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  1. asam3

    The Prophecy of the Dark Angel

    Glen's Hammer - Read the quest at F9 again. They're somewhere. Ghost - Can't remember any ghost aside from the Banshee, which is out in the open. She's pretty weak.
  2. asam3

    Birth of Shadows

    So after four years, I'm here again. And now I can't download the map. Someone should fix this up.
  3. asam3

    The Legend of Magnador

    I've played this before but I'm not one to play maps that I've finished once again just to review it but this gets a 4/5 on my list. It's decent all over but has a few downsides here and there, but overall it's a good map. I have a few stuff that I'll recall from memory. The weird battle...
  4. asam3

    DREAMLORD Episode II.

    The BGM on the water level is lovely.
  5. asam3


    Game bugged for me at Chapter 2 I think. After entering the door where the two guards are stationed(where the comm commands are destroyed) and you need to enter a password to open the gate, a cutscene occurs where this other robot tells me that they need to close the gates behind me so that no...
  6. asam3

    DREAMLORD Episode II.

    Time for a review. -Decent campaign, same as the first one -THE WATER LEVEL IS F***ING AMAZING ESPECIALLY THE MUSIC Some problems -The part where the controls shift(Shane's part where he has no powers) was not a nice addition IMO. -Kayley has no hotkeys or maybe I just don't know what they...
  7. asam3

    The Prophecy of the Dark Angel

    IIRC he's on the side of the map where the hole where you got our from the tomb is in, so he comes at the last part of the game, unless there's another way to get there.
  8. asam3

    The Prophecy of the Dark Angel

    I was actually talking about the Mask of Death that the guy in the snowy area drops.
  9. asam3

    The Prophecy of the Dark Angel

    Okay then, that weapon seems pretty strong, I guess. But since it's quite impossible to Kill Gigas(No not really, didn't really brood over the fact that he was impossible to kill, was able to get his HP down to half in my first few tries(Orc Warlock's ultimate renders enemies unable to attack...
  10. asam3

    DREAMLORD Episode I.

    He flies down after some time, just run around. (I just realized I replied to a post made way back 2011) Go out again, there's a circle outside the entrance to the fortress or whatever you call it. Now I have a question of my own, how the hell do I freaking beat Chapter 10? Tried activating...
  11. asam3

    Sunken City v2.4.8d

    No, it's not designed to work that way. Even if you can it'll be hard, really hard.
  12. asam3

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Replied to my comment

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Replied to my comment
  13. asam3

    The Prophecy of the Dark Angel

    1. No problem. As what I've said, they're bearable. I'm not one to talk, I mean I don't have that perfect of a grammar in English either. 2. Goodluck with that. 3. You can make up for what the first part lacked in the second part, so do well on it. 4. Same as #3 5. Might make me want to play...
  14. asam3

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Replied to my comment

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Replied to my comment
  15. asam3

    Dungeon Assault v2.8

    Work on it, you can do it, I know. That banshee at that start of the game that gives 200 souls should obviously be a secret... I guess? As what I've said, the last three bosses are that Red Orc with the skeleton army, The Tentacle Boss comes after him, then there's Anubis(Pit Lord). Before...
  16. asam3

    Astrall II

    So it's not finished then. Too bad, has alot of potential and is one of the best maps I've played in a long time. The terrain is beast, though the fog was kinda annoying at first but it was kinda easy getting used to. Another annoying thing is the mini cutscene that occurs when you go to...
  17. asam3

    The Prophecy of the Dark Angel

    Because of the Credit Music, I'll give this a freaking 5/5 Now for a review: Warning: Lots of spoilers below. -The overall music choice in the game is beautiful. The music in the towns make me want to stay for abit longer, but there's really no point in staying so... and again, THE...
  18. asam3

    Monoconfront: Master of Tides v1.2

    Pretty straight forward, though very very short. Is a nice boss battle though, too bad the boss just stands there, wished he moved a little bit or something. 4/5 for being too short.
  19. asam3

    Sunken City v2.4.8d

    Okay we've finished the map and I'm now ready to rate this. We only had 2 players to play and we decided to play it on easy. I was a healer(the two-headed Ogre) and my friend was a tank(Deathknight) took us roughly 5 hours and we weren't able to open the Master's Chamber(or whatever it's...
  20. asam3

    Dungeon Assault v2.8

    Okay I'm playing the game at the moment and is experiencing some problems. I'm using Shelv Stormcast, have freed Melith and the Dwarves(sadly they all died) and has killed almost everything in my path except for the last boss(I guess). Was not able to find any secrets. Now for one, I can't...
  21. asam3

    Lands of Ostarrichi ORPG v1.03

    Ahhh the memories...
  22. asam3

    [Role Playing Game] (1) Brownscape: Torment (Working Title)

    My Idol, continue on.
  23. asam3

    Top 5 Best Single Player RPG maps out there.

    Provide links of the newest version please.
  24. asam3

    Thievery Campaign (Levels 1 - 6)

    Can't seem to get past the guardian. Bug or something?
  25. asam3

    Solo Mini-Mapping Contest #7 - Boss Fight

    Quick! Someone do a boss fight that's on first person view gameplay, where the boss is a giant monster that you can climb on like in shadow of the colossus! Just kidding, no one can do it in such a small amount of time!
  26. asam3

    [Event]: 2012 - The Legendary Fight

    No one understands my point. I mean, there's none, really.
  27. asam3

    [Event]: 2012 - The Legendary Fight

    Anyone up to challenge me in a writing battle just pm me(I've read the topics first 4 pages and I believe this type of challenge is acceptable.) My proposed challenge - >Story about a weapon -Story must be 250 words MINIMUM and 500 words MAX. Use word counter(google it) if needed. -Story...
  28. asam3

    Oh, my mistake then.

    Oh, my mistake then.
  29. asam3

    Top 5 Best Single Player RPG maps out there.

    So I've been searching for RPG maps for a long time, and well, I've played This Wreckage(which was awesome from start to end), When the Freedom Slips Away(did not get past the tower defense part, was too hard), Heroes of Genesia(which didn't have a stable story when I played it, but has a very...
  30. asam3

    Quiraji Warlord

    love it
  31. asam3


    ribs needs a little work(but no one would really see that now would they?)
  32. asam3

    Faceless One Mastermind

    i like the hands, other than that, no.
  33. asam3


    color scheme is sooo jack skellington.
  34. asam3

    zerg ship

    Nice model. And finally someone who posts a gif of their model's animations.
  35. asam3

    Rune pillar

    I love how this looks.
  36. asam3

    Sharadar Hell Knight

    the colors of your models are nice, I respect you for that.
  37. asam3

    Fortification gate

    that some epic walls there.
  38. asam3

    nevermind, i saw a new version of your map. thanks for the great map! +repz

    nevermind, i saw a new version of your map. thanks for the great map! +repz
  39. asam3

    please please please? pretty please?

    please please please? pretty please?
  40. asam3

    no, what I mean is it's not in the link provided in your signature.

    no, what I mean is it's not in the link provided in your signature.
  41. asam3

    Hey can you reupload the map, "This Wreckage"? Alot of people want to play it, and I too want to...

    Hey can you reupload the map, "This Wreckage"? Alot of people want to play it, and I too want to re-play it.
  42. asam3

    after almost two years, I'll say this again, Uhmmm, yo?

    after almost two years, I'll say this again, Uhmmm, yo?
  43. asam3


    i'm aware of all panda models smiling, it's just that their faces are so big that the expression is too visible. just my thought about pandas. i mean, come on.
  44. asam3

    Short Story Contest #6 - Poll

    So, can I still join?
  45. asam3


    the blank face effect was done nicely, but that's the only thing I can rate right now. the animations I don't know. The golden arm is too big, it might go under the ground while he walks. Also, I think that there's that fang like things you want to show in that dark face of his, make it...
  46. asam3

    Obsidian Overlord

    the only thing bad I think is that the dreadlord animations suck.
  47. asam3


    please, when making a panda model, make their facial expression at least looking angry or enraged.
  48. asam3


    nerubian roach
  49. asam3


    an enlaarged chicken with ha hippogryph texture and expanded beak, :P is good though, the feet doesn't look nice.
  50. asam3

    Goblin War Zeppelin

    machinegun is out of place