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  1. NFWar

    NFWar's Tutorials

    This is Photoshop tutorial that will help you to create icons with mouse. That is not much examples here, but I will update this tutorial, adding more examples. ___ARMOR___ Wip1 Creating of main shape. The line at middle shows when chest must to end. Wip2 Draw grey lines that will define...
  2. NFWar

    NFWar's Looping Texture Tutorial

    This tutorial explains how to create a texture, that will merge to itself when placed at four directions (top, bottom, left, right). You may find it useful in drawing tiles or background textures. Lets get started with example of coblestone. Preperation Image must be 3 times biger than...
  3. D

    Basic 'Soft Shading' Technique

    Due to a request, I'm writing a quick tutorial on shading. This is a very basic technique that works well for soft shading. All you need (beyond the obvious) is a brush tool with adjustable opacity, a colour-picker tool and patience. It is preferable to use a pen tablet, but it is not necessary...
  4. Mr.Goblin

    Mr.Goblin's Tutorial!

    For this tutorial you must have photoshop, gimp, or any programs that as the commends to change the opacity and the size of your pencil. My tutorial.doc = GOOGLE DOC DOCUMENT ^Since this Tutorial is really old, This document is the only version available with images. ^ DESCRIPTION: Greetings...