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  1. Nolrovos

    Giving Additional Damage Die

    Greetings friends, I've been creating a fairly D&D-like map from a statistical standpoint. However, I decided to stray off of the path a bit. I'm trying to make it where instead of getting increased damage through the primary stat, every few levels, you gain an additional point of die. Would...
  2. Nolrovos

    Healing Over Time

    Hey guys, I'm not totally sure if I should be asking this here, or in the Triggers & Scripts, as I'd much rather prefer to stay away from complicated triggers as I have seen online, but if there's no choice, then I suppose that is that. Basically, I'd like to know how to make a healing over time...
  3. Nolrovos

    Making a Bleed (DoT)

    First off, I'd like to mention I have absolutely zero experience with JASS, and overall, while experienced with the base Warcraft III editor tool, I'd request for everything that is to be said to be dumbed down, just in case. Now, onto the topic! I need for my map a way to make bleed abilities...
  4. Nolrovos

    Making Mana Shield More Powerful!

    Greetings yet again, and for those who answered previous questions of mine; thank you very much. I have yet another problem, I know my way very well around the editor for the most part, but when it gets to complex triggers or talking about Jass I know little to nothing, just so you know. Here's...
  5. Nolrovos

    How To Make a, "Reincarnation" Trigger?

    As the title states, I will require a new method from my previous to recreate a UNIT, not a hero. This unit however is unique, with a unique name. The reason I don't want him to be a hero is simply because while he is a character of note, he is not the main characters of this, 'story' I'm...
  6. Nolrovos

    Making a, 'Move Corpse' Trigger

    As the title says, I need to be capable of moving a corpse as soon as the unit dies, (not a hero) to a specific region. If you want more of a visual what I'm doing, then I'll explain. I have a computer which through triggers, generates units. One however is already made from the very...