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  1. SharSash

    [Trigger] SetUnitX SetUnitY channeling spell problem

    Hi! I came up with an idea to make a non channeled Tranqulity spell. For that i decided to make a dummy unit that would cast a spell itseld and periodically would be moved to a hero caster. I couldn't use "instatly move to a point" option as it interrupst orders and casts. So I went on with...
  2. SharSash

    [Spell] Changing spells in Bear-form but keeping their cooldowns

    Hi. I have read several threads considering this topic but haven't find a solution yet (or just me being me and couldn't get thigs right). Now I'll try to make clear what I mean. So I want hero to have one set of spells in elf-form and another one in bear-form and they should have separated...
  3. SharSash

    Energy Field Reshape

    Hi! The title says most of it. So what i want is to make Doodads\Cinematic\EnergyField\EnergyField from the square as it is to a perfect circle shape. Looking for soulutions. I manage to increase Emisson Rate and Speed in War 3ModelEditor to make model more visible. So I want this: become...
  4. SharSash

    [Trigger] Making unit move towards point with polar offset

    So, I've made a spell based on channel with point-target. The idea of the spell is that it creates a dummy with locusts and this dummy must go into target point of abillity beign cast direction untill it reaches the edge of playable map area and dies after. But the problem is that unit goes only...
  5. SharSash

    [Solved] Moon stone spell

    Hi! My problem is that i can't make a dummy unit cast a spell based on moon stone item spell that changes day time to 00:00, I just don't see it in issue an order with no target and the spell itself doesn't have an ID. Looking for help. Thanks in advance.