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  1. JakeCake

    Corruption RPG - In closed-beta!

    The bug where all classes will respawn as a warrior, is a known issue. It is due to patch 1.4.0.. Build 50 will fix this bug and is released sometime next week :) First act is not done yet, more content will be added, as well as the current content will be updated with each build to increase...
  2. JakeCake


    Truely amazing. This is the by far most feature-filled map I've ever seen for Wc3
  3. JakeCake

    Corruption RPG - In closed-beta!

    To anypony interested in this project, please test out the open beta recently released on EU (search for: "Corruption - Act 1"). It is in a playable state and heroes are somewhat balanced :I Give me feedback please
  4. JakeCake

    Corruption RPG - In closed-beta!

    I have been working on some (some may say not so exciting) stuff lately and therefore, I do not have much to show you, but all these small changes like new items, new abilities, improvements to the UI and the remaking of some systems all adds up. All these changes I have done really pays off...
  5. JakeCake

    Corruption RPG - In closed-beta!

    Zwiebelchen and I have had a good talk about what he can bring to the project, and by looking at his previous work I am sure we are heading towards a quality-level I would never be able to achieve on my own. When everything is sorted out, and our parallel work meet each others for the first...
  6. JakeCake

    Corruption RPG - In closed-beta!

    New teaser!
  7. JakeCake

    Corruption RPG - In closed-beta!

    Actually, I'm trying to move towards fantasy, but I'm not a big fan of importing WoW-models. Hopefully SC2:All Stars is gonna bring me the models I need :) I will get rid of all the terran units, one at a time, and most, if not all of the protoss units. The zerg units are pretty much fitting...
  8. JakeCake

    WidescreenRes - Final

    True that, this is as simple as it gets, and as simple as it should be - run the app click "okay" once and you're done!
  9. JakeCake

    Overall quality of published maps

    I did a RPG for War3 called "Corruption RPG", and I started a RPG for "SC2" called.. well, "Corruption RPG". The Wc3 one was decent I guess, but now, every time I test my RPG for SC2, people are just amazed of what I have done so far. Some things takes longer to do in Sc2 editor, like creating...
  10. JakeCake

    Corruption RPG - In closed-beta!

    I took some new screenshots. Once again, I'm sorry for the poor quality _jakeCake
  11. JakeCake

    Corruption RPG - In closed-beta!

    A few month ago, me and the co-artist discussed this topic, and we came to a decision, we're aiming to get something out on Christmas-day. The funny thing is, we are already ahead of where we thought we would be at Christmas (I know, mod/game development is never ahead? but we are). So now we...
  12. JakeCake

    Corruption RPG - In closed-beta!

    I post finished a new teaser, and would love someone from theHive to leave me some feedback :) I have also updated the first post with the video
  13. JakeCake

    XeA Tournament

    I'm pretty sure it's just errors caused by the triggers, not the actual error-area on the UI..
  14. JakeCake

    Rage Stories

    How is that a rage-story?
  15. JakeCake

    Rage Stories

    Me and my friend where doing some hardcore 2v2, and where on a winning-streak. At the start of a game my friend had computer-problems and lagged out. We dicided to let me play the game out for both of us. He was zerg, and I random-Toss. Ofc. they thought 2v1 was an easy win, but long...
  16. JakeCake

    Corruption RPG - In closed-beta!

    Thank you, a lot have changed lately, and we're just started working on a somewhat final UI. The one showed on any of the current screen-shots are way out-dated
  17. JakeCake

    Corruption RPG - In closed-beta!

    I might do a video sometime soon, but it's a pain on my pc. Running a recording program while playing, gives me even lower fps than normally.. It's not the maps fault, my computer is just a tit slow :p you can see how the image freezes at some points in the first video. I will for sure do a...
  18. JakeCake

    The Shadowblade Corporation (SP missions)

    Wow, I love the story! well, the little bit we are told :p You've inspired me to work on my own story, thanks. Also terrain-wise, everything seems to fit perfectly for the environment :) but, even though it's a harsh and dead environment, you might want to add some more doodads overall.
  19. JakeCake

    Corruption RPG - In closed-beta!

    Thanks, actually a lot has happened to the terrain since the screenshots and the video. I will check out your map and post you something :)
  20. JakeCake

    Corruption RPG - In closed-beta!

    nobody has anything to say from the screenshots at least? consider this a bump..
  21. JakeCake

    Corruption RPG - In closed-beta!

    Corruption RPG I do not have the time to write a detailed description of the map, but I thought I would show you the most FAQ, and some media. Then hopefully get some feedback, and suggestions. FAQ -Up to 8 players online -I currently have 4 heroes, and do not plan to add more -Heroes...
  22. JakeCake

    Larger maps?

    It's probably possible :) but, with the new terrain-texture system, 256x256 maps with normal terrain fills up like 2mb, so a 400x400 is like 5-6mb, and you have a limit of 10mb for each map at the moment.
  23. JakeCake

    Corruption ORPG

    Yes, everything on the UI is triggered
  24. JakeCake

    Corruption ORPG

    Just thought I dropped a video here, showing the first area, of the first part of the first Chapter in my ORPG for SC2, called "Corruption".. Quick facts: -There will be 4 heroes -The story will take place in a mixture of medival and the StarCraft theme -Each hero will (for my...
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    I would say!
  26. JakeCake

    Starcraft 2 patch 1.1

    Haha, greatest youTube video ever xD So true, and I love it's based on an Idra-Rage
  27. JakeCake

    What is your favorite race from Starcraft?

    Race: Protoss Best versus: People who think they are pro, and pull off tactics that would only work in the bronze-league(Cheese, all-in-rush), it can be done, but you actually have to be pro to do a good cheese or all-in-rush. Copying from some replay you saw of whiteRa, is not going to make...
  28. JakeCake

    Convert Map to Mod

    Is your map from before or after the full release of starCraft II?
  29. JakeCake

    Pickin items

    Destroy the item (with Kill unit trigger) and create a new one (with Create unit trigger) of that type at the unit's position
  30. JakeCake

    icuuc44.dll ?

    +1, may he **** in ****
  31. JakeCake

    What do you think the D3 CPU Specs will be like?

    Blizzard is developing Diablo3, and Blizzard games is in general ran on most systems with a graphics-card on normal settings, no AA.. But remember that no laptop will never be a gaming computer
  32. JakeCake

    [HELP] Income Triggers!

    Something like that (I do not have access to an editor right now), since you said you had more than one city, so for each command-center you own, you will gain 20 minerals. Remember to make a local variable named "TmpUnit" of type "Unit" I'll post a real trigger if you still need some help...
  33. JakeCake

    What's StarCraft II Workshop going to look alike?

    I think more is going to be added.. This is just a sub-forum I do though like, that you can now attach starcraft2 maps, replays and libraries as a valid file domain :) Yay
  34. JakeCake

    What was blizzard thinking

    They started from scratch, had a great idea, and made something much more terrible that what is in WC3, worst finish of a good idea I've ever seen. Populating the map list by most popular is fine, and is a feature I like to have, but making it the only sort-order possibility is just plain...
  35. JakeCake

    [MAP] Blades of War : ORPG

    Video updated, the old link will not work, also, progress is being done behind the scenes :)
  36. JakeCake

    Showing a Casting-bar

    Cannot get it to work, a bit too advanced for me to figure out, but I'm beginning to learn the data-editor :D
  37. JakeCake

    Showing a Casting-bar

    Sounds like a working solution, thank you! didn't expect an answer that fast, I will go try it out, but I doubt I'll get it to work the first time, so I might hit you back soon mrzwach :) btw. I'm using custom UI
  38. JakeCake

    Showing a Casting-bar

    I like to do abilities mostly through triggers, but I have an idea that I believe will work a lot better by using the data-editor. << I AM very unskilled with the data-editor, so be gentle >> What I need to do, is to create a casting bar whenever I have a unit is casting an ability, just like...
  39. JakeCake

    SCII vs WarIII vs HoN map editor

    If you are not planing to do any advanced maps, like TD's and such, there are close to no difference between War3 and SC2, but if your going advanced and like to create like a hero-type map, the SC2 editor have much, much more possibilities than War3..
  40. JakeCake

    SC2 hack?

    Still never seen the point in hacking such things.. Cracking a game to play it for free and steal other peoples bank-information by viruses is understandable, but using time and risk your CD key only to get a score by cheats that means nothing to you, is just so far away from my understandings.
  41. JakeCake

    unable to install in vista

    No one with Windows Vista can play SC2, it's a known bug, and Blizzard have stated that it will not be fixed. -- Are you ******* kidding me, listen to your topic, it's a half line - which hardly states what the problem is! Post some info on your system, and drivers, do you use Windows Update...
  42. JakeCake

    Are there going to be easter eg units in SC2

    If you play Lost-viking on the arcade-machine in the cafeteria, in the last level, the terra-tron will appear hf gl EDIT: Beaten..
  43. JakeCake

    [Spoiler]Campaign Story

    This is simply not true, you are just another hater. One of the first words that comes to my head when I think about SC2 is Epic
  44. JakeCake

    icuuc44.dll ?

    I hope he have tried to reinstall the game a few times..
  45. JakeCake


    so, where can you find a list of all these uploaded mods?
  46. JakeCake


    8mb is pretty much in WC3, if compressing the models and textures just a bit, everything in this mod should fit just well. Things normally filling out games are not the models and textures, but rather the music/sounds & videos..
  47. JakeCake

    Starcraft 2 and AvP

    I actually found a model in the editor which looks a lot like an Alien, but I think it's some kind of Protoss-monster actually
  48. JakeCake

    Anti aliasing

    Just force it on as Maker is saying. With ATI CCC you can just put it from program-default to something you like. But I guess you have Nvidia, people with crazy expansive computers but no knowledge in them, or their hard-ware normally has Nvidia-cards. I'm sure Nvidia has somekind of...
  49. JakeCake

    EU online!

    I know this.. Still getting my game in a package tomorrow morning :( better go to sleep now if possible
  50. JakeCake

    THW smileys

    You really support this forum manstie!!!???