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  1. Saikann

    Desktop Thread People

    I figured we needed to show off a lil, so lets see tha desktops!!!!! Of course Porn is banned, so edit it out.
  2. Saikann


    Let me seee, this site has 100's of visitors everyday. All the forums are very active, with new posts everyday. New resources are submitted every single day, and people post tons of comments all the time. and yet... ITS irc channel is silent as the graave. Whats wrong ? Come online and...
  3. Saikann

    Just a little help

    Seeing how most skins at this site is of rather low quality :( and mostly CnP and recolours, i decided to try helping people a little out, hoping to make people improve their skins. So i recorded one of my own skins, at least part of it. So you might get an idea of how it can be done I...