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  1. Bloodbane7

    [Trigger] Unit upgrade trigger

    This trigger is supposed to upgrade the building if the player <ai> has enough gold. However, no matter how I try to re-arrange or use different code the building does not upgrade. The purpose here is to be able to keep adding in additional upgrades for the buildings with only a change in the...
  2. Bloodbane7

    [Trigger] RPG Quests, only works for player 1?

    I've never really been able to get quests specific for multiple players to work. Figured I would see if anyone more experienced than myself could point out how to fix this. My current "3 Trigger System" Trigger 1: Recruiter 1 Events Unit - A unit Sells an item (from shop)...
  3. Bloodbane7

    Better than Lady Gaga

    Whether metal makes everything better or you just despise Lady Gaga, this video is great =D It is a cover of "Bad Romance" and it even has a solo now lol. It reminds me of the "Beast and the Harlot" video by AVX. Do you think it's better? You better.
  4. Bloodbane7

    A.I. GUI Ability Points

    Hey everyone, I was making my own A.I. system for a Dota style map today and ran across a problem.The A.I. have been programmed to smartly attack, and attempt to run in dangerous situations. They can also randomly select a hero and the lane they will spawn at. When fighting however, they...
  5. Bloodbane7

    Dota Type AI system

    Anyone have a good link here as to a working AI system that in general works for "Dota" type games, or do I need to make one from scratch?
  6. Bloodbane7

    Sigh Once again Load/Save

    Ok that's it, I'm tired of my half GUI half JASS load/save system. It can't keep big numbers saved for stats on heroes and it constantly creates some random items or doesn't give you all your items. Will some one, please, some one refer me to a save/load system to save hero stats, items, gold...
  7. Bloodbane7

    Units? Unit Models? Campaigns?

    Ok, so this new SCII editor is making me rage like crazy. To me its a billion times harder to understand than the wc3 editor and I can't even figure out how to use the data editor to create a unit. Well I can create one, but I don't really know what I'm doing because its so different. . ...
  8. Bloodbane7

    Abyss v1.34 Beta (need fixers)

    Abyss v1.35 Beta -Unlocked Well, I wasn't sure if I could do this because the map was refused by The Hive, but I'm sure it was because of its bad-construction. Anyways I've given up on my map seeing I don't play much warcraft anymore, but if you want to use it or edit it, go here...
  9. Bloodbane7

    Windows 7 won't install Warcraft 3?

    Wasn't sure where to put this. . . This is the message I sent to Blizzard about my problem, although I have had no response. Basically once I get to the cinematics the installation asks me if my warcraft CD is in the drive and doesn't install afterward. Is there a simple patch or fix...
  10. Bloodbane7

    Creep Spells?

    Is there a "somewhat" simple way to make units cast spells in a non-melee map? I need player 12 and neutral hostile units to cast any spells on their own. The spells are custom spells. +rep
  11. Bloodbane7

    AI custom race question

    I'm making sort of a custom melee map, where there are multiple races facing off in a melee type game. I would like to make an AI for this game but I was wondering. . . Do I have to create a custom AI script for every race that isn't default in the AI editor and have like 8 AI scripts on the...
  12. Bloodbane7

    Gnoll Model

    In the warcraft 3: Reign of Choas instruction booklet, there is a picture of a Gnoll with a sword (which I couldn't find an image for to post here.) If you could create this model as a hero, or point me in the right direction for this model. -thanks +rep
  13. Bloodbane7

    Terrain Blight?

    I was wondering if anyone could come up with a trigger, or it is possible to create a trigger that cause an aura of something other than blight or blight-dispel (dirt) to appear around a building when its built. It would be nice if this could be in an ability, or different terrain for each...
  14. Bloodbane7

    Where are the Hive rules?

    The title says it all Where are the Hive rules? Is there a place where normal Hive users can view them?
  15. Bloodbane7

    Quests not working

    In my ORPG, my quests work, but not quite like they are supposed to. When the first player uses the quest, it seems to work fine, but some players that try to get/or/return quests aren't allowed to? Could someone look over this example of one quest thats not working and tell me whats wrong...
  16. Bloodbane7

    A unit comes within PROBLEM

    I was wondering where the event "A unit comes within <range> of <unit>" is located under events, I can't seem to find it? Am I looking in the wrong place?
  17. Bloodbane7

    Item Remove Trigger after create

    I'm Using the following trigger in my map, but I need the item to dissapear after a set amount of time (Example: 120 seconds (2 minutes)), but when I add "wait- 120 seconds" and then "remove- last created item" items that are created eventually disappear as soon as they are created:thumbs_down...
  18. Bloodbane7

    Neutral/Hostile Limit Exceeded?

    I was searching and I found a post about "Object limit" which I'm guessing is similar to this- When I was placing creeps for my map, suddenly in the lower left corner of my World Editor, it says "Maximum number of neutral units and hostile buildings exceeded!" (513/512) If I put more than the...
  19. Bloodbane7

    Remove hero trigger?

    I need a trigger that does something similar to this- Events Player 1 types -repick as an exact match ....ect Actions Unit Group- Pick all units in (playable map area) owned by (triggering player) -loop actions --Remove Hero? OR Remove Hero from (triggering player)? I need...
  20. Bloodbane7

    Selling Unit/Hero problem/glitch?

    Okay so when a player buys a "hero" (unit being sold) in the beginning of my ORPG, it triggers fine. But when a player repicks, it takes multiple clicks in order for the "hero" to train, any suggestions on how to fix this?
  21. Bloodbane7

    Action Boxes?

    Sorry if the title is incorrect, but how to you trigger the "boxes" that appear and allow you to choose actions from, like if you hit "esc" in some games they appear, can this be done in GUI? I would like to use them in my game. I +rep! thanks!
  22. Bloodbane7

    Hero with ability replace

    This is my trigger- Im trying to make it so when a hero lvl 1 enters the region, they are replaced with a unit and that unit get an ability based on the entering unit. EDIT: lol forgot to list the problem- It doesnt work^ what I listed above, instead it replaces the unit and doesnt add the...
  23. Bloodbane7

    Picture/Loading Screen Request

    I need a picture for a loading screen that is PITCH BLACK in the background and has red eyes in the center (scary red eyes). I will +rep and I would perfer it to be in .tiff format, but not required.
  24. Bloodbane7

    2 Item Drop/Restriction Questions

    I need an easier item drop system than this one- When the Demonic Goblin Dies, I need one "item set" (variable-array) to drop per player, but this trigger takes forever- GOBLIN HALLOW Events Unit - A unit owned by Neutral Hostile Dies Conditions (Unit-type of (Dying...
  25. Bloodbane7

    "Art" Datas dont like me? And Breath of Fire Problem

    1. Ok so I'm making this map, and Im trying to make my abilities look sweet, but the only "Art" columns that work for me are "caster" and the original spell "Art" like Missle Art or effect. Is it possible to make all of the "Art" fields work? I have tried no attachments and the attachments...
  26. Bloodbane7

    Removing string "avatar" from "avatar"

    I made a custom spell that based off avatar, and in the box with the time remaining; it says avatar, how do I remove this string? I also need to remove this for summoning things too... I will +rep
  27. Bloodbane7

    What does the "Gem" do?

    Yeah so I've been mapmaking for about 2-3 years and I've always wondered what the gem in the lower right does...Anyone know? (Im ignoring any snickering going on if I should know this lol)
  28. Bloodbane7

    Sigh Quest Help/tutorial?

    Im making quests for my game, but I ran into a brick wall- I need every player able to use that quest seperately; I need this so every player can use a quest seperately that requires the quest taker to kill (so many) of a creep. If anyone could construct an example or link me to a multi player...
  29. Bloodbane7

    !!!!ps3 update help!!!!

    Ok so my dad bought some new blueray movies for his ps3. When he went to play them an error message came up saying that it needed the latest update in order to play. (This is why I pefer Xbox360.) So he went to the playstation website and downloaded the update into a USB drive (like the website...
  30. Bloodbane7

    Putting GUI into the Hive

    Hey sounds noobish but I cant figure out how to copy the GUI triggers I have to display them in these boxes at the hive- I DO know how to post JASS and I do know how to wrap JASS because its text....please explain?
  31. Bloodbane7

    [JASS] Item Stack JASS - Please Verify

    I have this JASS trigger, can I just copy and paste it into another map err right? And items will still stack? AND does this trigger stack every item that is acquired? JASS trigger- function Combine_Items_Conditions takes nothing returns boolean return...
  32. Bloodbane7

    Right Click Trigger?

    Ok I need this to have a unit selected and you right-click on a shimmering portal (tree/destructable) I need a trigger that lets that unit move instantly to a new region after right clicking? Im thinking it has something to do with Unit - Order.
  33. Bloodbane7

    Recommend Good Rock Bands

    Thought I might ask the people of the hive for any awesome band that can be but under the broad genre of "Rock Music" (This is sadly one of the only websites I've made an account on- and I think this is where I would put something random like this? lol?) Feel free to post any bands that you...
  34. Bloodbane7

    Creep Attack Range

    Ok I'm making an ORPG, and when my hero attacks a creep, like any creep that is within a range of like 900 comes and helps attack...I want to reduce this to like 300 so they dont come and help each other...can anyone help? Thanks!
  35. Bloodbane7

    Questions on Items (2)

    Ok so I have two things I need done... 1st one...How do you make it so the items you have can only be acessed by you (as a player) in the game, and noone else can use or take them (like an ownership thing) 2nd one...Is it possible to put Item Sets that units drop on death to units in...
  36. Bloodbane7

    Creep Abilities....Doesnt work?

    Okay so I have a creep on my map that has a summon bear spell; but doesnt use it... When I tried to make it so the creep uses the spell when attacked or when attacking, I couldn't find a way to get to my spell EXAMPLE: Order (Attacking Unit) to (bunch of abilities that you cant change...
  37. Bloodbane7

    Save/load request

    I just got done reading a save/load request and didnt want my question to bother the GUI request they have.....Anyways is there a JASS or GUI system out there that lets you use a save code (like -load lkjl-ljdf-ect...) That saves the Hero's level, abilities, and items. (I dont want a save 2 or...
  38. Bloodbane7

    Creep Respawn after death

    Hey I was wondering...When creeps die in ORPG(s) and like, and they respawn at the same spot they were placed in do you do this? Please Note- I want it to respawn at the point it was placed in editor I will +rep!!! Thanks!
  39. Bloodbane7

    Over lvl 100 creeps?

    I know it is possible to get creeps above lvl 100....but how? I have changed the lvl to 100 in Game Constants but I have seen games with higher... I will +rep!!!!! Thanks!
  40. Bloodbane7

    Game Camera Movement?

    Hey I was wondering how to make your camera move without entering Cinematic mode, like do I just pan a camera? EXAMPLE: Event: Unit Enters Region Condition: (Don't think this should matter) NONE Actions: (something that moves camera to point where I want) (--Move (Entering Unit) Instantly...
  41. Bloodbane7

    Need Icons!!!

    Need Icons!!! From Oblivion!!! I was hoping someone could help me with this, I will +reputation and add your name to my game when posted on Bnet! -->I need the following icons for weapons and armor from the game Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion Weapons:(Swords-Longsword) Iron, Steel, Silver...
  42. Bloodbane7

    Bnet Auto refresh legal?

    I just the read the is VCK legal? post and that makes me wonder is blizzard banning autorefresh as well? or can we still use autorefresh?
  43. Bloodbane7

    Faster Ability Creating

    Lets say I'm making an ORPG (like I am) and i dont want to spend hours editing ability information Is there a way (other then <right click> auto-fill) to edit my abilities to make them change their value in the text part? Sounds confusing but best way I can explain it EXAMPLE- blizzard uses...
  44. Bloodbane7

    Inventory Charges

    This may seem a simple question but i never quite figured it out; If you have one potion and you pick up another one how do you get the potions to stack so it takes just one inventory space and says 2 of the potion; Ive tried changing the number of charges, but that makes you get that many...
  45. Bloodbane7

    Minimap Icon need image and help

    ---------I will +rep------------------------- I need two things, first one is how to create my minimap icon and second thing is that i need an image of a Human Shield and Cross Swords for my minimap icon, feel free to sign your name on the image.
  46. Bloodbane7

    How do I import Variables?

    Anyone know how to import/export variables? Thanks! <I will +rep>
  47. Bloodbane7

    Allyship Help!!!

    I need help with some allyship triggers (example= make player 1 red treat player 2 blue as an ally with shared vision) I know how to ally everyone in triggers like this but i dont want to waste hours on players 1-12 ally-ing, unally-ing, all ally-ing, and all unally-ing, that is at least 4...
  48. Bloodbane7

    Allyship HELP

    I need help with some allyship triggers (example= make player 1 red treat player 2 blue as an ally with shared vision) I know how to ally everyone in triggers like this but i dont want to waste hours on players 1-12 ally-ing, unally-ing, all ally-ing, and all unally-ing, that is at least 4...
  49. Bloodbane7

    Attack Types Simple Question

    Your thinking right, if its simple then why do you need help? A: Im that uneducated Anyway when a unit it attacks it has different attack animations (EXAMPLE= A unit could attack with a stabing attack and a slashing attack) is there a way to change the attack types so that it does the...
  50. Bloodbane7

    Need Help with loading screen and attachments

    Hey I'm new to the hive and I have some questions... First how do I get an image I made in paint to be my loading screen? I know i have to change the file type somehow and get it to be a model file and a texture file. And if there is a way to do this without downloading any programs i would...