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  1. Dejavwho

    [General] Mouth movement

    Can I make the mouth move on reforged? I know it will if I switch to original voice, but is there any other way? ofc any movement is welcome lol The dialog during cinematics looks awful
  2. Dejavwho

    [HD/Modeling] Iron Mine?

    Can someone convert Gold mine into iron mines? [reforged]
  3. Dejavwho

    [Import] Sound Paths?

    Am using mp3 on my map sounds and idk what is the import path, just using the war3imported. Does that work? Note: am using reforged.
  4. Dejavwho

    Female Villager Hunter

    Please Gun sounds pleaseeeeeeeeee
  5. Dejavwho

    Scarlet Crusade Archer

    I LOVE YOU AGAIN [EDIT: The Archer appears weird]
  6. Dejavwho

    Scarlet Crusade Knight

  7. Dejavwho

    [HD/Modeling] Horses? (reforged)

    Anyone got riderless horses? Also a garithos without hero glow would be nice :P
  8. Dejavwho

    Araj the Summoner Re-Reforged

    U and the guys working at it are cool tbh Wish I could do stuff like that
  9. Dejavwho

    Araj the Summoner Re-Reforged

    Can I have the Map where that pic is taken from?
  10. Dejavwho

    Villager Girls Re-Reforged

  11. Dejavwho

    Human rifleman

    Please Tell me once its done lol, I love Garithos/Blood elves
  12. Dejavwho

    Human rifleman

    Reallllly good one that I will 100% use, but why the gun sound doesn't go off?
  13. Dejavwho

    [Lua] JRPG Dialogue System v1.1

    Damn this is too good, sadly I don't know Lua :P
  14. Dejavwho

    Chronicles of the Second War - Updated Demo

    I played it, I love it and I wanna play the rest.. but it's just too easy :p
  15. Dejavwho

    [Solved] reforged: Altar Base

    Thank You Is perfect if it weren't for the animations ^_^ But will use it tho
  16. Dejavwho

    [Solved] reforged: Altar Base

    I just want the human altar without the statue and columns. can someone do it?
  17. Dejavwho

    Altar of the Custodes (Reforged)

    Can you make the same altar just without pillars and statue please? :P
  18. Dejavwho

    Snake Urn (and snake totem)

    Thank you so much, you're awsome.
  19. Dejavwho

    Anything Scarlet [Reforged]

    Dude just read the title
  20. Dejavwho

    Anything Scarlet [Reforged]

    Title says it, But mostly if possible a Sally Whitemane or Renault Mogarine.
  21. Dejavwho

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks
  22. Dejavwho

    goldmine collapsed

  23. Dejavwho

    goldmine collapsed

    Come on guys :/
  24. Dejavwho

    Item Stacking System

    Thanks for the system
  25. Dejavwho

    goldmine collapsed

    After all the gold is over how do I prevent the goldmine from collapsing? I want it to be there with 0 gold.
  26. Dejavwho

    Skins request - Reforged Scarlet crusade

    I want this too D: