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  1. Pharaoh_

    Creating Clouds in small-dimensional canvas in a simple way

    When working on small-dimensional canvas, the Filter -> Render -> Clouds function isn't really that helpful to create clouds. So, in icon-making, what would be a good solution for creating clouds? I will present you a very simple way of achieving such effect. I chose a more appealing color...
  2. Dentothor

    The Noobs Guide to Icon Art

    Hello Future Icon artists! In this tutorial we will learn the basics of icon art and all about the art tool GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) This tutorial MAY be used for photoshop as well but take note that the toolbox may not be in the same order. Tools You Will Need GIMP 2.6.6 (Any...
  3. KelThuzad

    How to make Icons - My style

    BTNSlash and BTNPotion - KelThuzad's style BTNSlash - Difficulty: Depends on the Art Skills, but NOT hard. - Requirements: Photoshop, Icon Layer for PS. Let's start by making 350x350 file. Create a new layer. Choose hard brush, 100% opacity and grey color, and draw the razor...