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  1. berkoax

    I can't adjust 3d camera, unit and camera elevation angle, I have problem with jass library

    i try use this library , [System] GetCamOffset but i am getting error. I don't understand jass at all, I just can't even copy jass I'm trying to do this(1),but my custom script has problem ; set udg_deneme_heightunit = GetCamOffset(udg_CameraX, udg_CameraY) all variables are real (1)...
  2. berkoax

    3D Dinosaur Map (no name yet)

    Hello, i'm working on a 3D dinosaur map. Our main goal in the game is to survive and find a way to escape from the island we are on. There will be some ai groups on the map and we will have relationships and interactions within and outside the group Apart from this, players can also form...
  3. berkoax

    How add custom picture only a hero inventory only slot

    I add my map inventory hero , and this unit 1. slot empty/custom weapon picture,2. slot empty/custom chest picture... ı want add custom picture only a hero type inventory slot 1 picture slot 2 other picture... (I know very bad english :( sorry)
  4. berkoax

    Why I get an "Expected a Name" error

    Hello ,I'm not very familiar with this forum, and I just started to learn JASS, I'm constantly getting this error, for example: how do I fix this error function Heal takes nothing returns nothing // this example will heal all units in a unit group. local unit u loop set u =...