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  1. DanTDMzikri

    How to create symbol above unit World Editor

    Hey, anyone can help me How to create symbol above unit World Editor? I making a map 12% finished now. But, i want create "!" Symbol above unit (If you know, thats for a quest). See you!
  2. DanTDMzikri

    How to edit Upkeep Taxes, Upkeep Foods Numbers, and Upkeep Names

    Hello guys! Welcome to my tutorial! I will show you how to edit Upkeep Taxes, Upkeep Foods, and Upkeep Names. Upkeep Taxes Upkeep taxes determines how much gold or lumber you actually get after gathering. For example: No Upkeep, no changes for tax. If Low Upkeep, it will reduce your coin by 3...
  3. DanTDMzikri

    [Solved] How to edit Upkeep name in Warcraft 3?

    How to edit Upkeep in Warcraft 3? Help please...
  4. DanTDMzikri

    [Solved] How to edit Tileset File

    How i can get a tileset file? I want edit it with Ulead Photo Impact to make a Minecraft tileset for my RPG map. Please help :) Regards DanTDMzikri