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  1. Anderhil

    The Next generation of Hero Defence!

    Artists! Thinkers! Testers! RISE! Veramarth : LoA is here and its going to change the concept of "Hero Defence" Forever! Engage in a Rich and Polished map Created by years of gaming experience and wc3 modding, and help take one last leap of faith into this new dimension! Honestly i don't have...
  2. Anderhil

    A few Drawings need Life

    These are some drawings from my novel which need to be made into models for my map in progress Veramarth: Lords of Asherleague I will release the 10 wave test version soon i need the chick with the mask ( Avrillia ) made sooner than the others and with two swords instead of one I drew these...
  3. Anderhil

    [Defense / Survival] Lords of Asherleague

    I couldn't just go away... Really, nothing gives me the satisfaction of warcraft 3 map making. NOTHING. and i'm back, i spent a week improving an old map of mine. Veramarth : Lords of Asherleague:grin: Intrested in helping...
  4. Anderhil

    Veramarth LOA Coding

    so you guys are bored, you guys are lucky too :D turns out i got bored too and started my new map, Veramarth Lords of Asherleague. If anyone is up for some coding let me know, i have some special jobs. I give Phoenix Tokens and Women (And maybe +rep) As rewards. tell me when ready!
  5. Anderhil

    [Trigger] Trigger causing game problems

    Hey Everyone! Today i Got the spell, Winter wrath by Lord Demon X, but the "Cast" Trigger, these two lines in it: Custom script: call TriggerAddCondition( LoadTriggerHandle( udg_WW_Hashtable, GetHandleId(udg_WW_TmpHandle), udg_WW_TmpInteger ), Condition( function...
  6. Anderhil

    [Trigger] Slight Problem

    Hey everyone, can anyone of you gents teach me how can i select the most wounded unit within a unit group? it'd be much Appriciated! i already made the spell description in the tooltip, so... i really don't wanna go back and delete that :D
  7. Anderhil

    [Trigger] Unit explosion on death not working

    Sorry to bother you again my friends, but i seem to have another problem: When a unit has this specific buff, when it dies it needs to damage its friendlies for 50% of its hp... BUT it doesn't work :( Touch explode Events Unit - A unit Dies Conditions ((Triggering...
  8. Anderhil

    [Defense / Survival] Early alpha testers needed

    Veramarth: LoA (Early alpha testers needed) Hey everyone! I'm currently working on my Newest map, Veramarth: Lords of Asherleague. Its just about defending the Atwnheim Power core from the Invading sentinel army. With the phoenix main army lost the battle, they fell back through the portal. The...
  9. Anderhil

    [Trigger] Ability Replacement on heroes

    Hey everyone! So i'm back after all this time still asking stupid questions, but... i'd really like some help right now from you bros, so here we go: I'm working on my new map, nothing srs, just something for me and my bros i did like 60% of the terrain and i decided to make a hero. the...
  10. Anderhil

    Veramarth Coding

    Hello my brothers! thank you for accepting me into your group! Now, malhorn asked me to make this thread for further use of the talented members of this group, therefore i'm here to ask you for some coding and scripting in my map. You all know that my map was recently approved, and...
  11. Anderhil

    Is it just me?

    hey guys, how's your day? i'm seeing some strange stuff recently on the hive, like from 10 mins ago. first i wanted to upload my map, and its broken now, idk why , all the descriptions are gone and the map is not showing in the list correctly, then i try to click on a user's profile and all i...
  12. Anderhil

    Problem with the MUI first try

    good evening brothers! as you may know, i recently started my new map, veramarth. i uploaded it here for some time now, 5 days or so, and i promissed my friends a new hero for tomorrow , but i'm stuck at a trigger, for the spell "thunder form" , it was my first try at the MUI, and i tried to...
  13. Anderhil

    [Aeon of Strife] Veramarth

    There is actually a post for this map i made? Cool! here it is! Nothing srs going on here thou. just asking ppl to try out the map and tell me the stuff they deem needed for the improvement. You can either...
  14. Anderhil

    A little help please?

    hello my friends! as always, sorry for being a noob and wasting your time with my stupid questions, but here we go: so, I am making this hero, avenger, (hellion phoenix avenger dafaq?) and I have a little problem! looka here: the spell, hellion reap, goes as this : Tries to take the soul...
  15. Anderhil

    Event question

    How you be doin' bros? greetings and welcome to my noobish questions! so, i've been thinking: most maps i've seen use trigger events that dont exist. for example, a unit damages another unit with a melee attack, and the unit gets healed! seems pretty simple. but there is no trigger...
  16. Anderhil

    upgrade limiting problem

    hi brothers! i have a problem regarding my map, see, if a player upgrades enhancement specialization in my map, the game will set elemental specialization upgrade limit to 0 and wise versa thus limiting the upgrades to one of then only . but if the upgrading unit already has both of the...
  17. Anderhil

    Destroying Lightning Effects Without Conflict

    Hello Brothers, Today i wanted to state a big problem of my map making hobby , i wanted to add some spice to my map, and this happened, you see : when a unit "Overloads" with an ability in my map, It turns On a lightning effect trigger and sets vals as casting unit and target, like this ...
  18. Anderhil

    [Arena] Shaman

    Hello Every One! As You May Know, I made My First Map, Shaman, And Its Currently On beta (1.1.0) As I Type This. So, Whats Your Opinion On The Map, Can It Be Succesful Someday?:ogre_hurrhurr:
  19. Anderhil

    Floating Text Problem

    Hi Friends! I'm having a problem With my Map's Triggering, Its like this: an ability is used, and if the unit ability is used upon has buff X then the trigger will run, damaging the unit, making a floating text, seting the velocity of the floating text, waiting 0.50 Seconds and then destroying...
  20. Anderhil

    Spellbook Broken

    Hello Fellow Hivies, I'm having a problem Regarding Spellbooks, see, i made a spell book for my map, which has 6 Heroes At Most. i've made a spell book for them called spirit cache, which stores dummy icons with descriptions that are for the improvements made to the heroes. everything...
  21. Anderhil

    i am the noob

    Getting Better And Better Every Day!