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  1. Evilhog

    Hog's drawings (and other stuff)

    Doom 3 Cacodemons
  2. Evilhog

    Has Blizz actually acted on "Foreign IP mods"?

    There was a card game (can't remember the name) that was removed from the SC2 Arcade because some no-name company complained to Blizzard about that game being a blatant copy of the aforementioned company's game (or something like that). I remember reading about that incident on Sc2mapster...
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    Real News Thread

    Who wouldn't want their brand to be associated with one of the finest supercars of the 90s? ;)
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    Female Dreadlords!

    This is bonkers
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    Warcraft: Dark Crusade [SC2 custom campaign mod] Another ambitious remake of our beloved classics, this time handled by one of the makers of the prominent StarCraft 2 Mass Recall mod (OmegaWeaponX) The recent beta...
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    Chronicles of Azeroth

    Does anyone stay in touch with viktor1995/Rommper? In the early 2020, he said the mod is being put on hold until some of his IRL issues are resolved, but it's been a while since then. You can find his reply on the mod's Moddb page in the comments below...
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    Hog's drawings (and other stuff)

    Battle of Nagashino - Tokugawa soldiers with tanegashima rifles Inspired by Akira Kurosawa's Kagemusha
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    Comment by 'Evilhog' in media 'Footman Variants'

    Mind if I mess with your design a bit?
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    Brack: This is the guy in charge of Blizzard... Blizzard's history of working with other studios goes back to WarCraft 2 BtDP (co-developed with Cyberlore Studios in 1996). They also outsourced some work to another studio while working on StarCraft's expansion and collaborated with two...
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    One thing I think we should have been more vocal about is the visual style, thought I doubt that those who never played WC3 before had any issue with the new graphics. Oh yeah, and custom campaigns. But nobody expected them to remove this feature entirely.
  12. Evilhog

    Chronicles of the Second War - Updated Demo

    I genuinely loathe the bloated mess that is current WoW storyline, but calling its fanbase "retarded" deserves a kick in the pants. In fact, many WoW fans dislike the changes made to the game's original lore, but appreciate some of the good additions. To be a "fan" does not mean to be blind and...
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    Illidan fel crystal wagon is gone

    Hmm, this thing reminds me a bit of the Protoss Dark Shrine from SC2: Dark shrine
  14. Evilhog

    25 years ago, 3D Realms released Duke Nukem 3D. Happy birthday, old pal. And "Hail to the...

    25 years ago, 3D Realms released Duke Nukem 3D. Happy birthday, old pal. And "Hail to the king, baby".
  15. Evilhog

    Blizzard Classic Games division dismantled

    Ever the optimist! :)
  16. Evilhog

    Blizzard Classic Games division dismantled

    You've got to be kidding. "Dead community": 132 members online at the same time! That's an impressive number for a modding forum. By the way, most of the forums (dead or not) have lots of incative users who register and never post. It's the active posters who make a community alive.
  17. Evilhog

    Blizzard Classic Games division dismantled

    So there's no internal team to support WC3 Reforged, SC Remastered and Diablo II Classic. And no dedicated team for what little support SC2 and HotS still had. Nobody's going to make new RTS games either. Splendid.
  18. Evilhog

    What about Reforged is actually good?

    How exactly are we supposed to see this incline? Do you have any previous numbers for comparison?
  19. Stoned spider... thing

    Stoned spider... thing

  20. Evilhog

    Warcraft 3 Reforged completely abandoned by Blizzard?

    If nothing new will be announced and/or released during the "BlizzConline" days (February 19 - 20), then the game's abandoned, de facto.
  21. Evilhog

    During the Dark Portal

    A bit of curious trivia: This campaign was sold on CDs by some dubious "software publishers" (read *pirates*) in some countries of the former Soviet Union. I bought mine in a Ukrainian store: As far as I remember from playing this circa 2007, the CD contains both RoC and TFT (illegal copies...
  22. Evilhog

    This made me laugh XD

  23. Evilhog

    WarCraft: The Beginning (Patch 1.31) WIP

    I absolutely love those towers and bridges! So cozy :)
  24. So much for "Reforged" cutscenes...

    So much for "Reforged" cutscenes...

    Aside from a few minor touch-ups (a sitting footman in the introduction to Human Mission 1, and another one, polishing his shield in the same cutscene), "The Culling" appears to be the only in-engine cinematic to receive a "Reforged" treatment.
  25. Evilhog

    Hog's drawings (and other stuff)

    Messing around with some expired polymer clay: Gallery: Polymer clay Zerg Defiler
  26. Some old (2013) SC2 terraining

    Some old (2013) SC2 terraining

  27. Evilhog

    Dual-channel RAM, Reforged, SC2 and other RTS games.

    Thanks, I'm aware of the matching slots and frequency quirks. I've already found a pair of 8-gig sticks for my computer, but the purchase will have to wait until Christmas. As for benchmarks, I saw some charts showing slightly better load time and performance of Shogun 2 running on a system...
  28. Evilhog

    [Discussion] Ascension - a GZDoom engine-based RPG

    A new update has been released! Version 1.3 improves performance, fixes numerous bugs and updates some objects with brand-new 3D models! This release also features a new sidequest and new areas to explore. Check out this beauty: Screenshot Doom 20201101 135213 — Postimages Screenshot Doom...
  29. Evilhog

    Starcraft II will no longer receive content updates

    Meanwhile, a bunch of ex-Blizzard developers have teamed up to make an RTS game: Frost Giant Studios The newly-formed studio is lead by "former Production Director of StarCraft II and C&C: Generals" 2 Tim Morten and "former Game Director of Wasteland 3, Lead Campaign Designer of Warcraft...
  30. Evilhog

    Dual-channel RAM, Reforged, SC2 and other RTS games.

    So, I've read on other forums that dual-channel RAM is pretty much standard these days and I'm missing much with my PC only having a single stick. It's also running at 1333 Mhz (DDR3), while my CPU and mobo support frequency up to 1600 Mhz, so I'm thinking about upgrading from 1x8GB to 2x8Gb...
  31. Evilhog

    Starcraft II will no longer receive content updates

    I've never played coop or bought any skins/coop commanders, so it's not a big deal to me, but I'm worried about future map editor support. AFAIK, custom campaigns, advertised in the Anniversary patch as a highly-requested, "big comeback" feature, still lack proper implementation of saving/loading.
  32. Evilhog

    Warcraft 2 Soundtracks Remastered

    Excellent arrangement! It deviates quite a bit from its source material, but, given the fact that no other covers have been ever produced of this specific track makes it the best one. ;) Could you please ask your father to create some more arrangements of WarCraft 2 tunes? I'm especially...
  33. Evilhog

    Troll Lumber Mill Reforged

    Great model, but did the forest trolls who allied themselves with the Horde during the Second War use voodoo masks and similar imagery?
  34. Daemon_ico


    WarCraft 1 Daemon icon in all its 76x76 pixels glory. Back in 2015-2016 I was exploring possibilities of remaking Warcraft 1 in different engines/games. I only went as far as making two icons (the other one is my current avatar pic) and a few concepts, none of which survived.
  35. Evilhog

    [Campaign] Warcraft 2 campaign (reforged)

    Speaking of voice acting: I noticed that in the beginning of a mission the character of Rend Blackhand quotes the texts of original WC2 mission briefings almost word-by-word. Unless you are going to completely overhaul the scenario (and replace Rend with someone else), I suggest contacting the...
  36. Evilhog

    Warcraft3 Reforge Reforged - Retextures by Mr.Goblin

    As Kurdran Wildhammer would say, "Ah, there is no hope for this lad!" Here's a quick Photoshop edit of Mr. Goblin's Wip1.
  37. Evilhog

    Projects of old, gather ye' resources... [Mod Compendium]

    The Dawn of Chaos pack does not seem to include the two-mission Human campaign demo from 2004. I have the file (most likely the February 29 re-release, since it's fairly bugless), if anyone's interested. I'm also trying to make a sort of an extended version of that demo, mostly for personal use...
  38. Evilhog

    Hog's drawings (and other stuff)

    Thanks. I've been doodling creatures for almost two decades but I still cannot figure out how light and shadows work! :)
  39. Evilhog

    Hog's drawings (and other stuff)

    New troll here! :ogre_hurrhurr:
  40. Evilhog

    [Discussion] Ascension - a GZDoom engine-based RPG

    My pals at the Russian Doom Community have just released Ascension, an ambitious RPG mod based on GZDoom - a source port of the original Doom. The game features 19 levels, including a large city, sprawling dungeons and forests, dozens of NPCs, numerous quests, a few cranky puzzles and many...
  41. Evilhog

    Command & Conquer Remastered Collection

    Cautiously optimistic about this one. Former Westwood studios developers overseeing the core aspects, Frank Klepacki remastering his awesome score and digging up some rare tracks. Also, as evident by previews and Starcraft Remastered, Lemon Sky are better at semi-realistic, non-fantasy art then...
  42. Evilhog

    Warcraft : Humans

    I've just come across this wonderful recording of Orcs & Humans soundtrack with real SC-55 hardware: It's available for free at the project's Patreon page here: As stated in the comments by the maker of this video, this recording was done in cooperation...
  43. Evilhog

    Complete boycott of Warcraft III: Reforged

    Looks like I'm joining the "boycott" for a while. I've managed to set up an old 1.31.1 install from my laptop on my main PC: Nice try, Blizzard, but not today! :) By the way, did the old client receive any updates since July 2019?
  44. Evilhog


    Did you keep those maps in the same directory as your Warcraft 3 installation? My "Maps" folder is stored in Documents\Warcraft III\, nothing was deleted after uninstalling Reforged. Custom campaigns, preferences, logs, replays - everything is still there. Didn't even bother to backup anything...
  45. Evilhog

    [Poll] Is having a separate client for Classic a bad idea?

    Updated the poll with a new option that better reflects my own position: "Only as a temporary solution until Reforged gets back all the missing features". Revoting is allowed.
  46. Evilhog

    [Poll] Is having a separate client for Classic a bad idea?

    Hello, long-time lurker here. A few days ago I made a thread on official Reforged forums asking the developers to release the Classic version for free and keep it separate from Reforged - at least, until the latter gets all the necessary fixes: Two versions should exist separately The thread...