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  1. OneEight7even

    Island Screenshots/terrain

    im not the best terrainer in the world but here are some island terrains i made.
  2. OneEight7even

    [Model] Future Marine

    Why? hey , i am requesting a marine model that looks like this . i know there already is a marine model in wc3 but its to boring even with cool skins attached to it. it would also be a good model for others to use also and i think wc3...
  3. OneEight7even

    Arrow Key Movement / Camera System

    this has been done before but i didnt really like any of the others ons so i made one myself. Arrow Key Movement 1.0 1) Create 3 Variables , named "Up", "Right" , "Left". Make those 3 boolean arrays for the type and make a new variable called Players_Hero with type Unit Array. and...
  4. OneEight7even

    [Terrain Art Request] City/Street tiles

    hey , im working on a new map and i need city tiles like sidewalks ect. it would be nice if you could made 1 or any of the follwing things 1.Street 2.Sidewalk 3.yellow or white dividers for the road Heres a screenshot of what i want it to look like (i couldnt find a good destroyed...
  5. OneEight7even

    I need animation For my counter strike model

    hey , i have found a counter-strike model and converted it to MDX but he has no animations if you would animate him for me it would be helpful. Animations Walk Attack Attack Prone Prone ( Make him lie down like konstricts models) Walk Prone ( like crawling) And other basics heres a...