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  1. Zwiebelchen

    Editing and creating models for Starcraft II

    Note: This tutorial is NOT meant to tell you anything about modeling in general. There are plenty of other tutorials on the web that teach you the basics of modeling, animating and mapping. This tutorial was written only to tell you how to make your model work in SC2. Additional Note: There...
  2. Mr. Bob

    WC3 modelers to SC2 modelers.

    I couldn't leave without making a tutorial could I... ;) Well SC2 is on the horizon and I'm worried that a lot of modelers for WC3 won't be able to transition due to a lack of up to date graphics knowledge. Therefore, I think it would be a good idea to look at some of the differences between...
  3. CloudMax

    How to create a dialog Health Bar

    Read before starting In this guide i will teach you how to create a dialog, or to be more specific, a health bar. This guide will step by step tell you what to do in order to create a Health Bar (Picture Below) Before you read this guide, you should already know how to work with the trigger...