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  1. Aesthetics

    Simple Loading Screen

    Simple Loading Screen By Aesthetics I - Required Tools and Files II - Implementation III - Troubleshooting IV - Conclusion I - Required Tools and Filesone Irfanview (Click "Download" on the left sidebar, click on a mirror, download Infranview, and set it up. Next, next, agree, next, next...)...
  2. X-OMG-X

    Creating a Dungeon Entrance

    Creating a Dungeon Entrance Difficulty: [4/10] Normal Step 1: Today, im going to create a mysterious dungeon, wich is playable and useful for rpg’s. First of all I will decide the tileset for my dungeon map. I choose the ‘dungeon’ tileset, and sets the intial tile to Grey Stones...
  3. Hive Workshop

    Off-site Tutorials

    A collection of tutorials that are not on the HIVE. Tutorials for making a specific map type Hero Arena Making Tutorial (Suggested by Hubcool) Tower Defenses Making Tutorial (Suggested by Hubcool) Guide to a Good RPG (Suggested by Aesthetics) Presentation Minimap Previews - that little...