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  1. SHBlade

    What should be the next priority?

    D4 = abilities > new class > bfd
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    Autocast for Backhand (sugestion)

    Dumbing down Gaias is a very bad idea.
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    [Template] Unit responses for the hero classes

    Class: Magician Skin: Default Select responses: "I am just an ordinary wizard" "*cough cough* I am fine" "What do you want from an old man?" "Do you want to see some magic?" Pissed responses: "What?!" "I could turn you into a frog with a single move" "Stop bothering me!" "I have an idea...
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    Single Player

    its orpg bruh
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    Why expand the card if the card has reached the memory limit for the network

    He would have to implement game mechanics allover again which is less time-efficient than using map expander (which is one 0 kb file and all you have to do is place it in wc3 folder goddamnit)
  6. SHBlade

    any spanish update

    English is international language and makes life 10x easier. I think your friends should learn english :p
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    Need help with berserker.

    2x ap + crit dmg OR crit chance OR str Well, u said that you like big numbers :p (I am using full dps build and I am doing good)
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    Need help with berserker.

    If you want high numbers only you should change knights breastplate to furious cuirass. 2xap + cdmg/str/crate (i.e. 2xap + cdmg), those are best souls for zerker. (Flamebringer makes gameplay a little more interesting since it adds new active skill which deals pretty high dmg (and its polearm...
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    Flamebringer vs Executioner's Axe

    So I did the calculations on my zerker. I took 57 as average base dmg since it's 56-58. - 5 min fight - Skills only - 0% crit chance - Berserker's Rage Flamebringer: - 57 + 203 ap : 43550 total dmg Executioner's Axe: - 57 + 214 ap : 42682 total dmg PS. Keep in mind that 0% crit chance helps...
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    Announcement: Gaias final 1.2C(9) release and future Map Expander releases

    Yea zapper, additional 2xap skill is bad af xD
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    Bug Reports

    It's not singleplayer map. Moreover maxing your char while playing solo is possible.
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    How does Soulseeker stack?

    It is: x + x * 0.35 + x * 0.35 * 0.65 + x * 0.35 * (0.65 * 0.65) -> -> x * (1 + 1 * 0.35 + 1 * 0.35 * 0.65 + 1 * 0.35 * 0.65^2 + 1 * 0.35 * 0.65^3 + . . . + 1 * 0.35 * 0.65^n) - chance of first roll to fail - chance of second roll to fail - the general formula correct me if I am wrong Zwieb...
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    Is it possible to kill overseer with 3 players?

    well, bish/psion/zerker is way better comp than crus/sin/bish since seer is dps test
  14. SHBlade

    Is it possible to kill overseer with 3 players?

    You are going to lack dps on right golem since you have 2 physical classes.
  15. SHBlade

    1.2C(5) Bugs

    I was talking about pre souls foothills (I always take souls ans abilities stuff as C thing) when necro used to be shit in dps.
  16. SHBlade

    1.2C(5) Bugs

    - 440 dps isn't bad (foothills necro was way below 400 dps, sorc was around 400). - Full draining timber for 1h used to be a thing but it was a bug. - if you don't know which item to use it means that itemization is good :p I know you like Psion and would want it to become ultra powerfull in dps...
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    1.2C(4) Bugs

    Sometimes when you stun or cage the enemy, it can't move but can still attack use abilities.
  18. SHBlade

    Drop List - Whitepine Mountains

    Helmet of the Bull from lady
  19. SHBlade

    Whitepine Crafting Bag system issues

    Shoots fired.
  20. SHBlade


    Well I kinda like 5% crit on it. You could change agi to 10% aspd or 5 str tho.
  21. SHBlade

    1.2c(3) bugs

    High mage's staff is too big. Dunno why no1 reported this before, it's bigger than gift of genos used to be.
  22. SHBlade

    Drop List - Whitepine Mountains

    I've seen Lucky sevens from Varthuvash and Captured Lightning from necro
  23. SHBlade

    1.2C drop list

    yes, high mage staff from zharo
  24. SHBlade


    Zwieb, could u buff on use ability? At the moment all it does is drain 13 mana and reduce dps (not sure abt this but it probably resets aa cd which results in 50 for 300dmg trade D: ) ._.
  25. SHBlade

    1.2c(3) bugs

    If it interrupts autoattacks, it lowers the dps :v
  26. SHBlade

    1.2c(3) bugs

    yeah lol, 60 dmg for 13 mana... imo it should be like 1.5xap at least to be worth wasting 13 mana on it
  27. SHBlade

    1.2c(3) bugs

    Ad.1 It's intended, draining timber grants only mana drain on 1h items.
  28. SHBlade

    About D3

    Great job Zwieb! Imo 1.2c is the most solid Gaias update so far.
  29. SHBlade

    1.2C bugs

    I belive it should be 2x silver ore not 1
  30. SHBlade

    1.2C drop list

    No1 seen the Hopebringer yet :v
  31. SHBlade

    1.2C drop list

    Hopebringer is midlevel legendary so it doesn't drop in whitepines. I bet it drops from shade or fl. (might even be D2 tho)
  32. SHBlade

    1.2C bugs

    Berserker: Champion's Helmet got bad model (probably) cuz it looks like a headband xd
  33. SHBlade

    1.2C bugs

    Berserker: Gryphon's Head gives 7 agi (tooltip says 10)
  34. SHBlade

    Ideas for skills!

    That feeling when u suggest simple zerker's skill and then wild hunter shitstorm appears. Imo hutner is fine, she got amazing party buff and still pulls some nice dps along with aoes (no gonna mention 50% crit rate lol).
  35. SHBlade

    Ideas for skills!

    Berserker: Bloodthirst consumes stacks of Berserker rage and deal 0.2 x number of stacks x ap dmg and healing hero for 60% of the dmg dealt. - I think cd isn't needed cause u have to build up rage stacks again to use it. So basically u get some self heals at the cost of rage stacks.
  36. SHBlade

    The road to 1.2C

    Btw Zwieb sorry for my absence and lack of work on Gaias trailer but I am having hard time at university atm. Will try to finish it before 1.2C tho.
  37. SHBlade

    The road to 1.2C

    Check the first post in this thread dude :v
  38. SHBlade

    1.2B(15) released!

    I other words 100% haste = casting_time/2
  39. SHBlade

    Monk 1.2B(14) feedback

    15% hp on bosses srsly... it should be 1-4% at most. Tho I like animal stances. And put like 5 stances in one skill choice or let it be one skill to switch between stances.
  40. SHBlade

    Suggestions for cleric ability pairings

    + for that idea
  41. SHBlade

    1.2b(14) bugs

    That's pretty old bug tho. (happens sometimes, all you need to do is repick) __________________________________________________________________ Dang, Box was faster :(
  42. SHBlade

    1.2b(14) bugs

    If I remember tooltip says that threat is transferred
  43. SHBlade

    1.2b(14) bugs

    So, if you toggle on/off new necro's spell few times, absorb refuses to work. (replay: not far from start of the game, right after hg fight)
  44. SHBlade

    1.2b(14) bugs

    1. Hill giant just started to attack merc when I had like 600% aggro on him (screenshot) 2. Servant of skies can't use beast's fury on bosses 90% of the time.
  45. SHBlade

    General Suggestions

    @MiroBG taking your opponent's hit on your armor used to be popular strat unless he had serious blunt weapon. Plate armors were designed to withstand hits. It's always funny when you see ppl cutting thru plate like it was butter in historical movies xD
  46. SHBlade

    Assassin 1.2B(14) feedback

    1. Do u use magic to create poison? -No 2. Is stealth magic(ability to hide doesn't make u magician)? -No 3. Is explosion (from assassin's trap ofc) magic? -No 4. Does embrittling acid need rework (acid is not magic tho)? -Yes
  47. SHBlade

    Hill Giant going on a tour round Myrtagas

    Tour around Myrtagas part 2. Look at photo 2, hg i so happy about the outcome :D
  48. SHBlade

    Gaias Discord channel

    Yep discord FTW! :D