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  1. Lode

    [General] Waygate Active Trigger

    Looking for a way to make a waygate active through triggers. Want to start the map out with it inactive, and at a certain amount of time, make it active. I already have a timer that expires, but I am drawing a blank on how to trigger in the Way Gate Active function and also set the region to...
  2. Lode

    [Strategy / Risk] Battle for Middle Earth / 4th age / 2nd age / etc.

    I have dug up an old folder with all of these maps I have edited within the last two years. Wondering if anyone was working on one of these or if this community is even still alive. I don't want to waste my spare time making something that won't be appreciated or played. If you were in this...
  3. Lode

    Water Problem....

    Certain areas of my map can't have water...these waterways can't be cliffed, just low heighted. How do you fix this water glitch?
  4. Lode

    How would I get rid of wait here?

    Killing Spree Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Killing Spree Actions -------- Setting Variables -------- Set KSUnit = (Triggering unit) Set KSPoint = (Position of KSUnit)...
  5. Lode

    1.24 Conversion Problem...

    I can't figure this out for the life of me. JassCraft helps a lot, but pjass and jassnewgen aren't helping. I've followed the tutorials, and I just ended messing everything up to the point the map won't open anymore lol... Can anyone tell me what the problem is with this and/or help me out...
  6. Lode

    PrePatch 1.24 WE Problems

    Okay, I have this map...It's called Skull09 Colosseum. This map was created around 4 years ago when patch 1.24x was not released. Since patch 1.24x was released, this map CAN be viewed in the World Editor, but CANNOT be played online or offline in Warcraft. I'd rather not provide a copy of the...
  7. Lode

    A few ORIGINAL RoC UNPROT maps?

    Here's what I have... 2nd Age 8.0 4th Age Revamp V4 Here's what I need: BFME 6.4 G SE War Of The Jewels 8.0 Quenta Silmarillion v3.0 These maps need to be original and unprotected. That means I need them with units on the map, GUI/MUI and JASS (if used), and no missing unit data...
  8. Lode

    Wc3 TFT units to roc?

    I've always wondered how to do this and I finally got around to asking... For example, if I wanted the Blood Mage to be shown in ROC to roc only users, what slk data would I have to exit? Would this require exporting/importing the raw model? If so, how?
  9. Lode

    Multiple questions [Waygates&units]

    Do waygates use regions for teleporting upon unit movement? For example, if I click on a different part of the map and not the waygate, how do I get it to make the unit use the waygate without me clicking on it? Visibility across the map: How? Do I make the map a region/rect and emit a...
  10. Lode

    Wc3 terraining questions.

    a few questions on Warcraft III terraining.... 1) Can you make unbuildable textures buildable? If so, how? 2) Regarding Shallow Water, how do you make this buildable? All of my shallow water is unbuildable and I can't figure out how to make some of it buildable and some of it not. 3)...
  11. Lode

    Hex editing.

    Hey all, wondering about Header editing. According to 3ice, to do this, you change byte 512 from {0x20 00 00 00} to {0x33 49 43 45} But by doing this, you change corresponding text from {(space) (box) (box) (box)} to {3 I C E} Since this is kinda ironic since he did it, I was...
  12. Lode

    Conversion not fully working...?

    Hey guys, I converted a map from w3x to w3m and everything runs fine, except the map name is "Just another Warcraft III map." In the dummy map, I have made the player properties the name, and made the map name the same as the original...why isn't this working?
  13. Lode

    Why isn't my map working??

    Ok, before I did the following events... (Using WEU imported JNG) Before hand: Conversion to roc worked. Map openable. Map hostable. Events in between: Imported custom AbilityData.slk Added JASS function: Trigger - Take Peasent Defeat <gen> and remove the action (CustomDefeatBJ(...
  14. Lode

    [JASS] custom script in remove action not working...

    So i have this: Peasent Defeat_triggeraction(CustomDefeatBJ( Player(0), "TRIGSTR_436" )) and this wont work... Trigger - Take Peasent Defeat <gen> and remove the action (Peasent Defeat_triggeraction(CustomDefeatBJ( Player(0), "TRIGSTR_436" ))) function...
  15. Lode

    Triggering a spell?

    Hi all, i'm using the Sleep spell as a base spell, and I want to make the sleep spell like the Silence spell...but not AoE. How would I do that? I don't need it to stun/sleep the person, I just want it to Mute him, or make all of his spells unable to be used for a certain amount of time.
  16. Lode

    Command Transferring?

    OK i'm trying to make it so that when Player One(red) leaves, his commands transfer to another playing player... I dont know how to make these smaller so im sorry for epic space. Here is what I have... Ok so I have these: Bonus Trigger Events Player - Player 1 (Red) types a...
  17. Lode

    Multiple problems [Details Inside]

    [SOLVED] Multiple problems [Details Inside] Ok so! Here are my problems for my new Vampirism map: After deprotecting my own map because I had deleted my unprotected one, I had copy and pasted the terrain, doodads, and all object data to a new map. I started the triggers from scratch. Well...
  18. Lode

    [RoC] Vampirism Archangel 12.0 ideas?

    Hey all, Nathan Z here, looking for some feedback on Vampirism Archangel 11.8! What do you like about it? What don't you like about it? What would you like to see in a future production? I'd love your criticism and feedback! Who knows, maybe your idea or thought will come out in the new maps...
  19. Lode

    Need a minimap preview? Your troubles are over!

    Hello! I think the subject explains it all, if you need help, I can help you make a minimap preview for your map! I just need a few simple thingsif you need this help, and please follow this format to help me better your wants/needs! →Map Name & location(diagonal left/down/across top/etc)...
  20. Lode

    Trigger recognizing host?

    How would one go about making a trigger that pops a dialog to the host? I know how to make one popup for a player, but how do you make the trigger recognize the host?
  21. Lode

    hp trigger?

    Ok I have this, I want the trigger to make the HP of a unit what is specified hp Events Player - Player 1 (Red) types a chat message containing -hp as A substring Conditions (Integer((Substring((Entered chat string), 6, 12)))) Less than or equal to (Integer((Life...
  22. Lode

    Turn on trigger for triggering player only?

    Here's what I have, but this turns on the trigger for everyone. How do I make it so that the turned on trigger is only turned on for the person who types the message, and not everyone? Activator Events Player - Player 1 (Red) types a chat message containing trigger as An exact...
  23. Lode

    Crit Building

    I need a trigger that: Uses base spell Critical Strike, and damages a building by 50x the level of the attacking hero added onto his base damage. Hero Level: 10 Base Damage: 200 I need a trigger that damages a BUILDING by (50 x 10{level of hero}) + base damage of hero\ Please help...
  24. Lode

    Minimap preview, fairly urgent

    I need a minimap for this image: If you can, please, I'm editing my vampirism, and whatever font / color and any place you think would be best, please write: Vampirism Archangel Thanks, willing to search for 10 posts and give...
  25. Lode

    [Trigger] Damage multiplied by level?

    Looking for a trigger that makes damage multiplied by level added onto base damage, kinda like bash, but on a building. Like, If I have base damage of 100 and a level of 10 with passive ability Smash...and I want to deal the base damage + 50 times level damage. so... I deal 100 damage...
  26. Lode

    [Trigger] Prompted Revive Trigger

    Okay I am very confused on this and really do not know how to create this trigger so hoping someone can help me please... I want to create a prompted revive trigger like those in vampirism. Player (red) types a message containing "-revive gray" as an exact match I dunno what to do after...
  27. Lode

    Server Split?

    Hey, my map I have been working on in my spare time has had server splits in games when me and my clanmates test the map...any ideas on why this is happening? Willing to give any resource to any person to help me figure out this horrible problem im having :(
  28. Lode

    ORIGINAL Custom Abilities?

    Ok i've looked everywhere and I still can't find this subject of matter... I want to create my OWN SPELL! You know, like the ones that ARENT in wc3 originally? Like the Kamehameha or a spiral of ice that damages, or even an ice storm that damages and slows enemies... What I mean is...I...
  29. Lode

    Where is Art - Model Fire - Portrait?!

    Ok i've been trying to get the portrait into the hero icon for quite some time now, and I still haven't figured it out. I'll explain Ingame, top left hand corner of the map is the hero icons...Now, how in the living hell do I get the portrait(example lower) to show the custom model file and...
  30. Lode

    Custom Spells for wc3 roc

    All right I know this can be done and I know roc players can see the spells (if this is even a problem) because i play with roc-only players. WOTJ {War or the Jewels) and SoV (Siege of Valinor) both have custom spells. For example, a healing spells with a different icon that can be cast on...
  31. Lode

    Can't see the models?

    I have tft so I can see the models I imported. Examples: Heresiarch, Blood Elf Paladin, Carnun Warrior, etc. My friend only has roc and can't view. How can I make the models viewable by roc players who do not have tft? :confused::angry:
  32. Lode

    Exactly how do I use custom skins?

    Okay, looked at t he tutorials, and they have relevance to the question i'm asking, but I tried about all of them and still can't figure it out... Exactly how do I use custom skins in wc3 roc? Say I want to use...(Example) Sub Zero skin on a demon hunter. How do I go about doing that? I have...
  33. Lode

    Exactly how do I use a custom skin?

    I've read most of the stuff on this website, and it doesn't seem to help very much, i've read tutorials, how to use skins, etc... but I don't understand how to exactly use a skin I want to use. Say I want to use...Sub Zero(demon hunter), how do I go about doing that? I have the warcraft3...