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  1. ScrewTheTrees

    The Warcraft 3 Ability Insight document.

    So what is the Warcraft 3 Ability Insight Document? Back in June 10th 2017 i started working on this document. The purpose back then was to map out all the abilities i found had interesting properties, Generally by applying Negative values to the stat fields or just changing stuff around in...
  2. General Frank

    Crediting Tutorial

    Tutorial - How to give credits in a map. You made a cool map and used custom resources (models, icons, skins) or received extra help in your map? And now you want to say thank you to your helpers? No problem, this tutorial will show you how to do so. 1.) What are credits ...
  3. HappyTauren

    Milkshape Attachment Modeling

    Milkshape Attachment Modeling By HappyTauren/TotallyAwesome Introduction Many have seen attachments models made by me and kept asking me how I do it. That is why I decided to write this tutorial. Keep in mind that the texturing part is not included in this tutorial, though I will show you how...
  4. General Frank

    Fixing Faulty Death / Decay Animations

    Fixing 'Popping back' parts of models tutorial. - Powered by Magos' Model Editor This tutorial will explain how to fix models which will stack their part on other units after death. Tools needed: - Magos Model Editor - MDLX Converter Getting Started: 1. Convert the model with the issue...
  5. ElectricSaiyan

    UVMapping in Milkshape 3D

    @Admin or Moderator reading this: Thank you for the time you're spending reading my submission. I'm not extremely certain about the rules for tutorial submissions because this is my first one, so if I have any changes that need to be made, please notify me so I can do so and possibly get this...