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  1. Dr. Boom

    Pathing - Everything about it

    Pathing - Everything about it [2.0] Seas =) 1.0) The first words 2.0) Where can you see the pathing? 3.0) Different Pathing Types - 3.1) Structures - 3.2) Trees and Doodads 4.0) Naval Pathing ( Water ) - 4.1) Structures - 4.2) Units 5.0) The Pathing Blocker 6.0) Create...
  2. Slaydon

    Fixing Invisible/White Tree Models

    How to correctly import a tree model Hello, i was in the model section and downloaded a custom tree, i see the posts and they say "My Tree is white, it only works for units, etc... etc.." Now, im going to tell you how to import one of these trees, as a "Tree" Go up to your editor and...
  3. ~Void~

    Hero Craft: Function, Role, Synergy and Balance

    Hero Craft > Function, Role, Synergy and Balance < 500 Foreword: The purpose of this tutorial is to guide new and experienced developers in the right path when designing heroes for their maps. I find the problem with heroes is that, no matter how polished and efficient the map's code, no...
  4. Slaydon

    WE Map Editor for Newbies!

    Warcraft III World Editor Guide! 600 Index: For this tutorial I’m using Warcraft III Editor Unlimited which can be downloaded on I’m using it because it can make your map a bit over 2x times bigger, and more items to use, but you won’t need it for...
  5. ap0calypse

    The importance of a Description

    The Importance of a Description 512 Index: Description on the Hive Why waste time on a description? What should I add/avoid in a description? How can I make my description appealing? In-game Description Why add a description in-game if I have one on the hive? What should I...
  6. Doctor-Pepper

    Basic Mapping Video Tutorial

    I've created a basic video tutorial for people who want to make maps but just dont know where to start. You can download it from the link below! Description: This first tutorial will represent The Hive Workshop and show you how to: Launch World Editor (WE) Create a new map...