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  1. NEL

    [vJASS] FileIO

    Does my code works without desync? struct main extends array private static method read takes player whichPlayer returns string local File Notebook local string Output if GetLocalPlayer() == whichPlayer then set Notebook =...
  2. NEL

    Reputation (+2): (Post) You're Genius, Harry.

    Reputation (+2): (Post) You're Genius, Harry.
  3. NEL

    EmberCraft v1.2a

    This map is getting better and better. Good Luck for the future. :)
  4. NEL

    SharpCraft World Editor Extended Bundle

    I'd recommend you to use Microsoft Visual Code or Notepad++ for vJass Syntax Highlighting. Using the other world editor now is not worth it anymore (not really).
  5. NEL

    Oh, Maligayang pagbati rin sa iyo. :)

    Oh, Maligayang pagbati rin sa iyo. :)
  6. NEL

    Debug I/O v1.1

    This thing doesn't work now in 1.27 or above. :<
  7. NEL

    Warcraft III - Patch 1.31 PTR

    Only I care about is LUA works in-game lel.
  8. NEL

    HiveWE - World Editor 0.6

    Ok, I tried to open the HiveWe but it didn't work. Can you explain to me what is OpenGL and what does used for? Do I really need that?
  9. NEL

    HiveWE - World Editor 0.6

    Well, this is a new World Editor with less headache so far. Good Job.
  10. NEL

    Warcraft 3 Patch 1.31

    wait.... what? LUA in Warcraft 3? with YDAPI? Holy Shit.
  11. NEL

    .htmlFile v1.0.0.0

    I'm pissed and disappointed. 1.28+ is no longer able to create any type of file except .txt file in PreloadGenEnd(), nice. Now, I'm going to back to my shitty, ugly notepad. -_- Do I need to continue this or not? Let me know.
  12. NEL

    .htmlFile v1.0.0.0

    Preloader() only accepts .txt file.
  13. NEL

    .htmlFile v1.0.0.0

    I want to replace my save code text file to this. I don't really like the ugly generated texts from text file. That is main problem here. If I want to make a decent looking html page, I need to write a readable html codes first before I convert them. You can overwrite it, but you can't read...
  14. NEL

    .htmlFile v1.0.0.0 (Map)

    .htmlFile v1.0.0.0 A lightweight library that allows you to create, write, and design your own HTML file. It is more faster than .bat to .txt conversion and compatible in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Avast Secure Browser, Mozilla Firefox, etc. scope...
  15. N

    Just another Warcraft III map (Warcraft 3 Map)

  16. NEL

    :D, I will.

    :D, I will.
  17. NEL

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Nice tutorial. Thanks.

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Nice tutorial. Thanks.
  18. NEL


    If this thing works perfectly in 1.26+, I will use this.
  19. NEL

    [Snippet] Unit Recycler

    This library gave me an error if I don't have ErrorMessage lib even it's an optional.
  20. NEL

    [Snippet] RegisterEvent pack

    That thing will destroy the entire library.
  21. NEL

    [Snippet] RegisterEvent pack

    How about RemovePlayerAnyUnitEvent (all events). Because I have a few triggers like trigger checks the number of deaths of a unit, once the trigger reached the specific number, trigger must be remove in the game.
  22. NEL

    [vJASS] MUI using Struct

    Do you think I'm doing good or not? Did I allocate and deallocate properly? TimerUtils, /* */ Alloc /*...
  23. NEL

    [Solved] Formula for unit's back

  24. NEL

    [Solved] Formula for unit's back

    What is the formula of this? Unit blinks behind the target.
  25. NEL

    Yes, Indeed.

    Yes, Indeed.
  26. NEL

    I found a fellow peenoise :P sup..

    I found a fellow peenoise :P sup..
  27. NEL

    [vJASS] DamagePackage

    /* 5. If you want to deal damage inside onDamage callback without causing infinite loops, you can do so using Damage.registerTrigger(trigger) and disabling the trigger before the new damage is applied then enabling it again after damage is applied. Example...
  28. NEL

    Reputation (+2): (Post) Nice library

    Reputation (+2): (Post) Nice library
  29. NEL

    Reputation (+2): (Post) Nice Web App

    Reputation (+2): (Post) Nice Web App
  30. NEL

    [vJASS] Need Help for Fixing the Spell

    What is the problem? You only say is fix this spell and that's it.
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    Share Your GitHub Accounts

    NELMVN - Overview
  32. NEL

    Health Bars v1.30

    Cool and elegant.
  33. NEL

    Doka 2

    You need to screenshot the game play and put them on your map description. Like this: MineralZ 1.52(b)
  34. NEL

    Doka 2

    It is okay to upload like this in non-English, unless if they upload a translated map with an original map.
  35. NEL

    Grabiti's RPG Creator 1.08

    This template has no Save/Load Function.
  36. NEL

    Github linguist-unknown for .zn and .j

    In Github, Zinc, vJass, and Jass are not supported in Linguistic. Using Linguistic-unknown, you can make your own syntax highlighting for the unknown language. You can use these in your project if you want. Zinc: extensions: - ".zn" default: color: "#000000" identifier...
  37. NEL

    Custom Chain Lightning

    I think, you need to improve your comment, because it's so hard to read. Jass Comment & Naming Conventions. Maybe you can merge these FireChainLightning and FireHealingWave into one instead. e.g FireLightningEffect.
  38. NEL

    Getting a list of structures a builder can build / units a structure can train

    Nope. You can't. There is no way to get all the ID inside the builder.
  39. NEL

    [Solved] Does this system actually work?

    You can manipulate the AI's spell by following this tutorial. Base abilities for custom spells cast by melee-game AI units Or you need to program your own AI.
  40. NEL

    [Solved] Revive heroes problem

    Using Wait is not appropriate to use in that system. That's why your system didn't work properly. Visualize: Dynamic Indexing
  41. NEL

    Hey dude, I want know, what is FoG? I never heard that in my entire wc3 programming. You said...

    Hey dude, I want know, what is FoG? I never heard that in my entire wc3 programming. You said that you need to use FoG to count the number of the unit in the group. So, I'm confuse.
  42. NEL

    [Trigger] Can I explode an entered string?

    You can do this in Zinc or vJass using StringIterator. Example: //! zinc library Sample requires StringIterator { private function onInit() { trigger tr = CreateTrigger(); TriggerRegisterPlayerChatEvent(tr, Player(0), "", false); TriggerAddAction(tr...
  43. 32x32github


    Github Logo (White)
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    Zinc Logo (White)
  45. NEL

    Ascii symbols and warcraft 3

    You can't. You can only use ANSI characters.
  46. NEL

    [Solved] Recipe Item...

    I created a recipe system if you want to follow it. Untitled Trigger 001 Events Unit - A unit Acquires an item Conditions ((Triggering unit) has an item of type Claws of Attack +15) Equal to True ((Triggering unit) has an item of type Crown of Kings +5) Equal to...
  47. NEL

    Spell Books with construction orderID

    Also you can use the Spellbook with Select Unit/Hero ability to display the drop rate of the items and he can able to cast his spells.
  48. NEL

    Title Model

    Thank you very much :D +rep
  49. NEL

    Hey dude, If you make an title/emblem overhead attachment, that will be awesome :D

    Hey dude, If you make an title/emblem overhead attachment, that will be awesome :D
  50. NEL

    Cavman's Rostrodle NOT working

    Well, you need to set the texture correctly. Units\Rostrodle\Skirmisher\Skirmisher.blp