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  1. TinyTeaser

    Hero's Experience

    Hey guys, I am currently creating a small RPG where the only way to gain experience if only from completing missions. However I've hit a brick wall... for some reason Hero's at level 10 can't gain experience from the triggered event. Yes i have already changed the Max level and the EXP required...
  2. TinyTeaser

    Simple Pet System

    Hey guys need a simple pet system... tried making it and for some reason I cant get it to work D: so asking for a professional help :D (or someone really good!) Basically a Hero summons a pet (another hero) with stats affected by the hero stats... for example ; A bear will have 2x the...
  3. TinyTeaser

    Switch - Skill Set

    Hey guys ^^ was hoping someone could help me out here... The idea is, every hero has 2 spell books which contains 6 abilities each, however you can only use 1 spell book at a time. But you have a 'Switch' skill (which you click like a normal ablity) and you switch spell books... if you click...
  4. TinyTeaser

    Stun Combo

    Hey i was hoping someone could help me make a little combo spell, for example, A unit cast "Stun" while the unit is under the effects of stun if they cast "Strike" on the target it will deal double damage instead of just its normal damage...umm sorry if you dont understand i kind of find it hard...
  5. TinyTeaser

    Pet System

    Hey can someone show me how to make a pet system. A regular hero summons a pet, the pet upgrades/levels every time the Hero levels. If the pet dies, the Hero can revive pet - exactly the same as the one that died. The pet always follows the hero, and engages battle same time as hero, but the...
  6. TinyTeaser

    Spellbook upgrade

    Hey, i'm making an orpg and i want units to have a spellbook and level up with them, like at level 5 they will learn a new ability in a spell book, something like Defi4nc3's orpg, please can someone tell me how? :gg: