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  1. Evilhog

    Warcraft: Dark Crusade [SC2 custom campaign mod] Another ambitious remake of our beloved classics, this time handled by one of the makers of the prominent StarCraft 2 Mass Recall mod (OmegaWeaponX) The recent beta...
  2. Evilhog

    Dual-channel RAM, Reforged, SC2 and other RTS games.

    So, I've read on other forums that dual-channel RAM is pretty much standard these days and I'm missing much with my PC only having a single stick. It's also running at 1333 Mhz (DDR3), while my CPU and mobo support frequency up to 1600 Mhz, so I'm thinking about upgrading from 1x8GB to 2x8Gb...
  3. Evilhog

    Hog's drawings (and other stuff)

    New troll here! :ogre_hurrhurr:
  4. Evilhog

    [Discussion] Ascension - a GZDoom engine-based RPG

    My pals at the Russian Doom Community have just released Ascension, an ambitious RPG mod based on GZDoom - a source port of the original Doom. The game features 19 levels, including a large city, sprawling dungeons and forests, dozens of NPCs, numerous quests, a few cranky puzzles and many...
  5. Evilhog

    [Poll] Is having a separate client for Classic a bad idea?

    Hello, long-time lurker here. A few days ago I made a thread on official Reforged forums asking the developers to release the Classic version for free and keep it separate from Reforged - at least, until the latter gets all the necessary fixes: Two versions should exist separately The thread...