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  1. Vibe

    Vengance for Sen´jin (R and Classic)

    hi, I am glad to see that your map hero is VolJin. I like his story very much, and I hope to see him in more maps. I tried to do some planning and map development for his story campaign for a while, but it was not completed because I lacked the skills and execution ability. I noticed that your...
  2. Vibe

    Kobold Kingdom v1.1c

    Warcraft IP includes Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft, and Warcraft I II III. It is great to use their content and inspiration to enrich our map. The images and voice materials in Hearthstone's adventure mode "Kobolds and the Underground World" are very suitable for making a...
  3. Vibe

    HD Modeling Contest #2 - Great Dark Beyond

    Shadowlands is not Azeroth either. But I don’t think anyone is thinking about Shadowlands.
  4. Vibe

    Comment by 'Vibe' in media 'Тини.jpg'

    Are you taking a shower?
  5. Vibe

    Blizzard Botched Warcraft III Remake After Internal Fights, Pressure Over Costs — Bloomberg

    After more than a decade of barbaric growth, the community still creates a lot of excellent content without the support of Blizzard. Now that Blizzard offers new model icons and even local voice, there is no need for the community to stagnate. I don't mind waiting for Blizzard to fix it in...
  6. Vibe

    Turn war3 map into money

    Let's face it, your NetEase DZ platform is not beneficial to the development of the community and Warcraft. You steal the elements and ideas of open source maps in the community and commercialize it. You use the ridiculous paid posters of unified speech to post fake commercial map play...
  7. Vibe

    Resource Spotlight - July 2021

    Is this to celebrate Midsummer Fire Festival?🎆🎆
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  9. Vibe

    Revival: I’m the Warchief of the Hord

    I would guess this is about the game version. :hohum: I'm sorry I didn't seem to mention that this map is only for the HD footage of Reforged.
  10. V

    Revival:I'm the Warchief of the Hord (Warcraft 3 Map)

  11. Vibe

    Revival: I’m the Warchief of the Hord (Map)

    You wake up after a storm and find that you are the Warchief of the Horde. Many forces in Durotar want to plunder your city. The Alliance’s navy builds troops on the coast. What are you going to do? The terrain is based on ORCX01. The gameplay is based on the original Melee. The AI of the...
  12. Vibe

    HD Modeling Contest #1 - Hero's Journey

    Good luck to all the participants! I don't have the complete ability to participate in this competition, but I still pay attention to and like this competition. I like to feel the passion and creativity when designing characters. I look forward to more hero model competitions in the future.
  13. WorldMap.jpg


    Re-creation based on Blizzard's images.
  14. Vibe

    [Technical Sharing] A more efficient way to manage custom campaigns

    It's nice to see you working on custom campaigns and development tools. The community is becoming great again! Looking forward to your next step.
  15. Shadows of the Horde

    Shadows of the Horde

    A project picture that may be used.
  16. V

    MineRailCurve.mdx (Warcraft 3 Model)

  17. Vibe

    Staff Job Openings!

    :mwahaha:MAKE HIVE GREAT AGAIN!:mwahaha:
  18. V

    Shovel.mdx (Warcraft 3 Model)

  19. V

    Pickaxe.mdx (Warcraft 3 Model)

  20. V

    MineWall.mdx (Warcraft 3 Model)

  21. V

    MineRailEnd.mdx (Warcraft 3 Model)

  22. V

    MineRail.mdx (Warcraft 3 Model)

  23. Vibe

    Mine component package (Model)

    These models are made by my friend "Wind of Magic Night" by modifying Blizzard's models in Retera Model Studio. He does not have an HIVE account, so he commissioned me to upload these. -2020.12.12- ADD MineRailCurve.mdx
  24. V

    GoldMineBox.mdx (Warcraft 3 Model)

  25. Vibe

    Goldmine with TC

    Why does it have so many tags ?
  26. Vibe

    NetEase Client Files

    The function [choose the height of the camera] is based on NetEase battle platform. I don't know how it works, but I don't think it can be used where there is no NetEase. It is bound to the NetEase battle platform. Regarding NetEase's battle platform, Blizzard provided NetEase with...
  27. Vibe


    I think the Refrorged team is busy with the ladder and profile functions. It has been three months since the preview. The reason is not clear, but the progress is clearly slow. The custom campaign feature is still far away, but I think it will return in a lifetime. Before that, I will play...
  28. Vibe


    For money and work, it is not worth it. For the community and fun, it's worth it. The world editor has never been the most user-friendly option, but it is simple and fun enough.
  29. Vibe

    Retera's Model Studio

    I can hardly find any posts about RMS on Chinese forums. I only found that only one Chinese player knew RMS, he seemed to call RMS "sheep" because of the RMS icon. I translated two videos of making HD models to the Chinese YouTube website. But they have not received much attention. I couldn't...
  30. Vibe

    ❤ Hello!! ❤

    hello ?
  31. Vibe

    Try to make custom campaigns in Reforged

    It does not use the W3N format. But custom maps can share imported materials. It adds a new "official campaign" through the allowlocalfile mechanism. I updated the file and it is now playable (make sure the value of your allowlocalfile is 1).
  32. Vibe

    Chronicles of the Second War - Updated Demo

    I'm looking for people who make custom campaigns on reforged. I found a way to make a custom campaign that has a separate tab and webm preview interface like the official campaign. If you are interested, please contact me. Try to make custom campaigns in Refrorged
  33. Vibe

    Does anyone want to update the custom campaign to Regorged?

    I found a way to make a custom campaign in reforged, based on allow_local_file. It does not use the W3N format, but operates like an official campaign. It will have a separate tab and webm preview interface. I don't want my findings to be wasted. If anyone wants to update a custom campaign...
  34. Vibe

    DotA - New Standalone Remake

    In China, there is a map called World of Warcraft All-Stars. It is an unfinished commercial project and was abandoned because Refrorged was not optimistic. There is also a map called DOTAai, which is updated for free by community authors. It is currently being updated continuously, but it has...
  35. Vibe

    Comment by 'Vibe' in album 'Durotan Reforged'

  36. Vibe

    Try to make custom campaigns in Reforged

    Hey, I am looking for someone to collaborate on a custom campaign for the short film. If we make a custom campaign, more people will know that making a custom campaign is possible in Refrorged, before Blizzard officially opens it. In this way, more people will look forward to it, and more...
  37. Vibe

    Custom Campaigns for Warcraft 3: Reforged

    :) Check this. Try to make custom campaigns in Refrorged
  38. Vibe


    You don't need to understand every detail. You only need to download the ZIP I provided.
  39. Vibe

    How to mod WC Reforged?

    Try to make custom campaigns in Refrorged I think you will be interested.
  40. Vibe

    Guide: Changing campaigns

    I did more research, you might be interested. Try to make custom campaigns in Refrorged
  41. Vibe

    Try to make custom campaigns in Reforged

    Reforged - Guide: Changing campaigns Hi, I found this and it seems someone has some idea about it. I think you will be interested.
  42. Vibe


    I recommend making custom campaigns directly on 1.32, although Blizzard does not currently open custom campaigns. You may be interested in my post. Try to make custom campaigns in Refrorged
  43. Vibe

    Try to make custom campaigns in Reforged

    I translated and updated [WC3 Mod Manager] for Chinese players , which named [WC3R Mod Manager] . It can solve at least part of the problem . Projects · EzraZebra / WC3ModManager · GitLab kobayashi1998/WC3RModManager
  44. Vibe

    Try to make custom campaigns in Reforged

    I found a way to make a custom campaign in Refrorged. Why did no one reply to me? sad :(
  45. Vibe

    [Campaign] Warcraft 2 campaign (reforged)

    Can I get your permission? I want to share [Chronicles of the Second War-Teaser I&II] on a Chinese video site (bilibili). I want to make sure that it will get more attention. (Smiley face)
  46. Vibe

    [Campaign] Warcraft 2 campaign (reforged)

    Your custom campaign has attracted some attention in Chinese media, and NetEase’s social media accounts have liked some of your content. I think this is a very good trend, which means that players are looking forward to new content like this. This inspired me, maybe every project in preparation...
  47. Vibe

    Try to make custom campaigns in Reforged

    Hello everyone, I am a user of World Editor from China Forum. I have been researching custom campaigns for a while, and this is my latest result. Here are four examples of custom campaigns I added. Their tabs are behind the Rexxar campaign. In general, these contents are completed by...
  48. Vibe

    How one programmer at Blizzard could single-handedly make everyone love Reforged in a couple hours

    I don't think this is just a joke. Retera pointed out some sad facts. 1. Huge pirate users 2. The birth of the great map was just an accident 3. Balance can never satisfy everyone 4. There are fewer and fewer players
  49. Vibe

    WC3 Mod Manager v1.1.1

    The Allowlocalfile is an important technology, which should be widely used. I think this will be a great tool in the future, but unfortunately it can't work now. I will continue to pay attention to this tool. Looking forward to your update.
  50. Vibe

    Vile Reef

    I really like the design of your map's ocean, fighting with ships is a great idea. Can I reprint your map to the Chinese forum? I will follow your update on this map. I promise I won't get any money. I just want more people to pay attention to this map.