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  1. Imet

    Modified Mortar Team

    Can somebody make a model of mortar team, yeah, a regular one. but instead of carrying his "mortar missile" on the fat dude's back. I want him to carry a bunch of cannonball like this model: Abilities\Weapons\BoatMissile\BoatMissile.mdl:thumbs_up:, but without the white smoke particle, bunched...
  2. Imet

    Unarmed bandit

    Can someone make a bandit without his axe, BUT STILL WITH HIS SHIELD ON Thanks..:xxd::xxd::xxd:
  3. Imet


    HIII !!!! I'M NEW HEREE !!! YAAAYYY:vw_death::vw_death::vw_death::vw_death: