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    World Editor?

    Ability to link your brain to the computer, so the editor will make everything for you without using any effort whatsoever. I cbf spending hours of my time making moar maps D;
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    what class do you want to see in this?

    Nonono. Assassin can shoot magical hammers... WITH THEIR MIND. I hope they keep that skill in if they add Assassin. Totally awesome.
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    Diablo 3 - What we know so far

    Ofc, people should still be able to carry around potions of their own. What happens when you're playing with 7 other players and you all need the same health-crystal? You're all going to run to it, and the other 7 people are going to die. There's also the possibility of stealing all the...
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    That well is... Very full. WTB roof & bucket on rope.
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    These are by far my favorite. That's not saying I like them in general though. I forsee a great overuse of these models in the near future >>
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    [Ideas] SFX Competition 3

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    [Ideas] SFX Competition 3

    Naw, as JetFangInferno described it, Nature is more like leaf stuff, and I think Earth is more like dirt stuff :P Eh, I'm just being picky.
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    [Ideas] SFX Competition 3

    I thought that was "Nature" -__________-
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    [Ideas] SFX Competition 3

    When was this Earth thing? I want to see it. (By Earth, I mean dust, sand, dirt, earthquakes, rocks, etc.)
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    It's not in DQM4:J I think. I had such a nice team in DWMII :/ It was comprised of three GoldSlimes whose stats I maxxed out with those random NPCs in Bossland which gave you +10 to a random stat when you beat them. Team in DQM4:J is King Cureslime + Alabast Dragon + (empty slot) Empty...
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    How do protoss people talk?

    The plural form of Protoss is Protoss, not Protossi :# Anyways, they aren't really your theories, either. Alot of what you said is from Wikipedia and the Starcraft Wikia. And, they aren't theories because they have sources.
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    3 archons or 1?

    *Succeed. Obviously, you kill the one closest to you, as he/she is an immediate threat :P Well, anyways, the point now is that they don't exist anymore, so this conversation is null and void :) Let's talk about Twilight Archons. 1) Are they just beefed up High Templar-Archons? 2) Who...
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    3 archons or 1?

    Those are some really, really indecisive enemies, then. I'm going to have to take PurplePoot's side here and say that it takes way too much time to actually construct and mass an entire second race while your enemies are focusing on one. You need to spend twice as many resources to reach the...
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    Hybrid Race???

    A cannon is something you shoot cannonballs out of :P Just kidding, it's an accepted law or standard, esp. in church; And from Hamlet :D --- O that this too, too sullied flesh would melt, --- thaw, and resolve itself into a dew; --- Or that the Everlasting had not fixed --- his canon...
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    [Ideas] SFX Competition 3

    How about... Earth Space / Time Electricity Maybe more later. Death sounds good.
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    Someone needs to review their chemistry :P Nuclei can't stay together without Neutrons and Electrons are 1800 times smaller than Protons!
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    Zergling model! >:O

    I read somewhere that they plan on allowing you to infest any type of non-zerg building and have them auto-spawn units, ie. Infested Protoss / Infested Terran that have a short lifespan. That would be these. I would assume Protoss use their... Lightning katar things. Um, I'll look for the...
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    WTF?! World of World Of Warcraft? OO

    ^[email protected] Bahahahahahahahahaha. If you actually don't get it: IT'S THE ONION. The Onion is a parody newspaper / news station. It's like April Fool's every day for them.
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    That's a really unstable atom :D Carbon-0 +6, haha. Didn't we learn that electrons move in clouds now? :P Anyways, those electrons are much too large compared to the nucleic particles. This is brings a smile to my day. But the day's almost over. Should have found this first. Drat.
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    Baneling or ''How do you kill what wants to die?''

    You can transport tons of them via Nydus Worm to clear the path for your bigger units, I guess.
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    Zergling model! >:O versus. Your pick. The new version still has the scythes on its forelegs, but the stabby thingies just got bigger and grew a few extra blades. So what?
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    Baneling or ''How do you kill what wants to die?''

    How about burrowing these things on either sides of a narrow land bridge and then raising them anytime enemy forces get by? Oh, but they're so cute. Disgustingly cute.
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    I don't get purple boxes... I get green ones. +___+
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    Whats your favorite Video Game Boss? lol.
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    Polar Travel

    Oh, you can do better than that. First off, the names need to change. "Ancient Power of Frost", etc. are really bland. You should change them, for example, into "Hyperborian Wind" or something. Oh, but, don't take that. I'm using it. Also, you spelled Armageddon incorrectly. Also, seeing...
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    Post a screenshot of your WoW Character(s)

    Because I like to one shot mobs unbuffed, I don't PvP, and when I do, I like to be able to disable healers with Improved Viper and beat clothies and leathers in two-three shots.
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    Hate dota?

    I hate DotA because... It's conformist! Actually, I just don't like playing it. Plus it fills up the list of games with random -ar -dm -wtf games when I am frantically looking for my 12th RM of Sheep Tag or Mino's Labyrinth TD. There are just too many games of it. Did you guys see...
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    Post a screenshot of your WoW Character(s)

    Pictures - #1 - 64 Frost Mage @ Akama; named by my brother and levelled up to 60 by him a long time ago. I started playing it again recently. #2 - 70 Holy Paladin @ Kel'Thuzad #3 - 70 Marksmanship Hunter & Pet (Rocamadour) @ Kel'Thuzad Edit: Wow, the quality is pretty bad. I might...
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    WoW WOTLK Updates

    I don't think the rule of having 1 DK per server matters (though the level req. to make one is useful). Besides, who in their right mind would make two Death Knights per server anyways? I mean, it's the same as one character, except you would need to get twice the amount of gear and allot...
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    Drugs? This is from a while back. I swear I only loled a little bit.
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    Special Effect Competition #2 Voting

    My vote ends up at WILL THE ALMIGHTY's doorstep. Those effects really look 15x better in-game and besides, I really like your style, esp. with your explosion-type things.
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    What do you think of WoW's diplomacies?

    From early Horde questing in Ragefire Chasm, Thrall reveals that he likes to keep his enemies close because it is necessary to have bad to define what is good. In addition, the Forsaken, as mentioned many times before, are using the Horde's power to reclaim their place in Azeroth (after all...
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    Malygos turns evil

    He's not evil, just crazy. And he's been like this for a while, except, he was hiding away.
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    Special Effect Competition #2 - Nature

    Last time I checked, lightning and dirt were part of nature. Eheh,
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    Special Effect Competition #2 - Nature

    I'm surprised no one did any wind / lightning or sand / dirt based SFX. I would have wet my pants had someone made some sort of edit of Spirit Tower's missile into sand or some sort of massive lightning onslaught spell. I'll probably move this to the voting thread if it appears sometime...
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    Special Effect Competition #2 - Nature

    Nature Explosion = best SFX ever. I think it's your best one yet :) I also like the Cluster Rockets one.
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    A sketch im doing wip :p

    You took this from this site, right?
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    THIS. F. ING. OWNS. Haha. I would love to use this model, but I'm already using your Aqua Spike for a projectile and IMO, it owns more ;)
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    Pretty cool :wink:
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    I just finished watching episode 12-17 because I didn't watch those when I started ;) I started around 22 :D I say, let Naruto go to Orochimaru's (Otagakure?) place and then unleash his Demon Fox and destroy everyone :wink: This looks really cool in-game :)
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    I believe that it's that stupid villager's fault for walking into the sand. :twisted:
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    I *might* use this for a spell in my RPG which my Squire uses :wink: I'm currently using these: Super Shiny Thing Aqua Spike Version 1 Holy Awakening (I think) Spiral Aura Drain Arcane Explosion Music Target (This still has Drunken Haze sound :evil:) Rune Orb So I'll be sure to...
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    It looks good for a Metal Veil :) These look nice as buffs too right?
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    Hehe, I liked the other one better, but that doesn't mean that this one doesn't look totally awesome as well.
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    (( PS. JetFangInferno - you might want to change that description, people might still think you're leaving :P ))
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    Forest Spirit1

    This would do good for Doom Archer skill from FFTA :)
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    Meant to say 100 of your FX are my favorite models. I don't know how that seven got there :o Defi4nc3's ORPG has some of your models - but he doesn't give credits. Umm, I saw your FireWave model in another map, but I forgot what it was called. If I recalle some people on
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    It's 722 BYTES. It can't get any smaller than that :P
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    I would say about 100 of your FX are my favorite models :shock: (Eh, I don't see much in unit models and such) Also, I see your FX often - sure it's scattered, but I see them every now and then. So it shows that people actually care :evil: Defi4nc3 uses a bunch of your models too :K
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    Steel assault 2 Rampage v1.6

    Kamikaze = Divine Wind So technically, you have something called a Sheep of the Divine Winds :? Looks very nice. 5/5