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  1. Wazzz

    Similar Spells On Same Unit

    Similar Spells On Same Unit Many people have asked the question 'How do I get 2 abilities based off of the same one to work on the same unit?'. I too asked myself this question, as I wanted to do this for myself. I figured out a way, and have told people my method. However, it is tiring...
  2. Child_0f_Bodom

    Hidden Resources in the WE (with screenshots!)

    1. How to use these models/icons 2. Hidden Icons 3. Models - 3.1 Units - 3.2 Missiles - 3.3 Effects - 3.4 Doodads What is this? This is the list of resources that cannot be viewed in World Editor. You can view some hidden resources in World Editor if you use World Editor Unlimited or Jass...