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  1. lom109

    DotA Allstars v6.04

    Old school.
  2. lom109

    Escape The Demon Cinematic

    Omgomgomgomgomgomgmomogmog Ahahahahahahahah Awesome Job!
  3. lom109

    Wc3:WoW Open Beta Released!

    anddd how about skill level ups?
  4. lom109

    Wc3:WoW Open Beta Released!

    I must stress the fact that the computer controlled Heroes suck in terms of helping out. Low leveled players should NOT be able to party, as well there should NOT be any enemy heroes out there.
  5. lom109

    {OLD} Wc3:WoW Discussion

    Can you have absolutely NO PARTYING for levels from 1~25 ??... its sort of dumb when they follow you around and leveling for you..
  6. lom109


    Hold up,, YOU DO THE TERRAINING? wtff... and you reply on the forums once/twice per day thats commitment. nice!
  7. lom109

    Website Discussion

    Nice!, can you advertise the site more :P?
  8. lom109

    Zergling model! >:O

    Maybe it has a special upgrade at Tier 3 that can make it fly? or Hop? ... Like instead of a Zerg Mothership, we get a number of crazy (IMBA) upgrades like Necrons in Warhammer40k *cough*Reaper*cough*AssaultMarine*cough*
  9. lom109

    Bug in Demo

    Typing Okay isnt really about laziness. I assume you have played the Azeroth Grand Prix? Imagine the cart choosing in Grand Prix but with lots of heroes to choose from... *mouth waters* haha... black background... rotating unit... floating text... etc. The item class system, do you want it...
  10. lom109

    Bug in Demo

    Okay Sorry you misunderstood me in a few points: Need Help on how to level up/get new abilities - I didnt mean just experience, I was talking about getting a better 'heal' spell or a new earth type of ability to add to my spellbook. There is no noob-friendly help on that at all, does it...
  11. lom109


    Sorry I played it and I posted a Bug topic in this thread
  12. lom109

    Bug in Demo

    Tauren Druid's Heal doesnt work. Bag doesnt work. Need Help on how to level up/get new abilities Need Help order on what to do with herbs/rocks More doodads needed in the (ravine/fields) maps. No item class system... You can take these ideas from say... Final Fantasy Forever or...
  13. lom109


    Will the models (referring to the ugly NE priest) have an update? sorry to the creator of the NE priest in the screenies, but damn shes ugly. lol thats not the point why im here. Will there be a sort of 'mercenary' type of idea that can help players along their way? Well, judging that...
  14. lom109

    The King of Dragons v1.54

    kinda boring... too much running around back and forth, the respawn idea is not up to par with current maps. No custom spells. No innovative way to manage spells. No item builds. No creative items. No item allocation system. Eye candy leads to disappointment (the height, weight of the...
  15. lom109

    [JASS] Creating a 16th player slot

    12 player slots, 1 Neutral Creep, 1 Hostile Creep, 1 Passive Creep slot Is there a way through JASS to create an additional theoretical 16th slot?
  16. lom109

    Adding Swords/Shields to Hands - the Dummy's Guide.

    Welcome to the help thread which will help you add Swords to Hands First import the model into the editor, and ensure it is listed as a model file (by swapping any normal unit file, into that custom model) = Which is located within Object Editor > Units > Anyunit(ex:footman) > Art - Model...
  17. lom109

    Bug concerning The addition of the dragon toyour forces

    After i chose my baby dragon in the cave, the campaign went back to the starting screen and the next map option did not show up. I tried this twice, then i gave up. Then i used the special code given by the map which enables you to jump the end. And then i tried picking a dragon, same...
  18. lom109

    Counter-Strike: Assault

    i am 1337 at this map, thanks for such a great map!
  19. lom109

    Everquest 2 - Distant Shores 5.5Beta

    thanks!!!! okay lets start off replying off your questions one at a time. ""mmmk this is the worst balenced map i have ever played probly. heros need 2 get armor for like every 5 agil not every 29843092747 you need to add atleast 1 dmg for every cuple points in units primary atribut even if...
  20. lom109

    CS Source v1.0

    lmao nope its around 2mb.. just dl it next time.
  21. lom109

    Extreme Candy War 2006

    LOL are we not suppose to play this on BNET? its 4.3mb... bigger than the 4mb requirement. no way im dling this, sorry, but id rather wait till halloween for the real thing.
  22. lom109

    Everquest 2 - Distant Shores 5.5Beta

    Creeps harder, Miniquests added, bigger map, more stuff to do. etc. PLEASEPLEASE SUBMIT IDEAS for miniquests to me PLEASE!
  23. lom109

    Everquest 2 - Distant Shores 5.5Beta (Map)

  24. L

    Everquest 2 - Distant Shores 5.5Beta (Warcraft 3 Map)

  25. lom109

    CS Source v1.0

    uhm... okay... =S.. chilax... ill make an updated ver and fix some stuff then add the a newer background.
  26. lom109

    Everquest 2 - Distant Shores v5.49b

    everything will be fixed in time. miniquests are on their way into this map. expect a few weeks to a month's of delay til the release date. thus, KEEP YOUR CODES =]!
  27. lom109

    CS Source v1.0

    Alrighty CS SOURCE V.100 Created by me. It is a FIRST PERSON SHOOTER! simulating the actual CS. Firstly I would like to mention that grenades are not suppose to go to above higher terrain, and sometimes grenades going down from higher terrains will bounce in a random direction. Other than...
  28. lom109

    CS Source v1.0 (Map)

  29. L

    CS Source v1.0 (Warcraft 3 Map)

  30. lom109

    Everquest 2 - Distant Shores v5.49b

    Welcome to Everquest 2 by Lom109 Distant Shores - Ver 5.49b FIXED Changes - New Heros(3) - Made all creeps less challenging - Fixed Items - New Preview picture - Removed Loading screen - Fixed Save/Load code (a new save/load code has been issued. loading has no problems.)...
  31. L

    Everquest 2 - Distant Shores v5.49b (Warcraft 3 Map)

  32. lom109

    Everquest 2 - Distant Shores v5.49b (Map)

  33. lom109

    Everquest 2 - Distant Shores v5.45

    item problems checked, anymore? new and last map coming out soon
  34. lom109

    Everquest 2 - Distant Shores v5.45

    i didnt know about the rating thing... so yea.. =S i was in a hurry.. didnt mean to spell Vexorian wrong. anywyas.. i used the whole thing.. except i didnt touch the .bj or those extensions since i dunt know what they do or anything. lol 666.. errr =S anyways.. its pass 666 >=] around 683...
  35. lom109

    Everquest 2 - Distant Shores v5.45

    i want any ideas you have. =] (i mean ANY like... city underattack <defend> is a horrible quest. i need something solid that you can go about for hours.) btw, i used wigitizer+this other one+and finally locked the map with the vextorian optimizer... so... yea.. cant complain about the...
  36. lom109

    Everquest 2 - Distant Shores v5.45

    @AliaZ i will add orbs. =] thx for reply (yes it is singleplayer compatible) @frog15 thx for rating... :) i have fixed the loading page i have fixed picking hero page. will lower experience needed to level have removed the skeleton spawn effect will increase SW abilitys so that it makes...
  37. lom109

    Everquest 2 - Distant Shores v5.45

    i think hte map is too big or i wigitized it too much.. nxt ver will not be wigitized. (sorry but happy long map loading^^) about those sets.. they are madd rare.. (cuz they have gd effects) yes ill increase drop rate.. altho its quite hard to create more items (i ran out of ideas) will...
  38. lom109

    Everquest 2 - Distant Shores v5.45

    @poisonsoup i will look into orb problem and no it has never happenned before in pevious versions max number of orbs in a necklace is 2.. so did u try to input more than 2? intro. will also look into that. i may have messed up and created a countdowntimer for each player =S. @masterDNA...
  39. lom109

    Everquest 2 - Distant Shores v5.45

    yes every creep as a % nxt version, i will modify item levels so that higher levels will give better items and vice-versa until then. yea.. tell me what u like/dislike. i do not think i can impliment more heroes since the file size is already massive.. near brink of multiplayer 4MB max...
  40. lom109

    Everquest 2 - Distant Shores v5.45

    --Updated-- read change log for most details Hero Balancing was the main criteria
  41. lom109

    Everquest 2 - Distant Shores v5.45 (Map)

  42. L

    Everquest 2 - Distant Shores v5.45 (Warcraft 3 Map)

  43. lom109

    IconMaker 1.0 (beta)

    THE PROGRAM WILL NOT EVEN RUNNN!! missing main class or something
  44. lom109

    Everquest 2 - Distant Shores v5.3

    Edit New map is coming out,never mind what i sed about the code thing.. it isnt sitting well wit some people.. so nevermind Edit New loading screen + new code set (5.3 ver codes will still work) New heroes New minimap picture New Items (potions, noob items) Fixtures of tooltips...
  45. lom109

    Everquest 2 - Distant Shores v5.3

    @ frog15 your point is .. game is too easy for high levels? if it was, ive balanced a few heroes although im not quite finished @iamhappy44 thank you for your bug i will fix @ediscool thank you=] okay NOTE to self =] make creeps SUPER harder in higher levels and make lower levels MAD...
  46. lom109

    Everquest 2 - Distant Shores v5.3

    okay @ poison soup. i know what went wrong. tooltip fixed for next ver already i will decide whether to lose the complete effect and only damage or enable damage and enable stun/slow stuff im not sure whats wrong, but will look into it. @ frog15 i wil disable split exp then. so then you...
  47. lom109

    Everquest 2 - Distant Shores v5.3

    @ Avastor lol ic hmm, well my next map will probably allow single players play w/o the special items and abilities >=] that would solve your hosting problem =] @poisonSoup will fix immideatly i understand now =] will create temp unit store it. no more problem 4 u now. anyways for now, just...
  48. lom109

    Everquest 2 Distant Shores

    fixed. go to my signature for the map. please post comments here.
  49. lom109

    Everquest 2 - Distant Shores v5.3

    @poisonsoup sorry, i will increase the timer then? (you know why i put it) to stop players from leaving their heroes leveling OVER NIGHT as they sleep -.-' but yea. i will do something about that like give a warning, increase time limit or something okay about your item generating...
  50. lom109

    Everquest 2 - Distant Shores v5.3

    Welcome to Everquest II DISTANT SHORES ver5.3 MANY bugs are fixed now (Including that weird massive bug unabling gameplay) 1) Added 4 new heroes 2) fixed save/load feature (totally differnt, older ver codes will NOT work) if you want ur char back, send me a screenshot of ur character...