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    [Model] - Pikeman

    I need some model of pikeman. As far as I know, there is no pikeman model already, but Im sure it can be very useful (at least, I would use it to my current World Conquest project)
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    Lost models

    well, there was few model and now its lost and then I need them (ofc). So does anyone know who is author of dagger rouge (medhiv with dagger instead staff). thx for answer;)
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    Lighting effects Z

    I have problem. I want create lighting effect locked on some point in height and from that point to another one (on unit at best). Problem is I can not find a way to set lighting effects on height. any ideas?
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    Parot model/attachment

    Hi, does anyone know about or can anyone make one model of parot like unit and one like attachment (I want place it on shoulder of admiral Proudmoore). thx
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    Weaponless Proudmoore

    Please, can somebody make for me Admiral Proudmoore withouth sword? Im sure that model can be quite useful for others as well
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    Simple model request

    Hi all, Im now working on one map and i need one simple model. Big roling boulder. Anims: stand, move, death. Nothing more. I want it as trap. Realy thanks for help