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  1. Risk.frishers

    Ban Revokation

    Not entirely sure on where to post this. But either way, I'd like to have my ban revoked on the bots. The replay is really short, approx. 5 minutes to read through the whole bit. Not sure who is owner/admins on the bot, but either way, I'll rest my case if other people feel this is...
  2. Risk.frishers

    Food System

    I remembered the old rage-system which made use of food, and lately I've been thinking about different ideas on how it might be put back into use. Pay in mind It's all just brainstorming, nitpicking and such is great and any suggestions/modifications are more than welcome. 1. Buff (You...
  3. Risk.frishers

    Garena Room [I'm BACK!]

    I couldn't find any thread about where the Gaias players on Garena resides, since I wont be able to play WC3 on untill I get back to HK again, I'd love to find some players on Garena 'till then. No characters atm but I've played for quite a while before. GArena: Risk.frishers
  4. Risk.frishers


    This is probably not a bug, but I find it quite annoying when I cast for example shield slam, and the target backs up, attacks someone else for like 1-3 hits and then goes back to me. Right now It's not THAT much of a bother, but, it could also create wipes.
  5. Risk.frishers

    Risk.frishers Bug List

    Risk.frishers Bug List 1.1 Gaias ORPG Bugs/Errors/Suggestions 1.1 1. Class Errors 2. General Class Errors Change the button positions of the spells. They should be like this in my opinion: QWER ASDF ZXCV Gaping Wounds DoT just deals 2 damage on spiders. I guess It's somekind of poison...