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  1. VicALV

    [Spell] Saving a hero unit with his spells efficiently

    Hi hive!. I created this thread because need help to create a system to save hero unit with his spells. I want to access to data like this => Hero[0] = Arthas Hero[0]_spells[0] = Heal Hero[0]_spells[1] = Armor Hero[0]_spells[2] = DamageX2 Hero[1] = Madthas Hero[1]_spells[0] = Damage...
  2. VicALV

    Bug in Campaign Editor: all effects spell. Warcraft 1.27

    Hi Hive i found a bug in the campaign editor. How to find it? First Create a Campaign a save it. Second: create a new blank map, for example Map Test. Third: Add your map to your Campaign, and save your campaign. Fourth: Press right-click on the Map Test and Edit the map, in map...
  3. VicALV

    Creating a game cache system for RPG map

    Hi hive, i need your help for create a game cache system for a RPG map. I want to create a RPG SANDBOX map with a group of maps, something like this: In this RPG you can go to MAP X for example, level up, kill , etc and later comeback to MAP A, any time you want, this same thing for other...
  4. VicALV

    [General] Generating different random numbers for every player

    Hi HIVE!. This is my question: How can i generate different random numbers for every player in the game. I have the Math random number action, but i dont know how can i check if the first number and second are different. Can you help me?. I have a solution but i cant do it in warcraft...
  5. VicALV

    [Solved] Help with two Sword spell

    Hi Hive! I created this thread because i want to create a two spell using fliying sword. The first spell: A sword will appear and attack consecutivly the enemy: Like this video in the minute 8:55 The hero will be paused and the sword will attack, i dont know if is possible to use a dummy...
  6. VicALV

    Throwing Magnetic Hammer

    Hi HIVE! I created this thread because i want create a spell that work like this: The hero trow a hammer to any point, when he trow the hammer the spell will change to CALL BACK HAMMER. Every unit in area of the hammer will by pulled to hammer like magnetic. When the hero use CALL BACK the...
  7. VicALV

    [System-Help] DOTA2 / LOL Item Completion Shop System

    Hi HIVE! I created this thread because i want help to create a Shop System like the DOTA2 and LOL system. And how work it?. In this games you have a button for open the shop, in the shop you will see the basic item you can buy. For the recipes you see the recipe item and the ingredients...
  8. VicALV

    Multiboard Too Big Help

    Hi Hive! I created this thread because i need help to the width of my multiboard. This is the trigger: Multiboard Configuracion Events Tiempo - Elapsed game time is 1.00 seconds Condiciones Acciones -------- Creando Tabla -------- Multiboard- Create a...
  9. VicALV

    Hero Chaser like camera for AOS Map

    Hi HIVE! i created this thread because i need help to create a camera system for my AOS map. I want a camera like that can lock/unlock into the unit, but i want to change the perspective for every player, something like this map test...
  10. VicALV

    Unit comes with "Unit-type" variable

    Hi HIVE! i created this thread because i need help creating a unit comes trigger. in my map i have a lot of unit called CHEST, and i want to create a trigger to show effect when you get closer to one of the chest. I know how create a unit comes trigger but my question is: Do i need create 30...
  11. VicALV

    Brothers Hero Trigger

    Hello, Hive! I Created this thread because i want to create a special hero, based in the game "Brother, A tale of two sounds" See this video: I would like to have a hero (hero1) that is followed by another unit(hero2), this unit will be gray o etheral o some effect and will be...
  12. VicALV

    Black Screen for Map Intro

    Hi HIVE! i created this thread because i need help for creating a BLACK SCREEN into to my map. I have a intro cinematic for my map, but i want have a BLACK SCREEN for show a button dialog for skip the intro. NOTE: 1) i have in the map unit for some players and then appaer can hide it...
  13. VicALV

    Show Magic Resistance, Critical, Lifesteal And Evasion value of hero

    Hi HIVE! I created this thread because i want show the hero actually magic resistance, Critical, Lifesteal And Evasion value. But i dont know how get that value in the game. Can you help me? I want show that value in a multiboard
  14. VicALV

    Hookshot spell

    Hi hive, i created the thread because i need a spell for my map I want to create a spell like pudge hook but with the diference that you only can use it in mechanic unit (easy), but instead of pull the enemy toward you, i want that the hero move toward the target unit and colliding with units...
  15. VicALV

    Map Terrain Expansion

    Hi hive i founded this map in the template section: Forest Ruins i like it, but is too small for my map idea, can someone expand the map for 5 player, something like 128x128 but keeping the desing doodas style and if is posible a riber in the middle of the map like dota. Thanks For The Help
  16. VicALV

    Help for UV Mapping of my model

    Hi hive, i make a model in blender a convert it to mdx, but when i wanna put in world editor it dont appaer, a friend tell me the problem is the model dont have UVmapping in the texture, i dontknow how to do it, can someone PLEASE help ME
  17. VicALV

    [Import] UV mapping of my model

    Can someone help me to do the UV mapping of my model it dont work PLEASE HELP i dont know how to do it
  18. VicALV

    [Import] My Custom Model is invisible

    Hi hive, i created a model in blender, exported like OBJ and convert to ms3d in milkshape. Now i loaded it in war 3 model editor added the textures and material and export the mdx but in game is invisible how i can make it works i attach the model
  19. VicALV

    [Spell] Draining Life and Mana

    Hi hive, i created this thread because i need help to creating a spell: The spell summon a tower with expiration time. in the region and every second will drain 1 hp and 1 mana of the units that are in the range of the tower summoned every hp point and mana point drained will be store in a hp...
  20. VicALV

    [General] High Quality Loading Screen

    Hi, i create this thread for a question of creating a high quality loading screen. I know how to create a 1 image loading screen but i want better quality, i follow this tutorial But the loading screen is BLACK how i can configure that? Image1 by dsfreegames posted Jul 24, 2016 at 9:46 AM...
  21. VicALV

    [Import] Importing GIF image and show in a cinematic

    Is posible to import a GIF image and show it in a cinematic?
  22. VicALV

    [General] Obtaining one time item for ever

    Hi i create this thread because i have one question about getting items and Orpg map: The things is, if i create a quest in a map, and create a variable for storage (1 or 0) to the player when completed the quest i can save the data for prevent that the player do 2 time the quest. but: Is...
  23. VicALV

    [General] Item Drop System

    Hi hive, in my map i added a Item drop system based on the level of the item: Level: Item 1: first weapon 2: Shield or Arrow 3: Helmet 4: Armor 5: Accessory 1 5: Accessory 2 And i added the action of move the item to a corresponding slot Slot: Item 1: first weapon 2: Shield or Arrow 3: Helmet...
  24. VicALV

    [Solved] Time Stop Spell dont work

    Hi i created a time stop spell item but when i use the item the trigger pause every unit even the caster how i can fix that, here is the trigger: Reloj de Arena de Cronos Acontecimientos Unidad - A unit Inicia el efecto de una habilidad Condiciones (Ability being cast)...
  25. VicALV

    [General] Duel System Help

    I edited the system and this i what i have: *-* Duelo_Retador= is the player that use the duel (duelo) spell Duelo_retado = is the player that is target with the duel spell Duelo_Posicion = is the position of the units SistemaDuelo= is the dialog window of accept or reject the duel...
  26. VicALV

    System Bow and Arrow

    Good night how are you hive?, I created this topic for help in a bow and arrow system . I would like to add an item to my map that is a bow that give you attack and attribute bonuses but this will only work when also have another object called arrows the arrow will be another item With...
  27. VicALV

    Mastering Spell

    Hi Hive, a user named DEE-BOO, created a system of mastering a spell by using it, every time you used it a dummy spell get a level, and when the dummy spell get the level limit the original spell gain a level. Now i have this problem with the active spell work but: * with the passive dont work...
  28. VicALV

    [Spell] Simple Missile Creation

    SOLVED xD */****************************** Hi i created this thread because i need help. I triying to create a missile trigger but this happend: *The unit dont cause damage *The missile dummy unit every time when i cast the spell appaer in the las position not in the caster position...
  29. VicALV

    [Trigger] Spell Trigger Template Tutorial

    Hello Hive!, i created this tread because i want a list of basic spells trigger template but with a tutorial like explain. The thing is i want to learn how to triggering spell , but i cant find a tutorial of that spells, then i want the next spell trigger but in the easy way and if you can a...
  30. VicALV

    Spell doesnt work right

    hi i have this spell of a hook in my map but the unit can cast the spell various time and the spell doesnt reload View My Video
  31. VicALV

    Help. unit goes through destructibles with spell

    Hi how are you guys?, i create this thread because i need help with a spell. I created and import to my map a hooks spell and a jump spell system(this one haves colission but unit go trouht) , but i get a trouble , the unit goes throught destructible even if i create route ground obstacules , i...
  32. VicALV

    I need a Hook Spell like Attack on Titan

    Hi create this thread because i want a spell of Shingeki no Kyojin "Hook" a Hook that move hero to the point like hookshot of Dota, or Meat hook, but i want to move hero to point or a destructible see this map...
  33. VicALV

    Spell Level Up System (Dominating the spell)

    First of all, Hi Hiveworkshop!!! I create this thread because i want a system for my orpg, but i dont know too much about triggers the system is: "Level up the spells of the hero by using it, every time that the heroe use the spell he gain points of dominating (1 to 3, random) when he...
  34. VicALV

    [Spell] Spell Custom for my map

    Hello people ?, I do this topic for help in creating triggers for some spells. The spells would be these: 1st Spells That will do: * Teleport the hero to a certain position using as base blink elves * When it does appear a special effect smoke where the hero appear creating a unit with 100...
  35. VicALV

    Hi Hive!

    Hi!!! My name is Victor Alejandro in from Venezuela , i Have 20 year old: I like create warcraft 3 map, this webpage is awesome have too much people with good abilitys and with great ideas. I have a creative mind for system but moderate knowledge about trigger, i preffer create orpg...
  36. VicALV

    Creating ORPG, Spell Level Up System

    Hi Hive!, good morning from Venezuela, my name is Victor. I need your help for make a new spell level up system something like this: In my map the hero have 8 spell, 4 in a Spell Book, 2 Passive Aura get with a subclass and 2 spell for get level 100 and a Quest. I want to create a trigger for...
  37. VicALV

    [Trigger] Please Help My With My Map

    Hi, I wanted to ask a little help on my map. I'm doing a Hero Arena map type is as follows I would like to help me on the following: duel-system (not working the game closes out error):vw_wtf: -the want multiboard says state where I go if hero is...