
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    shadowmeld 24/7

    i don't think i sounded like that. i surely don't have a problem with any alternative sugestion after mine. even if it isn't better, it could be more suitable to the thread starter. but now that you brought this up, i do find the words "That's about as close as you'll get without doing permanent...
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    [FINISHED] Spells and Systems Mini-Contest #7

    it could have been done without triggers, but rain (or was it reign) of chaos chooses random locations for meteor impact points and angles which is probably not what he wanted...
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    shadowmeld 24/7

    ...or he can do the thing properly with item temporary invisibility and two triggers (or even one) that will remove the buff on any order issued... it can be easily done so there is no need for partial solutions.
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    Disconnection problem

    well if your map is any good, the worst thing you can do is give up because of a server split. there are always solutions: borrow your friend's computer for a night (and then play a debug version with messages announcing every trigger (except for the simplest ones); also grimoire tool provides...
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    Disconnection problem

    two words: binary search. go disabling triggers untill you find the bad one. then, inside that trigger, disable and enable actions until you find one that causes problem...
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    Noob question plz

    yes you can. make a copy of root ability (the one that night elf ancients have), give it to your unit and use a trigger to disable the ability on map init (so you don't see the icon). building angle can be set using a trigger action.
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    Still three spells

    did you try that ranger? because putting two arrow (attack modifier) abilities will not work. also, if i remember correctly searing arrows would disable crit strike (even though critical strike is not orb ability and works fine with orb items). my suggestion for ranger's ultimate: stampede of...
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    Disconnection problem

    why? server splits are bound to solely to mapmaking. they are caused because of how one made the map, not because of how people play the map.
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    Disconnection problem

    high damage? never heard of it. but high dice count / dice amount, yes there have been some reports although i can not confirm it. keep dice count and number of sides below 8 and you should be fine. also there were rumors (on thehelper) of zero or negative sight range causing server splits but...
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    shadowmeld 24/7

    i didn't say add some buff - ability you click (invisibility) adds it for you. you remove it (there's an action called "unit - remove specific buff") if needed later.
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    Disconnection problem

    quick check-list for server splits (aka disconnection bug): smart-camera (pan camera as neccessary) - this one is a sure-splitter. never ever use it. Selection - Select MyUnitGroup for MyPlayer (SelectGroupForPlayerBJ) - usually splits. work around it. real-time waits - they don't split...
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    [Trigger] Some Questions

    if you use these couple of points through entire game, don't create/destroy them 1000 times. create them (set a = center point of region x) in map initialization and don't touch them. bug fixed and map optimized.
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    shadowmeld 24/7

    out-of-the-box, no. you can make it yourself - base it on invisibility potion ability (item temporary invisibility) then make a trigger that detects point orders, target orders, using items picking items and in that trigger you just remove invisibility buff (make a new buff) from that unit. not...
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    SpellBook - Setting Level of Hidden Auras

    the problem may not be in that line. guess 1: where do you remove the added abilities? i think the problem lies there. guess 2: unit should not have more than one spellbook. maybe you did that.
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    [Trigger] Some Questions

    you should not use dying unit after a 10 seconds wait. ever. try replacing it with triggering unit then run the map. usual sequence when you need to wait would be something like this: Custom Script - local unit LMyHero = GetTriggerUnit() // put this as the first action...
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    [Trigger] Some Questions

    locking the game-camera on a location would make the game ignore clicks on the minimap. you would also be unable to move the view by moving your mouse to the screen edge.
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    [Trigger] Some Questions

    not that i know of. if you can set humans to be neutral towards each other (or even enemies), they won't see each other's pings. experiment with forces and alliance settings.
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    Need Help Whit

    he means model... morphing a hero is always a bad idea. all sorts of problems to get over (spells, cooldowns, proper name...). i suggest you make your hero and then you copy him and change movement properties of the second hero (the copy) so that he flies. then base a spell of demon hunter's...
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    Vb code help

    in trigger editor (bottom right panel) right-click the trigger name (above events) and click "copy as text" and paste between and note - i used tag to be able to write [trigger] just like that... there are usual [b] for bold, [u] for underline, [plain][list] for bulleted lists etc...
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    Need Help Whit

    2 DarkDenizen: nobody is pissed. i just (on behalf of everyone) stated that i needed him to explain his questions if he wanted answers. 2 Spyda Man: don't split that into two triggers and use triggering unit instead of casting unit
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    Replicate ability

    how? .
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    Double Item Creation Problem

    by "a" i meant generic counter (integer a) which you run from 1 to 6...
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    Need Help Whit

    dude, you are in serious need of universal translator or preferably translator microbes. try to ask all that again with more detailed explanations and use this to help you...
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    Replicate ability

    because that is the only way. if this ability is cast by only one unit in the game and there are only a few models (=unit appearances) that unit can assume, you could make multi-level metamorphosis (and make an alternative unit-type for EVERY enemy hero-type in the game)... if you want your...
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    [Trigger] Some Questions

    1) setting bj_wantDestroyGroup to true only affects ONE bj-function call. it is then reset to false and you need to set it to true again for the next call. no effect on native functions. 2) ouch. that is just wrong. first of all, you leak a player group (natively called "force") which should...
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    Double Item Creation Problem

    for problem 1, you're gonna need to count the stones in the troll's inventory; just say "set myvar = 0" and then go with simple loop "for each integer a from 1 to 6 (6 inventory slots) do -> if item-type of (item carried by triggering unit in slot a) == mystone then set myvar = myvar + 1"...
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    Need help with map size problem

    "because" .
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    Destructive "Trees" Problem

    you'll find it here.
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    happens to me all the time. luck has changed, old boy... just put some gold dragons on a test map and run it. they attack the way you want it. oh, sorry. my bad. just make a 10 level command aura (unit ability, not hero); when hero learns L1 main aura, add that command aura to him; later just...
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    Destructive "Trees" Problem

    i've seen that but i have no direct solution for you. there could be an indirect one (not 100% sure): download the "ultimate terraining map" (aka utm); there are bunch of trees there. maybe they'll work. also, look here and here... maybe you'll change your plans.