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  1. asam3

    Top 5 Best Single Player RPG maps out there.

    So I've been searching for RPG maps for a long time, and well, I've played This Wreckage(which was awesome from start to end), When the Freedom Slips Away(did not get past the tower defense part, was too hard), Heroes of Genesia(which didn't have a stable story when I played it, but has a very...
  2. asam3

    Heroes of Genesia!

    One of the most imba games that i have ever played hands down. Everyone seeing this topic should play the game ASAP. %26d%3Dlist%26r%3D20"]Heroes of Genesia (it's not finished, there's some bugs here and there and the story itself is not finished. but it rocks, we need to make some sort of...
  3. asam3

    Cinematic: The Offering.

    so i'm currently making a cinematic(just decided to read some tuts but none of them are kind of helping yet) and i'm still at the terrain. i don't know if this is the right place to post this but i think it is. So i'm patching up the terrain, and i want others to look at the terrain, but i don't...
  4. asam3

    This Wreckage - some questions

    1: where is the panthers cave? damn, it's not even a cave.... 2: what does the missing captain in the swamp give you if he lives? 3: what to do with secret seashells? 4: where's the last scholar? (last one i found was under the waterfalls)
  5. asam3

    Concept ideas i think would be good.

    leave a message me if you're interested. And here are some RPG's really need. 1: Night mode - Maybe all villagers go inside their houses at night, then the night patrol with lights walks in the city. 2: Difference of night and day - Simple, at night, enemies go in their houses(if they have...
  6. asam3

    Dreadlord turning into a Gargoyle

    i think it's easy, but i don't know how to do it. The idea is that give a dreadlord a morph animation turning him into a gargoyle. here's how i think it could work. Dreadlord does death animation, when his hands are raised, a gargoyle appears inside of him, the gargoyle does the...