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  1. Blackhand

    My Campaign

    Know this is just a topic for fun. You don't need to talk and I don't expect people to talk but you are free to talk. I am making a campaign about the Jungle Trolls of Zul'Gurub and their leader the Blood God Hakkar the Soulflayer. It is just starting so you are free to say whatever you want...
  2. Blackhand

    What are .rar files?

    Ok I need My Warcraft Studio 0.9 but when I download it it's a .rar file. What is it how do I use it. I only understand .zip files not .rar files. Someone please tell me what it is. :x
  3. Blackhand

    Models (Exporting WoW Models Part 2)

    I have finally figured out all of the plans for my campaign about Zul'Gurub. So I went to MY WARCRAFT STUDIO so i could export the models to .m2 files. First I got trolldire.m2 (Dire Troll) then I went to go find Hakkar.m2 (The Blood God, Hakkar the Soulflayer) but he wasn't there. I went back...
  4. Blackhand


    Some time before November 19,2006 Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew how people make WoW Models... (Like the models in the WOW Models section and how they are the same as the real ones in WoW)... I had a perfect but idea for a campaign involving Lord Kazzak but now his model is gone and i was...
  5. Blackhand

    Campaign Recruitment

    Hey everyone... :P Well I was just wondering... Will anyone make models for my next campaign Shadow of the Necropolis? Well if you find that too be too much work I can make some simple Skin and you, the modeler, would just have to attach the skin to a model then get it too me... So...
  6. Blackhand

    GMax Modeling [Animations]

    Hi, I need help with animations I want to make a model but I need help with animations... I want the default ones... I can get the default animations by checking Bone Rotation and No Skinning when importing the model... But when I use Dex exporter script I have to put In the starting frame...
  7. Blackhand

    Race for A Campaign

    Pick one of the things in the poll or reply to me about one that is not there!
  8. Blackhand

    WE Campaign Help

    Hi! I have been mapping for around four years now and I can do so many things with the editor now! :D But :x ... I can't model... :roll: Anyway, I was wondering If anyone would like to make skin and model or help me in any way. Reply or send a message to me if yes! :D
  9. Blackhand

    GMax Moddeling

    I can't find out how to work moddeling its so confusing. What I'm trying to do is make a model exactly like Arthas but with a different skin. PS: Don't both asking why I'm not just using skinning I have a reason. Well what I do right now everytime is first I open up Gmax and using the...
  10. Blackhand

    I'm New Please Help Me

    Hi, I'm Blackhand My first question here is... How do you submit Skins because I have some I would like to share but of course I'm new and I need help. If you are new like me please ask write your questions here for others to answer... :D
  11. Blackhand

    Best Campaign Type

    This is just for anyone who wishes to answer the poll... pick your favourite type of campaign! :wink: