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  1. eXciTe

    3DSMax5 Problem

    I goth 3dsmax5 and i begin using it ... and when i goth to animating part i noticed something wrong . All anims that i maded are moving super fast, i know for sure that is something wrong with the TimeConfiguration but dunno for sure ... any help?
  2. eXciTe

    Unknown model error

    This is pissing me off , when i make a model and i imported into W. Editor i set the paths,restart W.E and when i assign the model to a unit World Editor crashes.What this mean? what is wrong with the modell? Any help...
  3. eXciTe

    Killing Sounds

    I want to know how i can set sounds like in Dota, you know: When u have 3 kills -play sound killingspree , 4 kills - dominating I dont figure up , how Guinsoo did this And i want to know the double and triple kill thing to :)
  4. eXciTe

    Emitters on weapons:Alfred method

    I am using Alfred method for adding emitters , i wanted to add some flames on my sword but it din't work. Note: I want to add emitter on a merged sword So in my model i didn't find atachament for that weapon.There are emitter atachaments only for the body( hands,arms ,legs ,foots ,head ,chest...
  5. eXciTe


    I want to put an image to my signature ... how i proceed... and the image size have to bee an exact size?!
  6. eXciTe

    kind of a noob question

    I dont understand .... how i atach a custom skin to a model ....pls help the noobish me :). I have the model and the custom skin that i made it and i put them in the same folder. I opened the model in mdl ...i modified the principal texture to my skin texture.. but it doesen't work !!!
  7. eXciTe

    Ribbon Emitter

    I dont understand what is a ribbon emitter!! can u give me an example or explain to me.
  8. eXciTe

    Help with animations

    After i export the model the animations disipear.So how i can put the animations back? I have to convert into .mdl( i think), open the model and ...?!? [/img]
  9. eXciTe

    Importing in 3DSMax! Help pls

    Ok i am a newbie , but i want to learn modeling.Ok i have 3DSMax 5 , i installed War3 art tools.Everthing is ok ... but how i import or open .mdx or .mdl files in 3DsMax?? Help me :oops: pls
  10. eXciTe

    Fan of Knives --> Base Spell

    Ok .. so i want to make a custom spell that have on base Fan of Knives. But .. when i modify the Art-Missile( i change the knives to other missile arts) its a problem. For example instead of knives missile i put dead coil missile and when i am testing the ability in game it dont appears any...
  11. eXciTe

    Split hit

    Ok i am having troubles making a ranged unit to atack more than 1 targets... In object editor: "Combat-Atack1-Maximum number of targets 4" I modify to target 4 targets .But is not working :cry: So what is wrong?? What shall i modify to target more units ...[/b]
  12. eXciTe

    Minimap Icon

    Ok so i need help about minimaps icons like how i import them and what path shall i use! I have a picture with 128X124 Pixels this is a good size?? :?
  13. eXciTe

    I cannot get spells!!Pls help

    When i donwloading a spell i cannot play it and i can't open it in editor it gives me this error message: Trigger function does not exist in database:GetSpellTargetLoc What is the problem!?!?! :?: :( :( And this is a problem at all the spells i downloading not only this. Pls help...
  14. eXciTe

    Need HELP!!! Pls

    Ok.. im making a map and i want this: When the blue player types -allrandom i want all the heroes to be chose random. Ho can i do this , pls help!! eXciTe