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  1. Goron2222

    Anasterian Sunstrder Model

    Has anyone else noticed this? the original model just seems to be gone and replaced with arthas instead. edit: nevermind i found you just have to delete the arthas stuff on the model path
  2. Goron2222

    Tale of the Outlaw (Campaign)

    Hey there HIVE! So recently I've had an itching to get back into modding, and I had an idea...Another campaign where you play as the BAD GUYS. I know this has been done with blizzards Undead Campaigns, but I think there is something a little bit different about playing as a group of evil humans...
  3. Goron2222

    Simple Defeat Condition

    So I'm trying to make a seemingly simple trigger that defeats a player when they are all out of units, This is what I have now and I cant really figure out why its not working, any help would be appreciated.
  4. Goron2222

    [Development] Mythic Realms MMORPG

    This is my project that I am currently developing with the Realmcrafter engine. It is a fantasy setting, and is not being made to be the next big thing. For more info you can visit the game's site, and for more info on Realmcrafter, you can visit their site too. Here is a development log...
  5. Goron2222

    Single Player RPG - A Hero's Tale

    [Single Player RPG] A Hero's Tale - SCREENSHOTS ADDED! ---Overview--- This is an single player open world roleplaying game. I am going to have a main story line, as well as several guilds/organizations the player can join along with many side quests. Im going to try and stray away the simple...
  6. Goron2222

    Intel or AMD

    I need to make a decision here, and I just can't decide. I am trying to pick between an AMD or an Intel Processor. I know AMD is way cheaper, but I have been an Intel man my whole life. Is there a difference? What do you guys think?
  7. Goron2222

    Building my Own PC, What do you think?

    After reading over the posts in my last thread, I decided to buckle down and build my own PC. I have made a list of parts, and have hyper links to see more info on each part. I have checked over compatablility stuff with the CPU, Mother Board, RAM, etc. Since this is my first custom built PC, I...
  8. Goron2222

    Which is the Better PC?

    I need your opinion to tell me which of these two computers is better. CyberPower: iBUYPOWER: For iBUYPOWER, if you scroll down the page you find a link to manufacturer's...
  9. Goron2222

    Good Gamer Computer?

    Well last year I got a laptop to be my main computer and I gave my old desktop to my brother. I realized laptops do not make good gameing pcs and I am thinking about getting another desktop. I do not have money for a fancy alienware, but I have found some budget gamer PC's. I have my eye on this...
  10. Goron2222

    Use of Hiveworkshop Assests Outside Warcraft 3?

    I was wondering if we were able to use assests on this website for non-warcraft 3 projects. Is there any restrictions on this?
  11. Goron2222

    Spectres or Ghosts?

    Which did you choose in the campagin and why? I chose spectres because I didn't want to lose someone from my crew, and it would be cool to try something new.
  12. Goron2222

    Realm of Nadar-Non Warcarft 3 Project (need help with assests)

    Hello hiveworkshop community. I have fiddled with the ditor, but found a program that can create stand alone games, mainly mmorpgs. I have a site up, Right now I am useing assests that came package with the engine. I was wondering if there were any...
  13. Goron2222

    Fox Mcloud Model

    Intro: I am Goron2222 a begginer Map Maker, I am creating my first map whitch is a Super Smash Brothers Hero War. Project:As I said Before I am creating a Super Smash Brothers Hero War virtually is almost done except I just need to add more heros I will post my map now so you know Im know...
  14. Goron2222

    Need A Sonic Model

    Im creating a smash brothers map and I need a sonic. I think there used to be one here but can someone just PM the model, I dont need another one made. Thx in Advance.
  15. Goron2222


    I know my profile says i regestered long ago but i never eally posted so here i am.
  16. Goron2222

    Arbiter Model and guns.

    What I need is an arbiter model plz make one with shooting animation and one with slashing animation. also just need a couple covie guns needler, heres pic, energy sword...
  17. Goron2222

    Where do you get Gun Sounds!?

    Where do people get gun sounds for the konstrukt weapons!? :?