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  1. Shamanruler

    Best shirt out there? (NSFW)

    Robert E. Lee : I got destroyed by Grant because he was wearing a wolf shirt. I was warned by my esteemed colleagues that I, too should don a wolf shirt (or a bear shirt at the very least) to go head to head against Grant. I gave these suggestions no thought, and look where I am now. I'm dead...
  2. Shamanruler

    lung attack

    theres like 3000 werewolf heroes, and 3000 threads on jump spells, or in your case, movement spells. look around before you post, there was an identical post to this yesterday i think...
  3. Shamanruler

    Neutral Units: "Fleeing" battle

    Is there a way to make it so neutral units don't flee once there health becomes low? I've checked gameplay constants and edited the Stats - Can Flee option in Object Editor, but with no luck. Any ideas?
  4. Shamanruler

    Triggered Ability -- Stupify

    stupefy is the correct spelling and set your variable before the wait action
  5. Shamanruler

    New Clan URL!!

    first off, your a huge douchebag second off, why on earth would we want to join your clan if your just being an asshole?
  6. Shamanruler

    my Book

    loap major haxxxx
  7. Shamanruler

    my Book

    so, there lies the english language. you just like practically combined 7 video games, yawn.
  8. Shamanruler

    Expiration Timer Problem

    I'm creating a mind control spell and having that gauge showing the amt of time left that the unit will be controlled would really help. So, in short, is it possible to remove an expiration timer (i know how to add one) from a unit with an expiration timer? thanks.
  9. Shamanruler

    Spell "Arena"

    yea, change the units collision size or whatever or change the larger for interger A number to that
  10. Shamanruler

    Multiple Ability Bug Help

    isnt this just the move acid bomb?
  11. Shamanruler

    Battle Net VARIETY! enough dota. more variety

    the reason its hosted so oftenly is beacuse people enjoy it, and probally the easiest map ever to make "your own" i learned triggering from scanning over a few dota maps and honestly cant say DOTA has ever done me wrong.
  12. Shamanruler

    Things Warcraft Characters wouldn't say: Take 2

    i give you authority to save comedy from being pissed on
  13. Shamanruler

    aoe effect spells

    also an idea: rather than the tornado slow thingy, add the special effect of like NE fire and give the spawned unit immolation, i worked with that in a shockwave type spell it it was pretty dank
  14. Shamanruler

    spell idea!!

    its near impossible to measure damage, but i guess you could try to set a var for the units original hp and then afterwards, and then do the damage action followed by a dummy storm bolt (no dmg, just stun)
  15. Shamanruler

    Relode System

    Total: 4 triggers (@[email protected]) Reload Init Events Time - Elapsed 2.00 Seconds Actions Set BulletsReal = 12.00 ============================================= Reload A Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions (Ability being...
  16. Shamanruler

    Spell "Arena"

    Arena Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Arena Actions For each (Integer A) from 1 to 36, do (Actions) Loop - Actions Unit - Create 1 Rock for (Owner of (Triggering unit))...
  17. Shamanruler

    Negative Flying Height

    aiight, thanks ill try to work around the flying height then
  18. Shamanruler

    Negative Flying Height

    I know that with crow form ability, units flying heights can be raised and lowered, but the flying height cannot go below 0. Is it possible say, with a burrow ability, to allow a unit to go into negative flying height numbers? Any response would be appreciated, thanks.
  19. Shamanruler

    Condition Help

    im looking for a condition that can detect if a hero has an ability, anyone know if that condition exists?
  20. Shamanruler

    The Rivers of Blood

    you have 1 kind of doodad and 1 kind of terrain you need to vary things up a little bit! looks like fun, the terrain is just boring
  21. Shamanruler

    Small help needed with a small map-mod I'm making.

    yay for bad insults! uh you might want to tone down the orb of frost, considering its by far the best orb
  22. Shamanruler


    major improvements! gj leopard
  23. Shamanruler

    Max hero level = 25? how to do that?

    ...gameplay constants it's ok, were all amateurs some times =P
  24. Shamanruler

    Happy B-day,!

    UV was the 13th member i think
  25. Shamanruler

    Unit Help

    you can turn collision off for the units or better yet, just follow what Sunny_D said
  26. Shamanruler

    hacker or not (i know but do you)

    enough said
  27. Shamanruler

    (Least) Favorite Video Games

    Super Smash Brothers for nintendo 64
  28. Shamanruler

    A little about your self

    i believe the correct term for telefragged is a rank 3 on the scale to forum usage 1) NOOB - 0-5 posts 2) Lurker - 6 - 80 3) Upscale Lurker - 81 - 150 4) Groupie - 151 - 300 5) Forum Addict - 301 - 500 6) Crackhead - 501 - 800 7) Junkie - 801+
  29. Shamanruler

    Good Music

    god this is....well its your opinion however 1) my chemical romance IS emo, their lyrics are the same and so are all their guitars. 2) the future freaks me out is the only Motion City Soundtrack song i can tolerate 3) milencolon is not ska, or punk,simply pop punk 4) alkaline trio is so...
  30. Shamanruler

    If You had 1 wish what would be?

    good emo wish daelin! anyways you guys are thinkin way too hard... i'd wish i could fly =)
  31. Shamanruler

    Hero Ideas!

    anyone have a unique idea for a hero they could enlighten me upon? i'm halfway done all the heros in my map and well...think of it as a writers block... any good ideas would be appreciated, hell i might even give you some credit and a free ticket to a back rub. -Thanks
  32. Shamanruler

    Greenday Fans Or Not

    VG opposes the hippy movement im guessing...
  33. Shamanruler

    Greenday Fans Or Not

    word so lets leave it at that =)
  34. Shamanruler

    Share jokes here!

    so a seal walks into a club ... =DDDD
  35. Shamanruler

    Greenday Fans Or Not

    ugh you like greenday AND linkin park? thats not music...thats just fucked up noise
  36. Shamanruler

    Greenday Fans Or Not

    uhhh good ska example would be... there two ska bands, 1 with horns, 1 without
  37. Shamanruler

    Greenday Fans Or Not

    and thats when greenday and its first fans began! DUH.... *cough*are you listening to ska yet?*cough*
  38. Shamanruler

    I do requests

    ah yea! forgot about that i should have done that originally and @ cowboybill, that is just shockwave with a different missle, then it creates a dummy unit with the hammer model at the point where the ability ended...its pretty simple really, you can just use Events: Unit Starts the effect...
  39. Shamanruler

    Wc3 1.19 patch

    how handy
  40. Shamanruler


    mmm i like how he looks... nice icon too
  41. Shamanruler

    disable attacks?

    the endless duration trick works! and if i want to have the unit to become visible i can just remove the buff! thanks sunny d, you saved my ass =)
  42. Shamanruler

    disable attacks?

    it didnt work...suprisingly enough is this even possible?
  43. Shamanruler

    I do requests

    thanks blade your a hero to many =P
  44. Shamanruler

    disable attacks?

    hey, i need some triggering help! i want to make it so when a unit is invisible, (permanent invisibilty, to be precise) it does not attack when a unit when it comes in range...similar to windwalk, where the bm is invisible, but does not attack anything in range. Anyone know how to do this?
  45. Shamanruler

    Whats Ur Birthday???????????

    January 2nd, 1992 january sucks...wish i was born in may
  46. Shamanruler

    I do requests

    lo blade, i need 2 spells done...ill try to be as specific as possible Spell One: Toxic Sliver This spell calls the hero to slither across the ground to a destined point while using her walk swim animation (the model is a naga siren). While slithering animate dead effects come up behind...
  47. Shamanruler

    Greenday Fans Or Not

    hell im an ignorant hippy and they are total shit
  48. Shamanruler

    Greenday Fans Or Not

    greenday is just plain awful i never really liked them...they are way to poppy for my taste *cough*listen to ska*cough
  49. Shamanruler

    Editing the Pillage ability

    humans rifleman upgrade long rifles