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  1. Goffterdom

    Worgen Primitive

    Looking forward your custom building models! Looks great!
  2. Goffterdom

    Draenei Shaman

    Extremely useful! Keep 'em coming, the Draeneis never received as much love!
  3. Goffterdom

    Draenei Base: Shelter, Broken Nexus, Nexus

    That's pretty useful and insane! EDIT: Would have been wonderful to have a work animation!
  4. Goffterdom

    Shandris With "Immersive Bow" and Hero Glow

    Shouldn't this be in "Fixed" Reforged model?
  5. Goffterdom

    Draenei Paladin

    Impressive addition to the Draenei roster!
  6. Goffterdom

    Tsukarii Sniper

    Pretty good and interesting model!
  7. Goffterdom

    Draenei Mage

  8. Goffterdom

    Scarlet Crusade Footman

    Pretty good Scarlet Crusade collection! Love them! And thanks!
  9. Goffterdom

    Scarlet Crusade Knight

    Pretty good Scarlet Crusade collection! Love them! And thanks!
  10. Goffterdom

    Scarlet Crusade Archer

    Pretty good Scarlet Crusade collection! Love them! And thanks!
  11. Goffterdom

    Defias pirate

    Yaaaar! I'm in charge now!
  12. Goffterdom

    Radio Tower

    Best description ever.
  13. Goffterdom

    Gryphon Knight (AoW)

    It's awesome!
  14. Goffterdom

    Kul Tiras Forces (CSW)

    This is one hell of a gift to the community. It's like I've been blessed with a gift whereas it's not even my birthday! EDIT: I have a question if I may: what happened to that guy? :D
  15. Goffterdom

    High\Blood Elven Blacksmith

    What was updated? :D
  16. Goffterdom

    Goblin Combine - HD Version

    Pretty unique addition, awesome! We want more of those "off the charts" model!
  17. Goffterdom

    Dire Orc

    Pretty unique addition :)
  18. Goffterdom

    WC2 Elven Ballistae

    I'm sorry my post was very misleading. Yeah I was indeed only speaking about the missile model :p I do not know how does it finds its texture so I was doubting that I could just rename it. Thanks for the clarification.
  19. Goffterdom

    The Remaster Disaster - Behind the Scenes of WarCraft III Reforged

    Yup, exactly what I thought the reasons would be. It's up to us all to continue the Warcraft legacy. Big thanks to @Zorrot for bringing custom campaigns, this was (at least for me) the biggest missing thing in Reforged considering it was the only thing preventing us from creating content like...
  20. Goffterdom

    WC2 Elven Ballistae

    Hey there! I have a quick request, if I may! The model used here is called "ballistamissile.mdx" and therefore overlaps with the other Ballista that was updated as part of the "RoC Siege Engines". Would it be possible to rename it "ballistaemissile.mdx" please? Is it something I can do on my...
  21. Goffterdom

    List of Hidden Material within the World Editor

    Icon added! Thanks for your participation :)
  22. Goffterdom

    WC2 Elven Ballistae

    It might indeed look simple, but what's simple is not necessarily easy to make. I wish more people could make "simple" models such as this one :D Thanks for this addition!
  23. Goffterdom

    Old God Pack

  24. Goffterdom

    List of Hidden Material within the World Editor

    Hey there! Thanks for your help, getting the latest version did work instantly without me doing anything. Also thanks to Retera as usual :) I just uploaded the hidden doodads: I should have imported everything you found out guys. Let me know if I missed anything. Thanks for your help...
  25. Goffterdom

    Hero Naga Royal Guard Reforged

    Yes, yes, yes! Exactly what I needed, the color differences make it even more useful! Thanks :)
  26. Goffterdom

    Lord Marrowgar - Reforged

    New best Reforged model to date. Seems like a completely new unit with custom animations. It's completely awe-freaking-some. Thanks so much for this upload!
  27. Goffterdom

    Naga - Tidearcher

    I definitely agree with the fact that the model looks too similar to the regular hero, making it hard to distinguish between them. A full recolor of the skin color would be great, or slightest touch like OgreMan mentioned.
  28. Goffterdom

    Naga - Tidearcher

    Very useful and well executed! Thanks!
  29. Goffterdom

    High Elf Blademaster (AoW)

    I mean, I'm sorry for not checking the beginning of the thread 😅 Thanks for the fix!
  30. Goffterdom

    Burning Archer

    xD I'm laughing out loud. Great update of the official model!
  31. Goffterdom

    High Elf Blademaster (AoW)

    Any idea why the right sword might be failing to render properly? I've imported every file contained within the folder 🤨 Thanks in advance!
  32. Goffterdom

    Lightforge / Draenei Paladin + mounted versions (AoW)

    You put a lot of effort into making this into a full fledged model, answered steadily to every comments and made the appropriate updates each single time, regardless of how the comment was put. I bend the knee, this is awesome! Only thing I would have preferred is if the diamond and all...
  33. Goffterdom

    List of Hidden Material within the World Editor

    Hey there :) After almost 3 months of efforts, I finally setup my new apartment to be exactly like I wanted. It was a wild run, sorry for disappearing during those times but between my work and that, I had little to no spare time. I'm now setup and I have added all the special effects...
  34. Goffterdom

    19 Years of Warcraft III

    Warcraft 3 is the game that started my game design career, more than 15 years ago. And now I'm back at it, struggling to get my campaign project started, as a hobby project alongside my day-to-day work. Every day I'm looking at the wonderful things the community is doing and it's inspiring me...
  35. Goffterdom

    Gnoll Treasure Hunter (Goldtooth)

    What was updated? :D
  36. Goffterdom

    Gnoll Treasure Hunter (Goldtooth)

  37. Goffterdom

    Silvermoon Town Hall/Keep/Castle

    Finally! We love you and your dedication! Can't wait for the release of your project :)
  38. Goffterdom

    Crusader Kings

    Really interesting to see a purely medieval model which can be used for many different things, not to mention the mounted version! Pretty good addition, thank you very much!
  39. Goffterdom

    Nightelf Blademaster/Wardenguard Swordmaster (AoW)

    It's, freaking, AWESOME!!! Thank you very much for that model :)
  40. Goffterdom

    Snowsong Re-Reforged

  41. Goffterdom

    High\Blood Elven Blacksmith

    Awesome!!! I can't wait to go back to Warcraft mapping once I'll have more free time. It seems like I have so many models to try out and to incorporate to my ideas 😍
  42. Goffterdom

    Wood Elf - Botanist

    Awesome lads! I really thank you for keeping the Reforged modding scene alive :)
  43. Goffterdom

    High Elven Shipyard

    Oh, freaking, yes!
  44. Goffterdom

    Arc Lancer

    I think it's the best Reforged model so far.
  45. Goffterdom

    Professor Retera - Custom

    Main ability: Babbling
  46. Goffterdom

    Ironclad Submarine - HD Version

    Pretty unique and original model. I'm quite impressed!
  47. Goffterdom

    [Solved] High/Blood Elf Buildings (REFORGED)

    Can't wait to see those in the Download section!
  48. Goffterdom

    Ballador the Bright

    Really charismatic model!