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  1. Varle

    Reputation (+1): (Post) custom natives !!!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) custom natives !!!
  2. Varle

    Doodad2Model Merger

    Usefull, maybe for creating custom campaign screen ... I'm just curious how it work more deeply, if is it capable to recognize doodads and associated models, than is possible make tool that recognize used doodads and delete unused from map/archive (but i quess some mapoptimizer tool already...
  3. Varle

    Custom MPQ + SharpCraft + JNGP

    I start NewGen as administrator, when i test map, Sharp natives are loaded, MPQ not loaded ... What i need is custom self executing MPQ archive (that i have, created by MPQ draft) working with injected Sharp natives ... so maybe change some path in some SharpCraft settings or create .bat...
  4. Varle

    Custom MPQ + SharpCraft + JNGP

    Hi, i working on my mod. I using my custom self executing MPQ archive, created with Ladik's MPQ editor and MPQ draft, and SharpCraft natives. I have these issues: When i start my own created executable, data archive is loaded correctly, but Sharp natives not work. In NewGen editor...
  5. Varle

    SharpCraft, a managed replacement for Reinventing the Craft

    Usage with self-executing MPQ Hi, I using SharpCraft with NewGen World Editor, when I run test map directly from editor, custom natives work, but when I start map from normal(no hacked game) or from my custom self executing mpq archive, map not start, because SharpCraft is not asociated with...
  6. Varle

    SharpCraft, a managed replacement for Reinventing the Craft

    Is there a real possibility to create own user interface, disable the default UI or at least reduce the default UI due to the resolution (16:10) ??? (through dll injecting or hacking). (Yes, i know is impossible (in this time) disable user interface with minimap, inventory, hero portrait etc...