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  1. NEL

    [vJASS] MUI using Struct

    Do you think I'm doing good or not? Did I allocate and deallocate properly? TimerUtils, /* */ Alloc /*...
  2. NEL

    [Solved] Formula for unit's back

    What is the formula of this? Unit blinks behind the target.
  3. NEL

    Github linguist-unknown for .zn and .j

    In Github, Zinc, vJass, and Jass are not supported in Linguistic. Using Linguistic-unknown, you can make your own syntax highlighting for the unknown language. You can use these in your project if you want. Zinc: extensions: - ".zn" default: color: "#000000" identifier...
  4. NEL

    Title Model

    Can you make this logo into overhead model? I'll credit you if you did :D. If the hero turn around, this model shouldn't turn.
  5. NEL

    [vJASS] GameClock

    Game Clock v1.0.0.7 It allows you format the time and get the elapsed time. //! zinc library GameClock { /* v1.0.0.7 ************************************************************************************* * * Game Clock * by nel * * It allows you format the time and get the...
  6. NEL

    [vJASS] vJass Initialization

    private module Init private static method onInit takes nothing returns nothing endmethod endmodule private struct S extends array implement Init endstruct What is the difference between this and the Initializer? Because I saw this code always.
  7. NEL

    [vJASS] //! textmacro_once

    What is the main usage of //! textmacro_once? and Why we need this? I have a few examples. Test A: //! textmacro_once Sample call BJDebugMsg("textmacro_once Sample") //! endtextmacro function InitTrig_Untitled_Trigger_001 takes nothing returns nothing //! runtextmacro Sample()...
  8. NEL

    Universal - Order Tracking

    Part 1 Create a trigger that should detect any order a unit does, and print the unit's name and the issued order id on screen. Part 2 Now it should also print the order's equivalent string or the name of issued object id being ordered (in same line). For example 851983 should also print...
  9. NEL

    Basics - Unit Groups

    Part 1 Create 200 footmen on the map at random locations. (but within playable map area) Loop through all units on map, and kill them if they are in range of 1000 towards the center of the map. //! zinc library UnitGroups { private { group Group = CreateGroup(); timer Timer...
  10. NEL

    Basics - Timers

    Part 1 Create a timer that fires a function "foo" after 2 seconds expired after map initialization. In function "foo" the expired time must be printed on screen and the expired timer destroyed. //! zinc library Timers { private { timer Timer = CreateTimer()...
  11. NEL

    Basics - Loops

    Part 1 Create a function, that runs on map initialiaztion. The function's goal is to create <Footman Amount> footmen for Player_1 using a loop. //! zinc library Loops { private { constant integer footmanAmount = 5; function onInit() { integer Count = 0...
  12. NEL

    Basics - Hashtable - 2

    Extra global variables are not allowed. Part 1 Create a (JASS) trigger that runs (only) when Hero makes a point order. Create a (JASS) trigger that runs (only) when Hero makes a target order. Create a (JASS) trigger that runs (only) when Hero makes an order without target. Create a (JASS)...
  13. NEL

    Basics - Hashtable - 1

    Part 1 Create a unit and save it into hashatble. ParentKey = 123456789 ; ChildKey = 0 //! zinc library Hashtable1 { private { hashtable hash = InitHashtable(); function onInit() { SaveUnitHandle( hash, 123456789, 0, CreateUnit( Player(...
  14. NEL

    Basics - HandleId

    Part 1 Create 5 footmen units and print their handleid to screen. //! zinc library HandleId { private { integer Counter[]; function onInit() { integer Count = 0; while( Count < 5 ) { DisplayTextToPlayer(...
  15. NEL

    Basics - Variable Array

    Part 1 Create a (JASS) trigger that runs when a player presses the 'Esc' button (Skip Cinematic). The trigger's goal is to count how often a player has hit the 'Esc' button, and to print the correct value on screen. The trigger must be MPI (tip: always search for things you don't know Elemental...
  16. NEL

    Basics - Variables

    Part 1 Create a (JASS) trigger that runs when a player types "-" as exact string. The trigger's goal is to create a footman on the map at a random position. The unit must be created within the map's playable area. Increase the "Counter" variable by 1 each time the trigger runs. //! zinc...
  17. NEL

    [JASS] bj_isSinglePlayer

    How does bj_isSinglePlayer works? Map Protection Events Map initialization Conditions Actions Custom script: if bj_isSinglePlayer then Game - Display to (All players) the text: Singleplayer Mode? Custom script: else Game - Display to (All...
  18. NEL

    Maximum String Length

    What is the maximum length of a string variable? For each (Integer A) from 1 to 1024, do (Actions) Loop - Actions Set SampleString = (SampleString + ABC)
  19. NEL

    VB6 - Unload the Duplicated Form

    Duplicating the specified form in run-time is very useful in my system. The problem is when I created it, I can't unload it. I have 3 forms (frmMain, frmSub, frmIDK): ' This code is for frmIDK ' frmIDK duplicates the frmMain when he pressed the Duplicate Button Private Sub Duplicate_Click()...
  20. NEL

    [JASS] Use one loc for all

    local location loc = GetUnitLoc(udg_Box) call CreateUnitAtLoc(Player(0), 'h000', loc, 69) call CreateUnitAtLoc(Player(0), 'h001', loc, 69) call RemoveLocation(loc) set loc = null This is good or not?
  21. NEL

    [Solved] GetLocalPlayer() for Special Effects

    I want to make a Hero Selection which if you clicked the hero, it will add Arrow effect on hero's overhead attachment. When a player selected other hero, the arrow effect will be destroyed. The problem is the desync. This is my code that I doing right now. set udg_HS_thisUnit[ID] =...
  22. NEL

    GetLocalizedString & GetLocalizedHotkey

    Can you explain how does it works and how to use it? GetLocalizedString() GetLocalizedHotkey()
  23. NEL

    Custom Peon Model

    Each peon has a different skin color. These Peon Models I need for my map > Gold Peon > White Peon > Blue Peon > and, Brown Peon
  24. NEL

    Cooldown Reduction? :v How?

    Try to watch this video :v and tell me
  25. NEL

    Best RPG Maps 2017

    Can you give me a name of RPG Maps which is still active until now. All RPG Maps I played: - Masin RPG (best rpg ever) - The World RPG (ehh) - Rise of Anger RPG (not bad) - Master Crafter FC (ehh, so many cheater / bugger)
  26. NEL

    Black Peon Model

    I need a Peon with entire body is pure black except his mining pick. I want this model for my RPG map.
  27. NEL

    Villager Models

    Hello guys, I need a villager riding in a green riderless horse and villager riding in a fel hound(PURPLE not red).