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  1. Elandor

    Update the minimap?

    For my game i have 8 squares in it that random one of the 8 buildings onto it, then theres a second trigger that has the action of the building spawning then puts a specific terrain around it. The terrain appears but the minimap doesn't change to go with it, i know it doesn't effect anything but...
  2. Elandor

    Move a doodad?

    is there a trigger to move a doodad to another area ?
  3. Elandor

    Building Walls Model

    For my zombie game i want it so that people can enter the house by just walking into it, so i need walls to put around the area of it, i was looking around for walls like this for awhile but cant seem to find any. Could Someone Help me?
  4. Elandor

    Villager Shooting Animation

    I am currently making a zombie map where the main characters are villager models and they can pick up weapons then they appear on them and such, But when i set the villager to a ranged attack he still uses his standard attack animation i was wondering if someone could make me an attack...
  5. Elandor

    Bad attack Animation

    Im trying to make a zombie map where the main units are the villagers I have it setup so that when they get the guns the unit gets replaced and i add in a weapon to them as an effect, that part is working fine Then when i make the unit ranged to shoot the gun the villager still punches what...