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  1. FirstLegacy

    Making different experience rate in each hero

    hi, Im making a hero job system where he/she can change to any hero as progresses .. and my question is that I want each hero to have different experience rate since when they change to another hero it will revert back to level 1...
  2. FirstLegacy

    Duplicate Spell

    any gui/vjass spell that can duplicate the targeted enemy spell randomly and will last for a seconds? ..:vw_wtf:
  3. FirstLegacy

    Fade Animations?

    Anyone teach me how to do fade animations?...
  4. FirstLegacy


    automatically use the powerups on the ground without right-click target?..
  5. FirstLegacy

    Question about map protecting

    well, since we can't really prevent people from deprotecting it. but anyways to make it more diffucult to deprotect a map?.. and especially in models... and also, in modeling, what ways to prevent them or making them difficult from viewing magos model editor, war3 viewer or mdlvis?... i'm...
  6. FirstLegacy


    Anyone had a Hack'N'Slash system?...or can anyone make me?... Vjass or GUI as long as it can be configurable... pls? btw, just a small question in using an ability, I wanted to use the spell 1 and spell 2 animation randomly when casting an ability?...
  7. FirstLegacy

    Need a Team

    POSTPONED: I'm currently making Final Fantasy Tactics [AOS] Link: Click Here I'm currently making a "Gundam Arena Map" So I'm looking for a team to help me with this project especially to those Gundam Fans and I would gladly accept any skills related in war3 whether be in terrain,coders for...
  8. FirstLegacy

    about resizing

    in Resizing a model in magos editor,does the bone also follow the scaling?.. if not, then are there ways on how to resize a model and as the same time for the bone?...
  9. FirstLegacy

    Sound through walking

    Making custom sound while walking in triggers?...and can only be in Ground units.. coz it wouldnt sound good if it has the same sound when it's on air...hehe...
  10. FirstLegacy

    Is it possible to have only 1 portrait on many models

    Is it possible to have only 1 portrait on many models?.. like 1 portrait on 10 models?... coz i'm making a map on robots, and I only want a one face of pilot on every robot models!!...
  11. FirstLegacy

    allies into enemies..even if their in same forces?

    is it possible?.. coz I wanted to make an arena with team a and team b.. but there is a mode of rumble all of them battling each other... if so, what triggers needed?...:vw_wtf:
  12. FirstLegacy

    random hints

    hi. i'm not good in triggers gui or jass... but in making Random Hints?.. what you do?.. like pero 60 seconds a random HINT will appear.. not in order...
  13. FirstLegacy

    rotating sfx

    hi, I know that you can rotate it in unit editor..but I want the actual SFX to be rotated in using the notepad .mdl... so anyone know how?...
  14. FirstLegacy

    a simple question

    how many seconds in a day and night cycle in warcraft 3 ingame?:vw_wtf:
  15. FirstLegacy

    Question about a spell want to create

    dunno,if this question is a bit more any advice/suggestion on how to make a "spiderman web and swing" spell? :wink: well, not gonna make a spiderman map..but have an idea to make a hero that can shoot a chain on a big trees(nearest target point) and swing in a far distance... any spell that...
  16. FirstLegacy

    On increase movement height

    How to increase movement height depending on the Scaling Value of targeted unit? Lets just say, if the targeted unit had a scaling value of 1.50, then the Casting unit would increase its movement height to (scaling value X 15) so the casting unit would have a height of 225 but only in 3 seconds.
  17. FirstLegacy

    Spell Request

    :vw_wtf: Hi needed someone to do a spell for me it's more like a grappling hook but in different direction here's the pic: Two hooks will move diagonal (any angle you prefer or 45 degrees) and the caster/hero will move forward as the hook will also follow, and inflict damage Spell Name...
  18. FirstLegacy

    Spells Request

    currently doing a map project and I seriously need this one spell Info: Tagert-Ground,spell lvl-1, cooldwn 3secs -It's like Modify jump/leap that can travel a bit far (2000 or more) in a fast animation speed -while in the air the hero can use another "jump spell" to immediately jump to...
  19. FirstLegacy

    Request SFX model

    Gonna request a fans of shuriken.... Can any replace fans of knives with the spellbreak missles?:vw_sad: ~Thanks for advance:goblin_yeah:
  20. FirstLegacy

    Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes

    DESCRIPTION: The is currently at progress.It obviously a naruto map because of the title.The game type is an AOS.But The center fighting grounds are just two sides and this is North and South.Although the name is from a video game itself it will not take a a the same part of the game. MAP...
  21. FirstLegacy

    Introducing myself

    Hi!!! Everyone I'm new here.:thumbs_up: I'm making a naruto map althought many map creator created most of naruto map!!! but ill keep makin it..:wink: not also naruto i include some anime map and other epic map as well..:zip: If ur instered to help..You can join my clan.(Daybreak):con:
  22. FirstLegacy

    HI!!Im Juz new here!!

    Hi!!..Im new here!!!....:thumbs_up: IM a MaP creatoR juz lIke u GuyZ!!!..but not juz liKe a PRo..Im Juz a NooBz Im TrYing to make a Naruto:Final Bout.. I have some few modelz of If soMeone has a naruto model please give me some!!..AnD AlSo neeD some of naruTO SpeLLs and model of...