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  1. Magicon92

    Scorpion People "The Scathion" Can someone make a such model for Wc3?

    Hello! I am currenltly working on a rpg in Wc3 and I'm looking for someone that can help me make a model of a race named "Scathion". It's a medieval fantasy race which looks half human/half Scorpion with scorpion face and two feet. It's a proud, peaceful race, but still armed and ready for...
  2. Magicon92

    [Solved] Character/char-level restored into map number two in a campaign?

    Can somebody help me add Unit/character Selection to this testmap without destroying the camera-setup? =) download and edit the map as you like. Credits will be shown in later progress of projects, -if I get that far. I am not good at JASS or triggering at all, I am more the creative person...
  3. Magicon92

    [Trigger] RPG map - how to make camera follow Unit by Height?

    Hey! Been looking through many Cameraheight-triggers, but can't find the solution anyway. I really need to have it in with a spoon. I am kind of new in this and looking for help! =) So if there are any solutions, just don't show the trigger, but also how we get/make the variables. Thanks! Here...