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  1. MagmaBoy

    Want feel a chill a hot in nether?

    Want feel a chill a hot in nether?
  2. MagmaBoy

    [Mapping] Making custom genre campaign

    Making custom genre campaign is a possible to make like modern warfare and alien/futuristic campaign but hard. You need for your custom genre campaign you need is skins, models, icons, sounds and musics, UI etc... also external files for your maps and custom game constants, interface and...
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    im filipino dude, i can speak both tagalog and english.

    im filipino dude, i can speak both tagalog and english.
  4. MagmaBoy

    your welcome

    your welcome
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    i love your BlackOps model dude.

    i love your BlackOps model dude.
  6. MagmaBoy

    greetings Grey Knight

    greetings Grey Knight
  7. MagmaBoy

    BlackOps Marine

    Finally a BlackOps Marine is made of beautiful graphics and smooth animation, i will use for modern warfare map today 5/5 :thumbs_up:
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    Don't Touch Me! Im Magma

    Don't Touch Me! Im Magma
  9. MagmaBoy

    Water Tower

    useful doodad in my map with farmlands.
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    GLA Means "Global Liberation Army" It Can Found At C&C Generals Series
  11. MagmaBoy

    Philippine Army

    you are right Grey Knight
  12. MagmaBoy

    Philippine Army

    ganda at nice naman 5/5 - 100% Pinoy Ako! :goblin_yeah:
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    Ion Cannon

    Trivia about this effect: this effect are found in c&c generals series deployed from particle cannon. perfect and good effect 5/5
  14. MagmaBoy

    C&C Hovercraft

    it can be found at c&c generals zero hour or rise of the reds, this is used by GLA.
  15. MagmaBoy

    Totem Pole

    yes i see
  16. MagmaBoy

    Totem Pole

    useful for as doodads of banner of indian.
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    Hi Em i love your attack jeep model.

    Hi Em i love your attack jeep model.
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    omg i love this 5/5 :infl_thumbs_up::vw_love: i will use this for my modern warfare campaign map :). but can you make a attack jeep with infantry at the back? :grin:
  19. MagmaBoy

    Artillery Animated

    hmm.....looks useful
  20. MagmaBoy

    Modern City

    OMG! :eek: 10/5
  21. MagmaBoy

    Well-Known Member

    Well-Known Member
  22. MagmaBoy

    Black Legion Gyrocopter

    another perfect model, this is perfect for my war maps :goblin_good_job::goblin_yeah:
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  24. MagmaBoy

    Flashlight Omni

    perfect for dark maps
  25. MagmaBoy


    this needs dual protectiles when shooting this model
  26. MagmaBoy

    Dead Captain

    it's admiral proudmoore! :eek: 5/5
  27. MagmaBoy

    Extreme Candy War 2009

    this is old dude
  28. MagmaBoy


    AWESOME! 5/5 :infl_thumbs_up::goblin_yeah::ogre_haosis::thumbs_up: NOW PREPARE TO FIGHT! FOR MY MODERN WARFARE MAP!
  29. MagmaBoy

    US Mortar Soldier

    what the hell the face looks like terrorist
  30. MagmaBoy


    perfect model of swat but can you replace the pulse gun pls.
  31. MagmaBoy

    Military Hat

    useful attachment 5/5 :goblin_good_job::goblin_good_job::goblin_good_job::goblin_good_job::goblin_good_job:
  32. MagmaBoy

    your models is good

    your models is good
  33. MagmaBoy


    useful for TD maps
  34. MagmaBoy


    good with sumberge in water ability :)
  35. MagmaBoy


    NICE SHIP :infl_thumbs_up: This ship means YAMATO! :)
  36. MagmaBoy


    the face looks barbarian in coc :D
  37. MagmaBoy


    The SMG Looks Like Future Gun But it's Awesome! :thumbs_up:
  38. MagmaBoy

    UTN Sniper Team

    looks same double unit with mortar team as sniper team
  39. MagmaBoy


  40. MagmaBoy

    Sentry Machinegun

    much better! :infl_thumbs_up: useful for defence and TD Map cool with laser :thumbs_up:
  41. MagmaBoy


    cool useful doodad :)
  42. MagmaBoy

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Useful For My Modern Warfare Maps :)

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Useful For My Modern Warfare Maps :)
  43. MagmaBoy

    Im Fine

    Im Fine