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  1. Lohengrin

    [General] About High Ground Advantage

    Hellooo, The high ground advantage in wc3, which makes ranged units have a reduced % to hit when attacking from lower ground to higher ground, specifically applies to cliff levels, and not hills or differences in elevation, correct?
  2. Lohengrin

    [Trigger] How to make ability interruptible.

    Hello fellas, I'm working with an ability that is based off of mana flare, and as such, is not interruptible by stuns and stuff like that. I'm looking for ideas as to how to make it interruptible through triggers. Thanks,
  3. Lohengrin

    [Trigger] Buff Disables Movement?

    For some reason, one of the abilities I made renders the target unit immobile. The ability is basically just a mana burn which curses a unit, making it explode 7 seconds after having its mana drained. The problem is that the affected unit cannot move for 7 seconds. How would I fix this...
  4. Lohengrin

    [Trigger] Fatal Error?

    These two triggers apparently cause a fatal error: Hero Transfer Fix Events Unit - A unit Changes owner Conditions ((Triggering unit) is A structure) Equal to True Actions Trigger - Turn on Hero Transfer Fix 2 <gen> Wait 0.05 seconds...
  5. Lohengrin

    [Trigger] Disabling Raise Dead Autocast

    Why doesn't this work? Autocast Disabler Events Unit - A unit Is issued an order with no target Conditions (Issued order) Equal to (Order(raisedeadon)) Actions Custom script: call IssueImmediateOrder (GetTriggerUnit(), "raisedeadoff") Trying to...
  6. Lohengrin

    Looking for an adept and creative coder for alliance system

    Hello, I'm in desperate need of an alliance system for a wc3 map. However, I'm not looking for a bare-bones alliance system that is easily abuseable and severely flawed. There are several features that the alliance system I'm looking for has to have: -Under this alliance system, the...
  7. Lohengrin

    [General] Quick Question!

    Hey guys, I'm wondering about a few things related to variables. If you are using a player variable named Blue, and if there is a trigger that sets Blue = player 1 (red), then will this setting be destroyed if you later turn off this trigger? If not, how do you destroy a player variable...
  8. Lohengrin

    [Trigger] My attempt at limiting an ownership command

    Giving Limitation Events Unit - A unit Changes owner Unit - A unit Is attacked Conditions (((Triggering unit) is A structure) Equal to True) and ((Owner of (Attacking unit)) Equal to (Previous owner)) Actions Player - Set (Previous owner)...
  9. Lohengrin

    [General] Preventing the abuse of an alliance system

    So, there's a map with a simple alliance system. Player A types -ally (color) to ally another person. The other person has to type -ally (color of player a) to fully establish the alliance. One of these players could type -war (color of player) to break the alliance, causing both players to...
  10. Lohengrin

    [Spell] Morphing makes the unit disappear

    I'm trying to give a temporary summoned unit the capability to morph into another unit. In this case, it's an owl into a storm crow. When the owl uses it, it just disappears. I tried this with both the bear form and crow form abilities. How do I fix this? What am I missing?
  11. Lohengrin

    [Spell] About the wait function

    Hello fellas, I've created a simple spell which involves placing a buff on a friendly unit, and when and if a hostile attacks this unit while it has the buff, it is put to sleep. My concern about the spell as it is is that it is overpowered, since it is capable of putting an entire army to...
  12. Lohengrin

    [Spell] Unit takes backstab damage event

    If I want to create some sort of effect occurring at the time when a unit takes backstab damage from an ability like windwalk, how would I go about it? A unit uses windwalk, and then attacks a unit while under the effects of windwalk, breaking invisibility and damaging the target. I want to...
  13. Lohengrin

    [General] Giving vision of unit after it uses ability

    Is there a way to give an enemy vision of a unit, for say, 20 seconds, when it attacks one of his structures (the enemy's) with its ability? In other words, unit A uses ability on enemy B, at which point enemy B gains vision of unit A for 20 seconds. Thanks,
  14. Lohengrin

    [General] TFT to ROC Conversion Woes

    Hello, I'm currently having issues with converting a map from TFT to RoC. The map is called Broken Alliances, and after following the directions that were given to me: ...the converted, playable (sometimes) result is full of bugs. For example, some hero abilities simply disappear after...
  15. Lohengrin

    Four Questions

    Hello peoples, there are some bugs I'm not sure how to go about fixing, so if you will, help will be appreciated. If you need more details to help, let me know. 1. So there is an ability based off of roar, but this ability is actually a debuff, and so how do you make it so that units with...
  16. Lohengrin

    An Exercise You Should Do For Me

    Fellas, this is an informal, crude pilot test of something I am working on. I ask for your participation. If you choose to participate, follow these directions: First, I want you to watch a certain video. In this 58 second video, a person is showing the audience a series of hand signals. I...
  17. Lohengrin

    WC3 Armor System Confuzzlement

    I'm confused as to what happens when a unit's armor is reduced below zero. If a 850 HP unit has 7 armor and loses 5, or if this same 850 HP unit has 20 armor and loses 5, the eHP loss is the same. But if this 850 HP unit has 3 armor and it's reduced to -2, then the eHP loss ceases to be the...
  18. Lohengrin

    Patch 1.24c - The Big Fail

    After installing the latest WC3 patch (the new failure), I began to get fatal errors that crashed the game whenever I went to host a game and right after I clicked "create". I tried re-installing and for a day, I was able to host but today, when I tried to log on to, there was this...
  19. Lohengrin

    TKoK is Officially Dead, Request to move this section.

    As you have it: The Kingdom of Kaliron &bull; View topic - As you may have guessed...