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  1. Chris-Yamaha

    Favorite Stanley Kubrick film?

    Yes sir and madame, you heard me. And yes, I know there's a movie sticky, but I can't do polls there now can I?
  2. Chris-Yamaha

    Saladin (ROC)

    I'm working on a Crusades map called Templari Illuminos, and I'm in need of camel riding soldiers, and in particular Saladin. Really, any bearded guy on a horse would do.
  3. Chris-Yamaha

    The Crusades - Templari Illuminos!

    Hey! I'm going to be starting a Crusades map, not just another low budget one though.. I mean professional, classic one. It's going to be dark, with subtle satire hinting at ummm.. The hypocracy. It'll also be accurate, including all 9 crusades and the child crusades. Any ideas? :goblin_good_job:
  4. Chris-Yamaha

    An amazing European terrain?

    Is there such a thing? Is it big? If so, please tell me before I start on it! :goblin_good_job: When I get done, I plan on releasing the terrain as a resource -- (I'm making it for my Crusades map, Templari Illuminos)
  5. Chris-Yamaha

    In the making: Templari Illuminos

    A dark satire on the Crusades, featuring conquest and defense, a very accurate and detailed map in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, and endless tactic possibilities... Any ideas so far? I already got the map in my head kinda figured out.:goblin_good_job:
  6. Chris-Yamaha

    How does internet change a person?

    Back... ten years ago. People didn't use internet like they use it now, and people really did things elsewhere. Now when I go on, I see people with flawless typing and a really seamingly intelligent mind. I ask them, eh.. -- they must be 25! They so no, they're 15. I want to ask you...
  7. Chris-Yamaha

    What map should I work on next?

    So... so far I really am just doing Helm's Deep maps, just improving the one I got until it's perfect -- I'm a perfectionist, you know? I got some ideas for a next map though, tell me what you think! 1) A cross between Zombie Wars and The Alternate Future called Agent Orange (Named after the...
  8. Chris-Yamaha

    Female Warrior model? (Eowyn)

    :goblin_yeah: Hey there! I'm Chris and I'm working on the Helms Deep maps on ROC. I was wondering if anyone could make a female warrior model that has white skin, or even better: an actual Eowyn.
  9. Chris-Yamaha

    Votekick system for ROC

    I was wondering if someone would be generous enough to tell me how to turn this votekick system: into a ROC version. I don't know if this thread should of been here, or in the resource section...
  10. Chris-Yamaha

    Heavy stuff: How do you share control without shared vision?

    When a player leaves in Helm's Deep, I have a trigger that shares unit control and vision. However, the visions for players vary, therefore when one player should have fog of war on one side of the map, instead he loses it. Stuff like that. Is there an easy way to make a trigger that just...
  11. Chris-Yamaha

    How do you turn off ally resource trading?

    I looked, and I failed to find anything on the internet. Anybody know? :goblin_jawdrop:
  12. Chris-Yamaha

    How do you make hero icon disappear?

    I'm working on Helm's Deep Full v8.5, and near the end I have the hero enter a region. When the hero does, I hide -that- hero and unhide the hero on the horse. That way, it looks like the hero gets on the horse. However, both hero icons are still there, and it annoys some people. Anybody got...
  13. Chris-Yamaha

    Hello, I'm Chris Yamaha, and I'm an alcoholic

    :goblin_boom: On this username, I've only works on Helm's Deep. It started with a simple edit, then I got permission and since then the map has increasingly become more popular. I've made dozens of unfinished maps (all lost) such as Life of a Dwarf - Moria, Agent Orange (Cross between The...